I was a saberfag, but after reading the vn, i've seen the light

i was a saberfag, but after reading the vn, i've seen the light

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Rin is best girl even in the fate route.

Saberfags are just Rinfags in denial.

That's not the light.

But user, that’s a wormslut.

Amen bro.

ITT: Old men

Amazing taste.

Affinity for Goddess of Prostitution.

Affinity for Goddess of Loyal Wives.

>Affinity for Goddess of Prostitution.
you shut your mouth

Affinity for Worms

I've only watched Fate/Zero and UBW, but it is clear that pic related is best boy_

>dies like a dog in literally every route
>best servant

Diarmuid was better

>Start watching Fate: Zero
>"You know, I've always been a Rinfag, but I think Sakura gets the short end of stick, I mean she's not Rin, but she's actually pretty kind, devoted, and pretty cute..."
>Get to her first scene in the series
>"The worms have violated her body from head to toe"
>"Holy shit..."

Sakura is a wonderful girl, she deserves love and forgiveness.

Did you start with UBW or something?



No, Fate: Stay/Night.



Then you'd have known about the worms before you started Fate Zero


Where do you think the Edelfelt money came from?

All you rinfags are talking because you had UBW made by ufotable. Just wait untill ufotable adapts the fate route. Us saberfags (aka BESTGIRLfags) will ascend into the (much deserved) spotlight.

Rinfags and Saberfags are best friends

>any of the main heroines
>best girl
Why didn’t Taiga get a route? Does Nasu fear the kendo warrior?



gud bump


get rekt

Remember anons, her orgasm is CLITORAL

The Shite (Sooba) is A PENIS.

btw a PERFECT look.

Diarmuid died whinning after his master ordered him to kill himself.

Under the same circunstances Cu killed his master put shinji back his his "you're a bitch" place, saved Rin and set fire to the whole place that ended up saving the main cast by annoying Gil.

Yeah but Diarmuid death scene was tragic and beautiful

How do I start FATE? Where do I start?
Why are there 15 different canonical Sabers recolors?

Is the VN good? Is there an ADV m
od like for Higurashi?

>tragic and beautiful

>How do I start FATE?
You don't, save yourself while you still can.

the same reason Illya didn't get a route, everyone already loves her.

Why did you have any opinion of any fate character before reading the vn?

This is objectively the best way to get into the franchise.

I played the Melty Blood fighting game a long long time ago. It was really cool but I never got into Type Moon's other stuff.

Would like a serious infograph though. Is it okay to start with the anime in release order?

No, read the visual novel.

>Shirou calling Saber, Arturia...
>Sword rests in her sheet
>talking separated by the sliding door
>kissing under the moonlight
>sleeping together in the same futon and handholding under the covers

Are you implying that's not? All he wanted was to prove his loyalty to his master and have a chivalric battle with Saber, thinking she's a worthy, dignified opponent. Then he's betrayed by his master and when he sees Kiritsugu behind him, feels he's also been betrayed by Saber. His master rejects his chance at proving his loyalty, and he feels Saber rejects his chance to partake in chivalric battle and was just slyly distracting him from protecting his master. He's been completely denied of the chance to reclaim the knightly dignity that he lost in his life. Enraged, he curses the grail as he joins it.

VN if you’re up to it. Otherwise fate/zero, fate stay/night UBW, carnival phantasm

>any of the three main heroines
Garbage taste

Don't listen to this user.

Those shitty drawings are my favorite thing about Fate/stay

You have a better solution?

>perfect Catholic girl
>somehow people pretend some godless sloppy seconds are best girl
Fate fans are trash.

Read the VN or suicide.

Tsukihime > Fate

If I was forced to read the VN I would suicide. The writing is that terrible.



>Tsukihime Fun Disc: Kagetsu Tohya

>Fate/stay night

>Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]

>Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]

>Fate/hollow ataraxia

>Holy Grail 2.0 - Rips of Type-Moon's PC games by Keripo

>Fate Franchise Loseless Soundtracks


Except Akiha. Akiha a shit.

>doesn't link the HA voice patch

Did anyone here go to see that new Tsukihime movie that just released in theaters? Man it seems like Tsukihime has a lot of media coming out lately.

Tsukihime ended when Fate/stay night was released

i wish there was an illya route

Roll for Mordred right now.

>Practicing Catholic

Why though? Akiha's route was the best one in the VN.

>Taiga gets a route
>learns what really happened to Kuzuki and Shinji
>Kirei goes into detail about Kerry's suffering

Are you sure you want that

I'll fix that.

There will be only one more adaptation of the Fate route.

>A spirit broken Taiga
Not him, but no. No I don't want that at all.

Akiha's route and Sakura's route sucks.

UBW best route.

>Taiga h-scene
>marrying a mafia princess
Worth it

I see the FATE series is not friendly to newcomers.
Nobody has yet to explain why there are some 15 simultaneously canon Astoria characters though.

Tak a hack. A HACK.
Its really only Zero-Feito Stay Nighto-hollow ataraxia that are crucial.

Don't fall for this meme.

>I see the FATE series is not friendly to newcomers.

Why not? Start with Stay Night like everyone else did

live action when?

HA is fun and the main plot is great. Why on earth would any fate fan skip it?

>original series:

fate/stay night
fate/hollow ataraxia
case files
fate/strange fake

>moon cell / extra series:

fate/extra ccc
fate/extra ccc - fox tail
fate/extra: last encore

>grand order

Because it's a blatant dating sim and it gives me flashback of the awful dating sims you'd find on newgrounds

>it's a blatant dating sim
Are you a retard? How do you think visual novels work?

>Because it's a blatant dating sim

Like Grand Order?

VN aren't dating sims. Dating sims have an overworld that you navigate through, and you balance between different girls, within a set time limit (limited number of options).


I wasn't trying to imply that it was one.

True best girl, coming through.

HA plays like a dating sim though, at elast as much as I was playing which was like 2 hours before I gave up

>Rin gets an entire filler episode
>Kiritsugu gets two flashback episodes
>Ufo cut the Kotomine's wife and daughter flashback


I thought the novelty of the Fate franchise wore off or maybe with getting older, I stopped being entranced by powerlevels and what have you that comes with TYPE-MOON works but after watching the Heaven's Feel movie, that wasn't the case. I haven't read the VN much again since mirror moon first released the translation for the routes and despite my muddled memory consisting of those few readings, the shitflinging from threads for power levels and best girls and lastly, callbacks to the events of F/SN in other works, it still managed to be as compelling as when I first read the VN.

Somehow, Extra, Apocrypha, most everything that came after doesn't have the same appeal. It's become less and less engaging with each new series, game, spin-off, so on and not because of the presentation or execution. Rock paper scissors of Extra and tedious mobage gameplay for Grand Order aside, the actual content itself isn't gripping. Keeping up with Prisma Illya, Grand Order, or whatever else is pushed out at breakneck pace for the franchise is more of a chore now compared to the exciting times when we used to be waiting eagerly for any new information on what TM is doing next.

Despite that, I still cling to the franchise like a body in rigor mortis gripping what was most precious to it. How do you escape this hell? Is being a TMfag just constant suffering if you're unable to elicit anything other than apathy to all the new Fate material being produced while everything else is sidelined? Is this what being a retarded purist is like?

That's not the only thing regarding Kirei's character they cut out. Aoki is retarded.
I can only hope HF movies won't skip mapo tofu and bantering with Shirou at the very least.

Spoilers if you haven't watched the movie: The mapo tofu scene is in, and it's pretty damn funny.

Not enough doujins.

I had only heard the worms referenced in Sup Forums.

t. old man.


>That's not the only thing regarding Kirei's character they cut out. Aoki is retarded.

What else did they cut?

Listen to Into the Night.


The majority of Fate “fans” today haven’t read the VN. Let that sink in.

>Somehow, Extra, Apocrypha, most everything that came after doesn't have the same appeal

What's wrong with them?

>we used to be waiting eagerly for any new information on what TM is doing next.

Like Mahoutsukai no Yoru?

No need with the Ufotable anime.

Why would you when the anime is infinitely better? And who cares about the overly drawn out dialogue and monologues that padded out the time in the VN that the anime skips over because it's irrelevant.

There's nothing inherently wrong with them. They still stand on their own as unique products but despite being new scenarios and servants, none captured me the same way the original VN (and a few of the adaptations of it) did. I doubt it was Nasu's prose that did the trick but the setting and cast, the music, the story, it all joined together and became something great. At this point, I'm sure it sounds like inane and baseless criticism about the other works while I put F/SN on a pedestal but it's difficult to put into words.

How long has it been? I remember Fire Girl and Apocrypha announcements when we got our taste of Mahoyo in VN format, I remember Commie working on the translation (did they ever finish?), it's been quite a while. Everything has been a blur since with this franchise and with TM. It's too hard to keep track of everything.

Nah, just that you were more impressionable when you were young. Personally I find Fate Zero to have the best story, and F/SN to have the most endearing characters. However, I do think the franchise has overstayed its welcome. I like how Kiritsugu passed away in peace, leaving behind a good impression in his son. I think that's what the franchise should do too.