Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai/We Can't Study/We Never Learn (Chapter 46) (Viz)

Chapter 46:

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Thanks user.


Some of the old stuff that I didn't create the thread here since JB translate it first:
Chapter 045:

That's all.

>This is a university student

What a bunch of sluts.

> Headpats
Sensei gunning for the win


What a slut (pure).

Oh boy, that Sensei stare

>Miharu can never become a bride now
>Loli sensei smiling

>shoulders touching
Where are my black bars

Now moeyuki can never become a bride.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

The dog wrote a fucking note. Is there a hyper intelligent dog running around somewhere, teaching his ways to the wild mutts and stryas?

Sensei's tracksuit is too tight. Its gripping enough to outline her underwear. She should get better fitting clothes

>Sensei can't even use a can opener


Given that he's been willing to be flexible with haircuts, Fumino's in particular, I'm surprised to see him fall into the anime trap of "character has the same haircut 20 years later".

Miharu is too pure.

It's probably friends with the dog from Ahogirl.


She named her dog "dog" in spanish.

Hey actual studying

The fucking dog is called "dog" in Spanish.

What does it mean? Jelly?

It fits her character, she's supposed to be a borderline autist stric person, it wouldn't be strange if once she decided a haircut she won't change by any mean.


>I feel nauseous

Sensei's already pregnant?

imouto too though.

Sorry imouto, Moeyuki has been immunized to all kind of low level lewdness by his own imouto's constant harassment.

On that note: What is your favorite Shoujo manga that does not fall into stupidity?

>sweet thang
based Viz

These are tips to how not to study I hope.

It's Pero and it's the japanese onomatopoeia for "lick"

>Wife pays scholarship instead of shitty headmaster.

They're tips on how to take exams.

Knowing how to study is different from knowing how to test well. Shit, even within the manga Asumi's talked about the important difference between the two.

>Some of the old stuff that I didn't create the thread here since JB translate it first:
Do it anyway, yo.

I wonder if those are just her true feelings, otherwise concealed by her mask.

>that pantie outline

First time smile

Not anymore

That and turkey; I really do prefer Viz' script.

She makes lots of silly faces

>Good job being alive.
Every time.

I found their problem then. This is why they can't LEARN.

Someone should tell her she has wheat stuck in her hair.

Depends on exam structure. If they are related word problems that you have to peel apart and apply your knowledge to the situation would be a bit different.

Is training for variety, speed and acuracy in the fundamentals really that harmful?

20 year old imouto

Imouto doesn't mean loli.

Good job being alive, Moeyuki!

sorry moeyuki, once you get on the sensei-imouto train, the ride never ends

Which is why you review the question formats likely to crop up so you can know what kind of questions will be asked.

It isn't harmful to have the fundamentals covered and drilled as much as possible, but generally speaking if you can go into an exam with a strong idea as to how the exam works, it helps you understand what's expected and how you're expected to apply that knowledge, which means you can tailor your studying more.

It may not necessarily be the best way to learn, but exam taking and studying are regrettably different thing,s even if one helps the other.

It seems to me that you can't study.

So how old is sensei?

I dunnow if I should be impressed or not. For one thing, they got the translation completely wrong by using another word that sounds like the original word. On the other hand, the pun still works really well, if not better.


Bleh chapter. Imouto is too one-note and shallow of a character to be interesting, and the older senpai role is already filled by Ronin. Maybe if she wasn't flustered but disgusted by men we could've gotten some good sado moments.

You have shit taste.
This is a cute chapter, but it is an empty chapter. Sensei Imouto is superfluous, but works to add a character network to Sensei, something the other girls all have.
The Ronin is already the tricky dominant one, don't need another character like that you piece of shit.

>You haven't experienced struggle!

He's probably experienced more struggle than she has just trying to survive day to day for his whole life.

I got the answer guys. Dumb people need to do this "how to take exams" thing, capable people will find it funny or difficult to understand.

she could be from just 2 to 4/5 years older, in any case the age gap between her and Yuiga is 7 years max, which isn't too extreme

Some exams are harder than others, made without any intention for people to actually get perfect scores.

>that stare
good Jesus

Her name is Christmas Cake, so she's probably at least 25.

How shit was your school that it never taught you how to answer exams? Sure it's a basic enough skill but like with any skill, having guidance can improve it for nearly anyone.

>they're like a married couple
they really do give that vibe more than Yuiga with any of the other girls

More like father and daughter. Sensei is useless.

Mafuyu is purely a Moe sex object...
I'm saddened we shall never see her and Moeyuki's children

That's a fucking cameltoe right there.

they might be related.
likewise the big white dogs of Azumanga, SYD, etcetc

We'll get the Ben-to! route of everyone getting their own endings

Jose pls

actually you can learn that by lurking Sup Forums

Is that El Grande Perro?!

>father and daughter

>somehow 2 brunettes get blonder daughters over time

No you retards, its name is Lick in japanese onomatopoeia.

Hinting at a bad knee? Possibly the reason she quit skating?

It's possible. Tomaru could have the alleles for blonde and brunette, brunette being dominant. Moegi could have black and brown, black being dominant.
So for their daughter tomaru passes down blondeness and moeigi passes down brunette. This means kagura has the alleles for both. If she and tomaru pass down blond, then their daughters and descendants could end up blond.

Possible, the Achilles' heel of athletes isn't the Achilles's heel but the knees, if just one knee explodes you're done for, it doesn't matter if the rest of your body is perfect

Think positive, if imouto had that dog when she was 5~6 and it wasn't a pup, then it's most likely Pero/Perro is already dead or a 16+ years old decrepit dog.

>dead doggos
I'm a cat person but you're sick, dude

Compared to wolves that's ancient, few make it to even 7-8 years old in the wild.

You know that the author could've done this on purpose, right?

>sensei will never congratulate you for continuing to be alive despite the hardships of living in this day and age and resisting the urge to just end it all
Why even live