Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta's new form looks like shit.


Guys, if I start spamming Jimeze, how long would it take for you to get tired of seeing him?

His form does indeed look like shit.

He looks like he does in SSB but more kawaii.

They gave Vegetafags a token consolation prize to keep them from sperging out about their irrelevant character never getting anything.

Shut the fuck up. Mustard Mascot.

It really does.




Gone in 5 days

Gohan is stronger than Frieza.


Will forever remain in our hearts.

Why is he so cute?

I don't like purple horses.

And our glue factories

how could anyone remotely think that was on-model

>b-between f-frame
>m-muh schedule
>D-DBZ looked like shit too

The QUALITY Freeza in the background is even funnier for me.

Because he's a giant purple rabbit.
What's not to like?

>Because he's a giant purple donkey.


To arms Kakashin Gokugi!

Goku's Blue + Kaioken form is even worse. It's literally Goku Blue in a Kaioken aura. At least Vegeta's new form has more differences.

You're taking a single frame and pointing out all of its mistakes. This is supposed to run fluidly with other frames. To get good animation, you have to sacrifice the art quality of each panel.

Vegeta sucks.

He'll beat you up user

Wouldn't attack UI actually be Abad idea to use in the tournament? Your body would just go straight for killing blows


I want to erase Vegeta!


>Gohan's LAST stand

>Beerus looks at shin
>I'm sorry
>Hakais freeza
would this be acceptable?


Fuck off retard

Freeza's future. What a useless space lizard.

Why would he do that

At least he's not Gohan

Gohan > shitgeta

>It's literally Goku Blue in a Kaioken aura.
It's an unique mix of the Blue and Kaioken auras, rather than just Kaioken's red, which would have been rather boring.

How does this make you feel?


>Kekhanfag SEETHING
Out in 5 days.

it would've looked way better


Holy motherfuck did this actually happen? I don't remember this

Apathetic. I stopped taking Dragon Cuck Shitper seriously a long time ago.

Reminder that Ultimate Chadhan is SSB level


>can't fight Toppo without 17
>still is completely ineffectual
>SSB level

Cuckhan always loses

Videl was getting beaten by Spopovich but everyone told Gohan not to intervene
Unfortunately it looks like he and 17 are just SSG tier now

You keep saying that, but apparently you're too retarded to even get one prediction right.

>Pedro's LAST week

No it didn't happen you retard

Leave al murtadoon to us, brothers.

Could be worse. He's going to job, tho. Just like UI Goku did against Jiren.


Toppo is above SSB, so that makes sense



>Toppo is above SSB
>SSB Goku fought on par with him
The logic of Gohanfags

This is exactly like when everyone was screaming that Caulifla was going to be out when she fought the pride troopers
In the manga only


>Could be worse

Imagine what he'd look like if Brianne had been his rival this arc.

>LAST stand
>Gohanspics don't know what "last" means

>Gohan is last standing man!

Dumbies, the anime fight stopped just before they both got serious, and Goku went Kaioken on top of SSB when going serious

Plus his full power SSB Kamehameha only ripped Toppo's clothes

You're in denial. Toppo is above SSB and Gohan is SSB level. Stay mad.

I unironically like this transformation. Does anyone else like it too?

No, just you and your shit taste.

Bitch ass fag jannies and anti-dbfags always trying to take down GODku, but they never do.
GODku will live forever.

>You're taking a single frame and pointing out all of its mistakes. This is supposed to run fluidly with other frames. To get good animation, you have to sacrifice the art quality of each panel.
That whole point vanishes when you can easily spot the frame without pausing every second.

>SSB level
>jobbed to a fucking Yardrat

I like the transformation. I'll like it even better when they explain what sets it apart from Kaioken Blue.

Everyone joins the B.T.T.P Club. No matter who they are.

Stand for: Bow To The Prince.

I want kale to whisper in my ear.

You might trigger some Gohanfags.

looks like you lost another argument, spic

Gohanbros win again

>literally no argument
Stay in denial, Gohanspic.

I'd like to join the club if Vegeta didn't exist to be a measuring stick for the next villain of the weak.

Someone as diminutive as Kale would be terrible at sex. Unless she's a closet freak or something.

>someone makes a point that BTFO your argument
>pfft looks like you lost

>The expression ????/haisui no jin (translated as "last stand" here) comes from the Battle of Jingxing, when General Han Xin positioned his troops between a river and the enemy, eliminating their own escape route in order to motivate them to victory

>Thus, ???? literally means a battle formation with water behind it. In the original instance in the Battle of Jingxing, the people fighting in that position actually won, but obviously this isn't the impression translating it as "last stand" gives.


> expecting something from a sayan who abandoned his own blood and any training
to become a commoner

looking to get into dbz for fitness motivation and cause it looks good, crunchyroll doesn't have dragon ball or dbz only has super, crunchyroll is my only option, what should I do?

Rewatch the episode. Frieza said he wasn't fighting seriously.

>literally no arguments


>stop trying to coordinate with me
Gohan is such a fuck up 17 told him to go help Frieza and let him handle Toppo solo

Kale is for anal sex.

And birthing children.

Goku > Bejita > Kefla > 17 > Jew Lizard >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cuckhan

>the reading comprehension of Gohanspics is this low

She would probably get triggered to go ss during sex and break your pelvis.

t. virgin

Honestly the people who shitpost about this the most must be Toyocucks.

He shall surpass Gods you'll see.

Holy fucking shit this reaching kek

>Toei apologists are defending Dyspo the Horse
You can't make this shit up.

You can't torrent?

>gohan's last stand
Ohhhhh nonooonono

Because they never fought together and can't work together properly you shitposting 18spic from Sup Forums