Aikatsu, Pripara, Cocotama and friends

Roller is perfection.

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Friends MC will be pop type and save Aikatsu.

>tfw too slow with my aurora dream thread

Fatties can't be Idols.

Roller is actually Friends's MC

I'm stuck at episode 12 of AD, or somewhere thereabouts. Shou did something to make me angry and then I did didn't feel like picking it up again.

>Shou did something to make me angry
Might as well drop it now or you will snap your computer in half during DMF.

Rose or Karen?

Yeah if you don't like >boys, you'll fucking hate AD

This OP subject is really pushing the "no generals" rule.

I generally don't know what you mean.

Don't open this.

What is it?


Hopefully Mia does something next week. They're almost done setting up the Mia/Shuuka/Garara team that will beat My Dream.

>that will beat My Dream
Yeah, once, then will never happen again.

How is it that the boy is sexier than the girl?

New opening yay!

Aira is still cute.

But Rhythm isn't pretty

I felt the same way about AD early on but decided to continue and it became one of my favorites. I'd say give it another shot.


3 cocklusting sluts



I'll watch a couple of episodes more and see. Maybe tomorrow if I have time.

I pick Rhythm if that is the case and it looks like I picked right.


It's a short video of a train cleaning up a sheep that runs onto the tracks.
So you're predicting the protagonists will triumph over the antagonists?

>Taking Mion-sama into a dark warehouse
Here we go.


Rizumu likes meat so I'm with her.

>It's a short video of a train cleaning up a sheep that runs onto the tracks.
That doesn't sound very nice.

Cute boi

Give Asahi a pink ribbon aura or I riot.

Give him a trap episode or I riot.

I think if I got a cat I would name her Rhythm.

Give me Asahi or I riot

I love this episode.

Remember to hug your imoutos everyday.

I don't remember that girl.

She first showed up in episode 19.


It's not, which is why that ainon said not to open it.
If only she had realised it would only encourage people to do so.
It's a POV camera on the train, so Kirara just disappears under the bottom of the shot.

I want to marry the admins

How much does Jack show up in the fairy show?

Thank you sidle guru.

How would Kirara react if you served her and Elza a lamb steak and afterwards told her it was her pet sheep?

What did she see?

Her own dick in the mirror. Nurse Koharu made sure that the costume was extra complete.

Kirara would react by going into shock followed by inconsolable sobbing, while I would react like this to the pets responsible.

Yume wearing a ________

Only twice, she's a Halloween fairilu after all.

Sho is literally worst boi, we are #Sho'sRivalTeam


Pull up you skirt, girl.

Yuri-chan-senpai's aura.

Yuri calls out to both Tsubasa and Lily, but Lily's call to Yuri overrides Tsubasa's 100% of the time when you place those three in the first three slots.

I'm gay

How do I get an Asahi.

Also you can tell Koharu's aura was designed by Ishikawa Kayoko since it's far more detailed than the typical Photokatsu-original auras.

Are those flashy lines part of the aura or is it just the stars and gems?

The Menkatsu characters (unsure about Nao) don't have any auras whatsoever. Apparently Hikari used to have a lame spade version of Minami's aura.

So smug and sexually suggestive.

Go to a Japanese convenience store and buy a sixpack

The arcs are the main part of the auras since the Stars auras started off rainbow/arc-based. The floating gems are also a part of Yuri's aura in Photocuts though.

Is that Labra in the basket?

I am not a loli.

Dressed up



I want to die.

Me too dude

I am already dead.

Why are they all so cute?

Elza has good taste, with exception of her dislike for Roller. She did especially well in recruiting Kirara. It's a shame how she treated her later.

Though the worst was how Kirara just forgave her.

That really ticked me off. Planting seeds of doubt in Kirara could have been the first step in her character arc of recruiting her to become one of the next S4s for Yotsuboshi, but 'lol nope, she still likes Elza'

I wouldn't invite that loser Rola onto my boat

I wouldn't invite Rola on to Elza's boat either, but more out of my desire for her to not die when I sink it rather than distaste for Rola's beauty.

Sexy Sumire

Koharu is an upgraded Sumire.


Sumire is perfect.

When I first saw Sumire, I fell head over heels for her.

Because she took your legs away?


No, I mean metaphorically. But if Sumire thought I would lovelier without my legs, I would gladly surrender them to the Un! goddess.

Idol of the night.

Would you eat the Finnish Fairy food she made for you?


I didn't even know she knew how to cook.

Apparently Elza does actually teach them things between slagging off Rola and chanting the word "parfecto" to herself.

Madoka is waiting for Akari.

Only if taste like NTR.


Best Sumire.