Nanatsu no Taizai

Are you ready for him?

Starting off 2018 with the Chad

time to Praise the Sun

get ready animeonlyfags

Holy shit what a Chad, I bet he gets all the girls.

One and onyly Escanor. Power lvl 114000. Praise the sun.

I see what you did there

Fuck off, Escanorfags can keep their reverse batman. King is the best sin by far. Not only because of his touching backstory, but also because he wipes the floor with his enemies without even using his spirit spear's true power

demon mode Meliodas vs all of the strawhat pirates
Who would win

>but also because GIANTESS ---------------------------------------------------- PUSSY

I just made this but I have no idea what to write

did it air yet


>We'd get Sol Invictus in S3

In fact they should just use that as episode title.

>Are you ready for him?
Oh, I am. I used all of my shitposting network to promote the sun praising meme in all corners of media among animeonlies. After years of spamming shit memes on facebook and twitter, even animefags not knowing anything about the manga respond with praisethesun memes under any youtube video remotely connected to NNT. All of this to witness the confusion when animonlies realise that the single most hyped character in years is actually the shittiest sin in the story, even under Diane, who gets memorywiped twice a week on sundays.

You forgot cucked. Meliodas is the only chad in that picture. He's Demon King.

He ruins the entire arc, but hey "he's cool xD"

>He's Demon King.
Nope, and won't ever become one if Elizabeth has a say in it.

Yeah, right. Former number 1 in line for the throne doesn't equate to being king

>You forgot cucked.
True, now I remember Elizabeth dreaming about Estarossa.

>Demon King's favorite and father acknowledgement
>Brothers back him up
>Not Demon King hurt durr
Praise the Moon, faggots.

DK is a traitor, he was fucking the SG in the bushes behind everyones back. Also Zeldris wants to be king too, and he would be much better for the job and Estarossa most likely will betray Mel. And it's not like there is a point to be demon king after Escanor blows up all of the demon world.

Anywhere doing subs for this yet? Fuck Netflix.

the peak of the manga

Mistranslation. DK and SG have no relationship, the only thing they ever did together was curse their children.

>And it's not like there is a point to be demon king after Escanor blows up all of the demon world.
Damn, Escanorfags are the biggest faggots ever.

Mel and Elizabeth are siblings though.

How does he ruin The arc


>shittiest sin
you need to go back

Nice try, you're one of the same 5 manga readers that stopped reading because you're autistic.

Who decided that?

No tension: the character

Most of Sup Forums thought he would lose against Mel. Every Escanor fight is just better than the last.

I actually stopped reading the manga here. Been meaning to pick it back up since I like the characters and art though.

This was unarguably the HYPEST moment in the entire manga. Holy shit!

>w-where's the tension?
Why the fuck would you need tension to enjoy something?

Not him, but a one-sided conflict is, by nature, uninteresting.

>ladder is just a bunch of sticks nailed together
That would never hold anyone. Maybe a small child.