Truck noises intensify

>truck noises intensify

I'm surprised she didn't die after this scene
not really, vn bitches


I too expected Truck-kun to show up.

Fuck your truck

Thought this took place in Japan not France ?

>Frogs are now ISEKAI'ng across the cosmos fucking their harems, and killing some demonlords

Truly they are the lucky ones.


>rolled isekai twice on pop team epic
A-am I going to die?

She is too pure for truck-kun

Truck-kun was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw that scene. I blame memes.

You're not going to die. You're going to another world. There's a distinct different there.

Can I die instead?

No. You're going to have everything handed to you without ever having to try again. Be it money, power, or a harem of bland girls with one note personalities.

I want to ram her over if you know what I mean.

My isekai plan is to make the world undergo an industrial revolution, complete with Victorian aesthetics, then retire and marry my maid.

I want to kiss and hug this creature

She is 6~7 years old

I don't see the problem.

That sounds difficult. Just skip ahead and marry someone else's maid

Why would you marry a maid that's not your own?


He didn't even say he wants to stick it in.

How many times did he headpat Ai this episode?

too many to count.

Way too young even for a lolicon such as I.

Thats even better!

I know that she gets hit by a truck in the manga, but is the exact scene in which she's supposed to get hit?

When will Ai get the dick?

In 10 years, on her wedding day.

Why couldn't it be now?

What made you think of that, the crossing pad?

The Dragon King can't publicly admit his crimes.

Good point.