Dagashi Kashi season 2

>new art may not be great but more faithful to manga
>short run time makes show flow better

>Hotaru still looks hot as fuck
>her eyes look better
>nails still look on point

So where's the "downgrade" here?

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Hotaru doesn't look as fuckable as before.

There's no downgrade; that was a meme.
>inb4 "that's the point" or "that's the joke"

It wasn't bad as I thought it would be still looks like ass though.

>no calorie queen
that's enough to call it a downgrade

hotaru got the diabeetus

the op was pretty cringey tbqhwy fampai

You must be joking.

Less animation time?

Hotaru is still wonderful and the best. That's all that matters.

Alright that breast sway is winning me over, but you need to post more



Remember when we had budget?


>on point



What the fuck happened to her eyes? Diabetes or liver disease?


Nothing. They're just perfect.




>her eyes look better


And the last of the webms I've seen posted so far.


And for you.

her nails are made for prostate massages

People bitch about the design change, but it's won me over. It's easier to animate and this studio is making full use of that. Go back and watch S1 - it's as stilted as ever. Hotaru was far more lively and well, animated in this new season than she ever was in the first.

I'm looking forward to more user, thanks

>Hotaru was far more lively and well, animated in this new season than she ever was in the first.

That liveliness is pretty much taken straight from the manga, so I'm glad they're adapting it.

I think it's fine just long as they manage to keep the characters mostly on model.

Yeah. I mean she has her moments in S1, but they're far and few between. A lot of her shots were well beyond the standard anime fare of still frames and moving lips, or unnatural turns of the head and nothing else.

Compare that to this season where she's rarely in the same pose for over a second. It's still not great, but that's Japan for you.

real shit

Those are both from S1, aren't they?

Nope, the left is from the S2 PV.

How much do you guys think this will end up ultimately looking better than S1 when the BDs come out?

obviously not, S2 took too long to come out, Hotaru was the meme fap of the month when it came out, just like that 2B girl from Nier, that's why it was so successful, now it's just a stale meme

It already does.

>implying 2B isn't eternally in my heart

Well the committee found S1 to be lucrative enough to make a second season, so you never know.

S2 almost looks like Huke's style for SCI;ADV.


>The ending having all that romantic imagery with Coconuts

I thought she wasn't interested in him romantically?

>implying this show isn't just baiting/trolling its viewers

i was wondering why dagashi manga was releasing so many new chapters lately... so there is a 2nd season of the anime

You'd have to keep up with the manga if you want to know.

Hotaru found out she can make her own sweet syrup, but only when Coconuts is around.

I don't care about the design because it's good in its own way and Hotaru has good movement and attitude and whatnot.

I'm angry the show is 12 minute episodes though since I liked the filler and pacing of the first one allowing for more SEXUAL TENSION between the characters and emotional setup.

This is better than no s2 tho

Pochi already gave us what we wanted anyways. This is all just extra shit.

I still need to see a timeskip of Hotaru and Kokonotsu working together at her new company.

>all these mongrels who said season 2 was gonna be bad

AHAHHAHhhhhhhh stupid niggers

I wonder what Hotaru's feet smell like.

>OL Hotaru

The new studio doesn't have a footfag animator though.

Did someone say "OL Hotaru"?

Maybe that's why they switched, to REMOVE FOOTFAGS. Works for me!

I DID! Thanks, user.



It's too bad there aren't any larger scans of this. There seems to be a bunch of promo items based on where you ordered/preordered the discs: tbs.co.jp/anime/dagashi/1st/disc/oritoku.html

When will she introduce Coconuts to the wonderful dagashi known as paizuri?

>more faithful to manga
Will you stop this cancer meme?
Being fateful doesn't mean is better, the manga art is rushed and sometimes dirty looking. Feel's art and design was flawless.



I see (tho I can't read moon). Still, what's there is good. Think I'll search around to see if there's any more OL Hotaru fanart.

In that special chapter.

Go back to your normalfag colony.

I want Pochi to make more Otona no Dagashi chapters.


Most scan websites I found only go up to chapter 100. You got any website that has chapters past that?

New chapter when?

Which artist would you like to see make a Hotaru doujin who hasn't done one yet?

Not the one you were replying to, but English typesetting only goes up to 100 so far. Translation threads have been on Sup Forums since 134. This week will have a thread for chapter 174.

What you talking about? Season 2 is great, season 1 looked better though.

I think Clesta could probably do a good one.

>just as tall without high heels
is she a poorly made oblivion mod?


Does it matter to your dick?

Look closer. She does lose a bit of height.

Methonium coming back to hentai to make a vanilla one and Inazuma doing one for slutty gang bangs and gokkun

Look at the top right corner where Hotaru's head touches that blue doughnut.

What would an older Hotaru look like?

Oh alright, then I'll try to look into the archive, thanks kind user

bigger boobs and ass with longer hair.


Oh fuck

I've got the links to the chapters. Here's the ones for 134-167:


I fucking love high heels

Boobs don't just magically grow with age, now if she become a mommy, that's a different story.

And the thread codes for 168-173:




What is this show about

>Too big

japanese snack food and boobs

Why is she a hypnotoad

Does S2 have anything as funky as S1's ED?