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Who's Flampe's favorite older sister?

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Smoothie. Probably.

Most likely Brulée. They probably bond over their adoration for Katakuri.

Compote, since she is the oldest sister she is no threat to her.

Compote, obviously.

Find out on the 26th why Compote is the Eldest, and most beloved, daughter of Big Mom.

Because Flampe is based on Violet Beauregarde? Does she like having Smoothie wring her out?

>the greatest creation of the charlotte family was 48 years ago

nearly 5 decades of downfall, holy kek

Hmm....I wonder

>mlk day
>no one posting otohime's speech
for shame, Sup Forums

I meant because Smoothie is the only girl in the commanders and she has the second bigges bounty we've seen.
But your theory may be as good as mine.

white is right

How horrifyingly powerful was BM in her prime?

>Violet Beauregarde
Oh my god. How did I not see this

>she has the second bigges bounty we've seen
>shouting from under the sea intensifies

Whitebeard would one shot her.

Why do fan-artists make her wear a bikini? Pretty sure it was supposed to be a low-cut dress.

Nope it's obviously a bikini.

It looks like her soul ability can take the oomph out of a lot of hits, like when Luffy tried to punch her

Looks like a dress to me.


>Because Flampe is based on Violet Beauregarde?
i guess the willy wonka pic is there to say then

Well it could be I suppose. Bikini is what the cut first brings to mind for me though.

*not in the billions
For some reason my retarded ass mixed Jack and Katakuri in same price.

So did smoker fuck hina? he has hairy legs after all

Fishmen are less than humans

The camel knows

How old was Streusen when he tapped that? Was he even the first dude to fug Linlin or was he the second?

>Implying she isnt as strong now as she was 30 years ago
I think she hit her peak when she created Zeus, Prometheus and Napoleon then stayed there, her body isnt normal like WB was

Something like this is what I thought.

I don't get this whole leg hair thing

It's a theory, every character with leg hair has smashed canonically.

WB is traumatized from fighting Big Mom in the past, that's why he doesn't want fighter women in his crew.

Look closer. There are two straps on your pic, one for each shoulder. BM only has one that goes around her neck.
Again I'm not saying dresses that look like this don't exist, just that that thing where one strap goes around the neck is traditionally reserved for swimwear. Or at the very least is evocative of it.

>Everyone praises Garp, Gol D, Sengoku, Dragon and Whitebeard, saying their battles were the most epic battles of all time.
>Some of them we don't even know their powers, they are either insanely strong, have a secret technique, are tactical genious or with an unrevealed DF.
>We'll never see those fights (that build those characters up).

Dare I say Oda is a hack?

Welp, i only noticed now

We don't know how powerful he was in his prime, as we don't know Sengoku, Garp or Gol D.

But Pound doesn't have leg hair

I'm sure the people responsible for the voice acting at Toei are freaking out every week. Every week brings a new character they need to hire a new seiyu for.

How would you know? He's wearing pants.

Not to mention that they have to pay all of the Strawhats VAs regardless of whether or not they actually show up in an episode.

Well, there goes the budget.

Ripped up to his calf

that's because big mom fucked his boypussy with her massive clit

where do you download your one piece music from?

Quake is stated as overpowering.

We know what Sengoku's fruit is and the story isn't over yet, are you retarded?

I though she was always fat, her backstory shows her as a fat child.

Would pic related be the best voice for Flampe?

We haven't seen him in a truly great fight people within the OP universe claim he had, and we probably never will.

pudding, she's manipulative, how can anyone not fall in love

Never say never, we could always get a full flashback of the glory days by the time we get to Raftel.

Reminder that Whitebeard didn't have the guts to fight Roger, and Roger didn't have the guts to fight Big Mom.
Ergo, Big Mom > Roger > Whitebeard

I fucking HOPE we do.

>Sengoku smashing shit with BASED Garp.
>Monkey's TRUE POWER revealed
>Shanks value as a yonko gets validated.
>Gol D. expanded beyond "lol im just strong"
>Whitebeard in his golden young smug-free days, before he'd let himself get stabbed a hundred times.

Fishman Island wasn't that interesting as a whole but I must say it introduced some of the most interesting pieces of Lore for me. Between the Poseidon reveal, Joy Boy and the Noah, along with the "Voice of all things" info, It was a pretty big World Building arc. It's a shame people can only think of it as shit considering how much info was dumped during the arc.

Also Noah best Ship.

None, she is her own favourite sister.
I'm curious about Katakuri's favourite sister.

My assumption is most people didn’t like Shirahoshi and her family and FI was boring to them. She is cute though.

FIfag reporting in, who cares if the villains weren't the most interesting (Zeo was fun) or strong. They worked perfect for the theme of inherited hate.

strongest MAN in the world user

It had a top tier backstory, some fun crew interaction on the way down, in the palace (twice), in the sea forest and the way up.

Sanji's nosebleed gag was stupid, but it started to build up the whole arc and led to this wonderful conclusion.

Do not doubt Oda user, he'll show off most of that.

Puberty fixes everything.


why is reiju-ball in there?
She's sanji-ball's sister!


A cute!


I like the depiction of racism, it was done pretty maturely tbqh. The death of Fisher Tiger hit hard.

Oda should have found another way to make Otohime and Fisher Tiger relevant that didn't involve Hody. He was a huge waste of time, also it's annoying that the arrival of the SH just happens to coincide with the day he decides to move on with his keikakku. My suspension of disbelief took a blow.
A short Zou like arc, nothing but exploration, lore, comedy, flashback and SoL would have done wonders imo.

do we know if the one piece is tied to the void history/ancient kingdom? or is that unconfirmed

we don't know but let's be honest, it will be.

Unconfirmed but considering they're tied by the existence of poneglyph you can bet your ass they are.

Cobra also didnt have hair on lower calfs.
Pound has hidden thigh hair like Cobra

I like how hairy legs are a thing but not armpits


>Jimbe's still not dead

He lost an arm though.

I like when the strawhats have an influence on the story arcs
The strawhats arrived just as the antagonists of Fishman island, skypeia, drum Island and to a lesser extent Alabasta (stopping Croc was the reason they went in the first place) were about to finish something they'd been planning for years
The main conflict of Water 7, Impel down, Dressrosa and WCI were directly caused by the Strawhats

How many more chapters until he's canned sardines? Soon hopefully.

Have faith user. I'm still praying to my GODa shrine that he dies within the next ten chapters.

i'm pretty sure hody specifically waited for luffy, since he was his sworn enemy for beating arlong and would make a great example for the humans that he's serious business.

>Fishman retard who thinks he can take down a dude who survived the marineford war with admirals trying to take his life
Goddamn maybe fishys are truly inferior.

This is the perfect setup for a Sup Forumsposter to suggest they are therefore a perfect analogy for blacks and nobody took it.

More likely that Luffy showing up made him accelerate his plans.
I mean, Jinbe knew that Hody was planning something, that's why he left that message for the Straw Hats.

Why are people complaining about the pacing of this arc? I think its pretty fucking good. Just reread the last 20 chapters and each chapter had tons of detail and interesting things happening.

>drum Island
Didn't the SH lead Wapol back to Drum Island though? If it weren't for them, he could still be wandering the Grand Line in his submarine to this day.

wci should have been 20 chapters

Yep, you're right. It's always better when the protagonist is the one moving the action forward. Hopefully FI is the last arc of this kind.

meant for

nah the family are so much fun

The last twenty chapters is when the pacing is fuck. A whole ton of running and Luffy getting beat up without resolution.

his whole plan would have also pissed off big mom and on top of that he was planning to attend the reverie and slaughter the kings

he didn't fear anything but shirahoshi.
yeah, waiting for him is probably not the right term, obviously luffy could have been dead and then he'd never come. But once Luffy came, hody took note of it, it was definitely a trigger. Jinbe's note kinda suggests that too doesn't it? Why would luffy fight hody if hody wouldn't make a move? they'd have never met

One day he will user, don't worry.
Oda isn't enough of a schemer to pull some trick, so if Jinbei says he will kill himself for Luffy, he will.

I mean killing the kings isn't that bad of an idea if he didn't care about fishmen Island in the first place.

t. guy who expected the arc to be over 5 chapters after the tea party ends

If that makes you happy, sure. I'm just saying his fight with Katakuri is nearly as long and probably gonna be longer than Lucci. If that's up your alley, mm kay.

I want to fuck Carrot

oda has written soo many chapters, we can see his tricks.
Similarities between pre and post time skip is staggering.
Which youtube fag will do a video listing similarities.

Did you seriously expect the last Luffy fght of the arc to be short? Seriously?

If it isnt up your alley what will you do