Post your best 90's core

Post your best 90's core

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Is wing the toppest tier of Gundam OST's?

I still have a soft spot for 0079, but wing had pretty fucking great music


It is indeed in the highest tier of Gundam OSTs. I'd put 0083 in that tier as well, though other folks' opinions will differ.

>Zero System booting up
It's like sex to my ears

technically 89 but has a very 90's feel

Ma boi

I fucking love Outlaw Star


Only reason I finished that fucking series, fuck whoever keeps recommending it

I got ya senpai.

Nevermind the montage...

Technically 2000 but it's too cool


I JUZ MALICIOUS MOWE NO MASHO! Yeah, that's what I used to say back then. Good choice, OP.

Here's mine! Lady Dakki for the win, although her being one with the Earth in the end fucked me so bad as a fan cause that's stupid. She deserved to die for her heinous acts. I don't mind even if she's my fave, she deserved it and not having her plan to go well. Watching the new remake, love the animation and crisp drawing.

>That beeping sound
As a resident /m/an, that makes my dick hard.


Dakki is fucking sexy, one of the pinnacle of sexy female characters from the 90's including that OHOHOHO lady from Slayers.

When will we get more 'real' fantasy anime? And not MMORPG shit.

08th MS Team had some good stuff, mainly the Gouf theme. (only place I could find it)

You are like a little baby.
Watch this.

I love dark-skin and white-skin lesbo love anime!

>Not OP 2

Fucking Escaflowne

Such a good OST

Could fit in as a Star Wars music and people won't even notice.

Oh wow, sounds like My Castle theme in Fire Emblem Birthright/Conquest especially from the Hoshido side lmao.

How did this anime ended again? I remember watching it till the end, but since it's been so long.

Men of Destiny is easily the best Gundam OP.

FUck yes!

Also not bad!

I love some of that pedo's handiwork!

Holy fuck, this anime! Hell yeah, childhood! (not 90s but postin anyways)

The entire OST is god tier.

As a kid, listening to Sakura Wars OP always made me go hyped.

Sunrise had some good shit when it came to OPs

>gintama didn't air until 05
shit, forgot I'm retarded

TEIKOKU KAGIDAN UNNN. Or something, fuck yeah that was a good song.

>Sakura Wars
Oh shit, aside from CCS I loved that! The shot of that demon commander licking his lips in the OP was pure kino. K.I.N.O.


Newest OP/ED combo are amazing as well.

Oh fuck, how have I allowed this thread to go on this long without this one.



Top tier taste.

There is nothing more 90's than Gunsmith Cats.


I don't remember that from the show, do you remember what part it plays during?

My niggas. The startup sequence just gets me so damn pumped. It's just so fucking cool

It's from the film.


>Not Shine in the Storm
are your ears clogged with garbage user?

Very true.

forgot link


>Not Dreams
Are you okay user?

I can hear her going "nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa" as she types.

Man i love GTO wish they'd remake it now that the manga is done.
Also, my favorite instrumental of Shine in the Storm.

delet this immediately

Wrong video.

Vocals are not as good as the original but the instrumentals are great. But it totally removes the 90s feel to it

>Not Resolution

I really need more stuff like Gunsmith Cats and Zero In

Aired Jan 10th, 2000, but it's so good.

. . . too bad about the show itself.

Make way for the best 90s music ever made faggots

>Zero In
Did scanlations of this ever continue, or has nobody picked it up in some years?

Come back to the Lagoon threads Larry


That was an intriguing show, but I never got to see it to the end.

Neat, I need to get around to watching that. I always meant to but it kept slipping my mind.

>posting Burst Rally
>replaced the GT500 with the 70's era shitbox Stang
I'll never not be upset.

That's becasue they never finished it; got canceled while it was airing.