This is your duck for the night

This is your duck for the night

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Good luck, little duck.

what do i do with it?

>In January 2018, it was announced that a theatrical film, taking place after the events of the TV anime series, is currently in production.[3]

Not a recap movie?

>we live in a timeline where Youjo Senki is a successful franchise
I still don't fully understand how did this happen, but I gladly accept this reality.

No, it's a sequel movie that will probably cover the entirety of not!African campaign. The director said he wants to focus more on Tanya's relations with both her subordinates and her superiors.

Good luck, LITTLE DUCK!

I want to fuck the duck.

Shit. Suddenly hype.

Do not fuck the duck

Imagine how hot Tanya will be when she grow up

But she's already hot the way she is.


Are you attracted to skeletons?

I'm attracted to cute lolis.


Break her. Turn her from bad boy to cumslut.

As Tanya was originally a guy, does no-one self-insert as Tanya?


I'm not autistic enough to self insert as that corporate cog

i want to serve the fatherland for low pay and high chance of death with posthumous medals under her



My friend refuses to watch this because of artstyle. He's allergic to good anime, but I want to make him give this a chance. Is there any way I can persuade him?

He's an adult. Let him make his own decisions

Suck his dick

Suck her dick

It depends. I was able to convince people to watch this show by showing them this video:
But yeah, it's quite hard to convince people to watch Youjo Senki unless they are historical autists and/or they can appreciate dark comedy.

i love Tanya, my friends

Suck his duck.

What a hideous character design

I want the duck to sit on my face!

Didn't the author have the studio intentionally make her and Visha ugly so people wouldn't make porn of them?

I can't believe Tanya is fucking dead.

what a hideous post

Daily reminder that this is a man

I both self-insert and dick-insert. Truly a versatile character.

mention that the audio is pretty good? aoi yuuki, man.

How well did that work?

Yes, and?

laugh at him for missing out

make youjo senki references and laugh some more

No, call him a fag and spit on his face.

No, I want make Viktoriya unfit for marriage.

Show him the "No visas?" scene where she's wearing a MAGA hat. Unless your friend doesn't have a sense of humor.

If he's a fedora tipper, show a compilation video of Tanya denying X as God.


yeah, the duckloli needs to be fed loads of bread

malnutrition should not be taken lightly

What am I supposed to do with a duck? Do you headpat them or what?

The manga designs are so good, what the fug happened

why does mystery man x have a hate boner for duck?
Not only is she a literal dindu nuffin char all her shit in the previous life is justified and expected by societies standards.

offer them bread.

liquid bread

why did they make the eyes so fucking weird

Because he was expecting Tanya and Humans to act a certain way, the same way Tanya was expecting the man he fired to act reasonably, and the same way the General Staff were expecting the Not!French to act defeated. There's a theme of disconnect between those in power and those not. It appears to act in contrast to what Carlos pointed out at the start of the book with the Stanford Prison Experiment, when a role is thrust upon someone they act in accordance with that role.

>all her shit in the previous life is justified and expected by societies standards.
At the risk of starting a massive and pointless debate, justified and expected only if you're a sociopath.

>There's a theme of disconnect between those in power and those not.
Also in people generally not acting and reacting in ways that people think they should.