Opinion on School Live?

Opinion on School Live?

Manga's pretty good, anime kinda sucks. Shovel a best.

The MC makes it insufferable. Which is sad since her delusions are supposed to be one of the main facets of the anime.

it got 2spooky4me

10/10 the dog really made the anime shine

It was as a great anime don't let these mangafags tell you differently

The anime? Shit terrible.

The manga? Masterpiece, and then shit terrible.


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I started watching it a couple years back but I never finished it and I don't remember why so I'm going to say it was shit despite not remembering thinking that

Anime ruined characterization and pacing of the manga.
Manga turned to utter shit once they got to the university.


The anime used some really bad cgi and fx for the zombies, the demonic aura that the majority of them gave off was unnecessary. Haven't read the manga, but I'll give it a shot since people in this thread say that it's better.

Not that interesting

Unlike in the past, dogs are easily recognized on the internet.

I thought everyone knew this

I kinda liked the anime's ending where they told the zombies to cherish their happy school day memories and to please go home for now, instead of the manga's forced drama where the helicopter pilot just dropped dead.
Also, the PVs where cute.

and the reverse

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It was good, not great but it was fun.
Yuui was cute

I hate it. You don't do that to CGDCT

Just watch the first episode. first episode is incredible, and re-watching it is even better because you pick up on so much.
the rest of the show is meh.
i'm more interested in the manga just because it seems to be more darker, or isn't afraid to get dark. haven't read it yet.

Why is she wearing garters? Is she some kind of slut?

I was told to read the manga.

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in shovel we trust

I just binged watched this over the weekend and thought it was great! Surprised at the negative reactions.

>Surprised at the negative reactions
>Sup Forums

This outfit is so wonderful

i enjoyed it

Read the manga after watching the anime, and I liked the anime more desu.

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Did the manga get drop? I haven't seen a new chapter in almost a year!

Check again. The new chapter was uploaded like a week and a half ago.

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