What do you expect to see in season 2?

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Nothing, really.
S1 was fine for what it was, S2 is Literally No One Asked For a Sequel - The Anime.

Nothing but disappointment.

The main girl's expressions getting wackier with every episode.

Also an aged-up Naota.

>Nobody from the original team are on it
>Director is some fresh faced literally who
>A1 is doing the animation
>Adult Swim Original
>Literally has no reason to exist
Gee user if I had to stifle a guess I'd have to say it'll be disappointing as all hell.

It could work if it plays on the fact that the first one was a coming of age story and the people who came of age after watching it are now jaded adult losers

>won't be filled with sakuga like the original
It's trash already.

I thought Nut, I.G and Revoroot were doing it?

What a waste of time.

At least the music is gonna be good.

nonsensical bullshit

Ah yeah, it is IG, my bad. But from my recollection nobody from the original are on this project.
Literally the only thing to look forward to are new songs from The Pillows.

>S2 is Literally No One Asked For a Sequel - The Anime.

I did 6 years ago

then you realized how much of a faggot you were.

>reboot of an old anime series
>the character designs lose their original flavour in favour of blander more modern designs

CCS and FLCL both suffer from this. It's at times like this where you can see how incredibly bland modern anime designs are compared to older ones.

>nobody from the original are on this project.
pretty much. Tsurumaki is supervising it and came up with the basic concept for the sequel but has barely any involvement in the production according to himself. Sadamoto is designing some of the main characters.

they got the pillows back, that's all i care about

The pillows will be worth it alone. If all fails look at it like one big music video

Abject disappointment but I'm not giving in yet. I hope season 2 will be enjoyable because I loved season 1.

Finally, Americans going to show those fucking japs who can REALLY make anime!

New girl is cute, but really boring. New guy looks alright. Everyone looks like they wouldn't work if they were off model.

Going to be disappointing when it's not this.

>Also an aged-up Naota.
the new guy looks like his replacement
so I doubt it.

I'm curious if they're writing entirely new music for it or if it'll pull songs from the recent albums.

>Also an aged-up Naota
this and
>At least the music is gonna be good.
The Trailer song is bretty good, if the restof the soundtrack turn out to be this good then im already sold.

Wait, so, is this a sequel or a remake?

they're writing new songs for flcl 2 and 3.


Meh, it'll be worthily only of they go to space.

Something somehow worse than the first season.

I blame the meme headphones.

Also something that spawns a new generation of nostalgic retards.

I was expecting some neat varied sakuga, but judging from her QUALITY i doubt i can even expect that. My only hope now is /u/ bait between her and Haruko.

When I first saw it like 15 years ago, I often thought how cool a sequel that happened much later, or only followed Haruko chasing the Pirate King would be.

I could go for that. Only of Naota's brother turns out to be the Pirate King at the end and BTFO's the Haruko menace.

I'm honestly expecting it to be mostly a rehash of the S1. Will they really bother trying something new rather than playing it safe and just trying to recapture the magic of the original?

I expect disappointment. If it's even passable I'd be happy.

i don't know what to think of this trailer,
the original was just really good not sure if it needed another season or two

>yfw naota shows up to battle and you hear I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN

They wrote two new songs for FLCL, I Think I Can and Ride on Shooting Star. Spiky Seeds from the 2+3 trailer is new. There will probably be at least one other.

When is this even coming out? Also I couldn't give less of a shit about the integrity of flcl. Who gives a shit

Sadly nobody can recapture the quality of Old GAINAX

Best we can hope for is a few new Pillows songs

Fuck me this is top moments in anything i've watched right here boys

Oh fuck. So this is FLCL GT.

This scene makes me worried about FLCL 2. Naota has the most powerful N.O. channel on the planet at the end of FLCL so Medical Mechanica and Fraternity should both have an interest in him when they return to Earth in the sequel, and honestly I want the new season to just leave Naota alone. But now there's not really a good reason for him not to show up since he's such a valuable target.

This is FLCL Rebuild

I expect it to be shit.

Glasses guy has a bandage. That's probably a fake out, but Canti has been mentioned? Cat girl's whole thing is that she doesn't want to connect with people, so he'll probably be her first real friend.

Now my memory is a bit rusty, but isn't Fraternity the Diebuster Topless organization

Canti has been mentioned in the plot blurb they released, along with a couple other things.
>But why did Haruko return to Earth? What happened to her Rickenbacker 4001 she left with Naota? And where did the human-type robot "Canti" go?

Fraternity is synonymous with the Galaxy Patrol. Don't remember about Diebuster since it's been a while since I saw it.

What im hoping for is they treat him like a "god character". IE everyone talks about him, he's mentioned a lot but doesn't show until a critical point then either disappears or stays to help fight some big bad

Yeah, both Canti and Atomsk are gonna be in the sequel

Haruko is always after Atomsk, so he's probably back on earth for some reason. I have a weird feeling that catgirl and glasses guy each have half of Atomsk within them or that she just becomes a real friend to glasses guy to get him out.

Or adult swim goes full /u/ and has her go with Haruko, completely missing the point.

>isn't Fraternity the Diebuster Topless organization
yes, probably just an easter egg since Tsurumaki worked on both shows.

>Haruko is always after Atomsk, so he's probably back on earth for some reason.
I have tried and failed to think of a reason why Atomsk would be back on Earth that isn't bug-fuckingly retarded.

I'd be cool with it if they throw in Scarecrow.


they said early this year but they haven't released any date yet

How slim of a chance is there that they'll put in the effort to animate around the music like the original did?

This will be like the new Tron movie, I basically watched it because of Daft Punk.

Grown up Naota, pretty much just that, also no Mamimi, fuck Mamimi, FUCK MAMImI, we don't like you.

The question is will we get more Ninamori

To be fair though Crybaby was Netflix original, and that turned out great.

Adult Swim is even more creatively bankrupt than Netflix.

>Crybaby was Netflix original
Not this meme again. All that means is that Netflix paid money to license it.

0%. They don't know what made the original excellent. They see this as a nostalgia grab for ratings.

You'd be right if we were talking Knights of Sidonia or something, but not in this case. This was actually an original production.

No it wasn't. It was a production at Yuasa's personal pet studio. Netflix just paid money to have streaming rights.

It's been so long since I watched FLCL that I don't remember it except for the music and a few scenes, so I have no idea what to expect for S2.

There's no way he was doing it without Netflix's help, and if it's only available on Netflix, I'd consider it an original.

why wouldn't they? The Pillows is their biggest selling point. Makes sense that they would put most of their effort into making that aspect of the show look good.

A lot of rehashed scenes from FLCL. If you've seen the new star wars movies you already know what I'm talking about.

I think an attempt was made with Clear Card and it looks okay. FLCL 2's aesthetic clearly isn't even trying to capture the same feel as the original.

Diebuster : Gunbuster :: FLCL2 : FLCL


Found the real ending folks.

Absolute shit.

I just want you to remember you are responsible for this trainwreck

This could have been true if they kept Haruko out of it.

play this while reading it


>Or adult swim goes full /u/ and has her go with Haruko
The 13 year old in me is very erect.

No fuck you. Fuck you.
>adult Ninamori
>business casual
>fake glasses
Sign me up.

While I'm happy to potentially see what Naota,Canti and Ninamori are up to I hope they aren't too involved.

There’s probably going to be a scene or two that’ll tide me over for the timebeing but I’m not expecting a lot out of it.

I expect to clap at a thing I recognize

As long as they don't try to continue the original story it's all good.

Things which I will enjoy, and which will also make Sup Forums upset, causing me to enjoy them even more.

Naota won't be in it according to the staff.

Its probably gonna be good but everyone will pretend its bad.

they are kinda.

Netflix literally went “here’s some money make something cool”

This is Sup Forums after all. Everything good is bad and everything bad is bad. Unless it has mai waifu in it.

How so?

They're continuing Haruko's storyline.
Some other plot points will also carry over.

I expect the murder of my childhood for financial gain. Again.

it's there any indication when it's going to air?

That's fine, just no more Naota. His story ended well.

probably sometime before July
If it hasn't been delayed.

Massive disappointment

>Its probably gonna be bad but i will claim it's good because i'm a hipster and it makes my dick hard liking something that other people hate