Shinju no Nectar

So what do you guys think of the new manga by Qwaser author?

Shame it's isekai but it's pretty good so far.

It's more or less fun, I guess, even if it's often retarded lolscience.

oh god what orifice does nectar come from

Does it have as much milking as Qwaser? Is the main character a cute/cool shota?

Isekai when?

>Does it have as much milking as Qwaser?

It has milking, that's even pretty much the MC got isekai'd.

>Is the main character a cute/cool shota?

No, it's just your random bland self-insert socially isolated kissless virgin MC who's actually OK with being isekai'd because his life in Japan is shit and friendless. Though this time it's a part-timer instead of the usual high schooler / hikkikomori


>Qwaser authors

What do you think?

>he'll still find a new pair of tits anyway

it's pretty much Kekkon no Yubiwa, but searching for tits instead of rings

Setting is great and guy is not offensively bad as is usually the case in those series.

>Does it have as much milking as Qwaser?

The main guy gains a temporary berserk form power up by sucking certain chosen girls tits. In fact, sucking their tits is the entire reason he got isekai'd because only a human gets the power up and humans in their world are basically extinct.

Halfling girl is cute as fuck. She needs to appear more.


Glad I was reminded the new chapter was scanlated recently. Tits.

Man, I'm still fairly new into anime terminology... Please, what do you mean by "Isekai" ?

I'll say it again.

>"Dwarf" is the tallest girl.

Yeah yeah, I know about the whole original dwarves were basically just craftsman not!elves thing, its just an awfully big pill to swallow when all the dwarf men in the series are the stereotypical mountain manlet. Should have just made her a dark elf traitor or something if he wanted to drawn a brown Tomo.

feels like a haremshit knockoff of drifters, even more so now that helsing appeared

Google it. Hell, google translate it and you'll have your answer.


Well, it seems weird compared to traditional dwarves but to be fair plenty of species have far greater sexual dimorphism.

But female dwarves should probably be more like GBF draph.

Yeah, I really disliked that series but short stacks with handlebars was an idea that can't be beat.

Liuetenant > Dwarf > Princess

I like it a lot, probably more than Qwaser, though that might be because of the art.

kind of interesting with the mc taking forms form the elements like of lighting and fire at the moment; perhaps water later with the setup with the current chapter.

Masked protagonists are best protagonists. I hope at some point of the series he gets into a red mech or something.

You really need to stop.

I mean I would take anything if people would remember that Dwarf has a meaning, for things that are short or smaller in stature.

The steam age is an interesting time.

I finally understand why there is so much focus on sucking breast milk.

I don't remember the short cat girl.

I think that's the alchemist wearing cat ears for some reason.

Didn't he have a cougar loli?

Oh,wait, you're right, I forgot about her.

Seriously? Did you forget the first arc already?

Did qwaser get fully translated? If not can someone tell me how it ended.

How did he find her again?

Who would you support? The British colonial force or the German dwarfs? Which country does the bad guys represent? Danish Congo?

Yes, it got fully translated.

Was it terribad?

Troublesome slave who the princess bought the freedom of because she lied about her origins. Ran away immediately afterwards but came back again to save MC's ass and help save the princess.

Ahhh thanks user.

>I know about the whole original dwarves were basically just craftsman not!elves thing
You're misinformed. There were originally 3 kinds of elves. On there surface there were light elves, which would basically be your high elves, that had bright complexions, and in subterranean caves there were two races of dark elves, the true dark elves, which followed the pale complexion archetype of pic related, and black elves, which had dark tans and tended to be uglier and slightly shorter than the other elven varieties and were known for their craftsmanship. Black elves are dwarves. Dwarves are elves.

The gnome look got pulled out of someone's ass at some point along the way. Dwarves looked more like Pirotess.

Just so we're clear here, on the left is a dwarf and on the right is a light elf more or less.