Would you pledge allegiance to the beautiful Koko Hekmatyar (aka best girl) and serve as part of her security team?

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no because she hates guns and i love them

I don't think she'd have me. I'm out of practice

Only if she doesn't force me to take classes again

I would if it means I can fug Valmer or Chiquita regularly.

You're gonna say no to this face?

Rare chequita

Schokolade is the best girl though.

>Koko decides she wants to become a mommy
>come up with a plan
>Koko drugs Valmet and we tie her up
>force Valmet watch as me and Koko have intercourse in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation
>probably get killed by Valmet the next day
that'd be the life..

Turkroach detected.

I think it's actually Afghani.

Also Chequita is Araragi's mom

Yes I don't negotiate with terrorists

>implying Valmet won't be the one doing the fucking

It's Pashtun.

Valmet is a sub

>the only good doujin of her is the one where she gets raped

I'd rather hang with her chill non-psychopathic counterpart

>brother looks like Kaworu
>Koko looks like Griffith
I don't know how I should think about this.

Afghan. Afghani is the currency.
Also if this isn't the Costanza face idk what is



her name is koko she is loco


>those hips

Thank you

Only if she's willing to equip me with totally useless, situational weapons and prototypes.

I'll settle for an XM8, an m93r and an M1 Garand.

The bat needs to be a bit bigger, otherwise it looks too out of place.

Good eye. I changed it to a Genuine Louisville Smugger™ as well

This man is your friend, everything he says is fact.


Why would I ever consider doing anything for discount Black Lagoon?

Chiquita is so fucking hot



Depends if it's the first or second season.

Because the second season ruined everything I loved about this show.
>poor Funco gets taken away and replaced with that nasty slut Masada
>Koko's final plan is utterly retarded from every possible angle

>pastanigger meme gun
>Old busted slut
Terrible taste tbqh fampai

Can anything stop this woman from murdering my heart?


This anime had literally the best girls

all great

nice fail

Not one ugly chick

The blood of Simo Häyhä runs strong in her veins

>me on the left

around Finns the ice is thin

I'm kind of sad this anime ended at that specific point. I think it would have been neat to see what the world post-jormungand would look like. Especially after that guy did that speech on how he would even sell sticks because war will continue to be a thing.

It had a shot ending that would've been better as nigger child joining my waifus Chiquita on a merc cruise then the shit they ended on.

woops meant to use this pic

anyone reading this?
I swear he just likes to make great girls, lesbians and guns and doesn't give a fuck about story
which is fine by me

>smuggling sticks

That would be funny. Has no one done a 4koma or something with that kind of thing?

>social-worker cop-kun gets to hang out with all the smug murderer girls with no repercussions

has it ever gotten fully scanlated?

Jonah wasn't a nigger, he was mountain infantry from some west asian gookistan country.

no because I would die, her team is a bunch of superhuman freaks of nature with outstanding ability and I'm just an ordinary guy that looks like a girl

It been a while since I watched this, but I remember thinking when I finished it; Jonah could have not existed and everything would have stayed mostly the same. He was ultimately not needed and his role could have been filled by one of the existing trained professionals.
How off am I?
Enjoyed the series no less for it.

Oh No!

I would her great great grandma

Kasper > Koko

only the first 3 volumes have been scanned which is a shame

Do you think Jonah and Koko ever slept in the same bed?


no but they were naked and awake in the same tub. Also Valmet showered with a drunk Koko

No thats basically true. He was more a vehicle for the audience than a character

meant for

Damn. Who do I have to pay off/where do I find physical English books?

My greatest regret is not seeing how Valmet feels about Koko picking a tiny brown child over her.


Valmet had Koko all to herself for like 2 and a half years while Jonathan was with Kasper

Hmm, not sure how to feel about that. It works for giving a younger audience someone to connect with, but anyone older its just another damn kid.
I have to wonder if they had an adult only cast , and the changes that come with it, if it would have been able to be viewed more positively than it is compared to Black Lagoon.


And? Valmet wouldn't be as thirsty as she is if Koko laid a finger on her in the past, and there would be a reason for that to change if Koko knew Jonah was going to come back to her.

>clicks "Buy It Now"

you know what to do

It's like Eddy Murphy says. If you can make a girl go "OOOOOOOOHHHHHH" then you've got her. I guess Valmet couldn't give Koko the luvin she needed. I'm sure she had plenty of opportunities in 2 years.

She had plenty of opportunities when Jonah was there too and none of them went anywhere. Koko belongs to Hot Shota Dick.

I offered $60 for a lowball. If they don't accept that I'll just buy it for what they asked. I didn't need to eat this week anyways...

>I didn't need to eat this week anyways...
iktfbro, hang in there.


>the product of a retarded shipfag
Please god make it stop already, it's too retarded.

I'm on a cut anyways for the spring

She needs a haircut


now a want a Jormungand and black lagoon crossover where koko is trying to sell guns to balalaika

Taiwan-san is beautiful just the way she is

if only something like that existed




p sure he's supposed to be either Paki or some kind of Afghan.


I always thought he was Kazakh or Mongolian or something. One of the browner slavs

The doujin that uhh...follows up on...this scene is great.

why no translation

Last one
Black Lagoon: The Book of Venom

Oh THAAAAAAT could be fun! Or maybe even a joint mission of some kind. MOAR DAKKA ain't just a meme for /m/echa, ya know!

Hmmm...Revy and the chinese girl/blond nun vs. Jormungand's two tough girls. Tag team or one on one. That'd be worth watching.

Rock tries to be nice to Johnah, tells Rock to piss off, Rock takes it too personally, is sad.

Dutch is professionally pleasant with Jormungand's crew, but knows they are not ones to fuck with.

Koko and Balalaika spend hours and hours trying to out deal one another, but both recognize the other is no slouch. Both won't give in, they have to be the winner.

Show me.

Wouldn't work. BL takes place in the mid 90's and Jormundgand takes place in the early '10s. As the little doujin above shows, Koko would be a kid when the Lagoon crew were in their prime.

Well fuck, that's annoying. Seems a shame to not have them doing fun shit together.

>revy is susceptible to adorable salesmanship

>Milf Revy

Hahaha, nice. Thanks user,.

Could be, there's plenty of Afghans that look really Asian and Slavic (blue eyes, white skin, even seen some gingers) since the whole area was a huge crossroads not to mention all the mixed rape babies from their endless wars.

Short answer is Jonah's literally Aryan. He could also be Chechen maybe.

Bet Lehm and Dutch would be best buds