Character says "imouto"

>Character says "imouto"
>Subs say "sister"
That's not quite right though is it

No one says 'younger sister' you fucking retard

Kid sister

I say baby sister because it annoys the fuck out of her when I do

>Senpai, this is my younger sister, Miya
What's wrong with that, that's what imouto means anyway

No one says that either jesus christ

Imouto means younger sister but when speaking in English you tend not to bother with the the 'younger' or 'older' parts, you just say sister because no one gives a shit.

>t. ESL.

>character refers to another character as "Aniki"
>later in the story, the same two characters but now they're using "Onii-chan"
How the fuck do you translate that.

That's when translation notes are needed.

>character says bargain
>subs say sale

>this is my baby sister
>this is my little sister
Take your pick, I'm betting you don't have a little sister.

What's wrong with "little sister"? Or are you gonna tell me no one says that either?

I have an Onee-chan


You don't.

Congrats, you've discovered the difficulty of translation!

I do

They're called little sisters, you triple faggot. I have 3 of them.

if you were a dude, would you call your older brother onii-chan infront of other people. No you would act cool and use aniki.

>Character says "imouto"
>Translation says "sistress"

and forgot pic

>character says "Hai!"
>subs say "Yes!"
If I wanted this shit, I'd be watching 4kids dubs.

That's actually pretty common in America.

>Tamate Box

Smells like Vizshit.

>subs reverse name order
This shit will never not annoy me.

>when you don't know any Japanese at all but you can still tell when HorribleSubs fucked up a translation
how the fuck

It's so obvious hearing it that it was changed, and it isn't something that needed to be changed at all.

If they're using senpai why not just use imouto too?

>character says something in engrish
>subs translate it as the japanese equivalent


>implying they were the ones that fucked it up

What the shimatta did you just kuso say about me, omae?

"little sister" or "younger sister" is extreme common in america. nobody just says "sister"

>Character says imouto
>Translator says i am forced to stay at home to take care of my mother who has been sick for 15 years

Ты еще наш русский фансаб не видел, ваш то болеее менее адекватный

>sub says "yo"
>dub says "I'vebeenlookingforya"

>expecting "correct" translations on words that cannot be properly translated in English without translator notes everywhere

>character says "[name of other character]"
>sub says "wait up [name of other character]"
why must you "translate" a name

>Character says aniki
>Subs say "bro"

My fucking face when

>Character says LastName-san
>Subs either omit it or add Mr. FirstName
And it's even worse in official translated manga. How are you supposed to know their level of familiarity if you change the order and removes suffixes?

>>Character says LastName-san
>>Subs either omit it or add Mr. FirstName
This shit, alongside stuff such as is just plainly retarded. You can help but notice it, so it breaks immersion. There is no reason to do it.

>character stops calling Cute Name-chan "Name-chan" and starts calling her "Cute-chan"
>in the sub, character stops calling her "Cute-chan" and starts calling her some made up shitty nickname like "Cutiepie"
Any translator who does this deserves death.

why can't they keep suffix shit I just don't get it


>jp script
>char x: the cat is in the bag
>char y: cat?
>char x: we need to take the cat to the king because he wants it
>char y: king?
>char x: not many people get to meet the king
>char y: soudesune

>translated script
>char x: the cat is in the bag
>char y: that poor cat
>char x: we need to take the cat to the king because he wants it
>char y: I did hear that crazy old king likes cats
>char x: not many people get to meet the king
>char y: wow I can't wait

>character says "Does a banana count as a snack?"
>subs say "Who's bringing the kitchen sink"


Have you hugged all of them and told them that you love them? You've got a job to do user.


Who thinks that is a good idea, and why do they get paid to do it?

>just when everyone had happily forgotten
Devilish move, user

It was some asshole CR translator. Think he got fired, because nothing since has born his trademark retardation
He also translated
to pic related

Oh look, it's time for my daily RAGE.

Posting that Crunchyroll guy is cheating, it doesn't count. Now I have to go for a walk to calm down

Oh god, the bad memories are coming back.

>character says "baka"
>subs say "hey what are you doing?!"

I don’t get it

Can only Japanese people have little sisters or big brothers?

>character says nakama
>subs say "friend"

Would you prefer "comrade?"

>Character says itadakimasu
>Subs say rub a dub dub time for the grub

No one wanted to point out the subs leave the Japanese word senpai, but translate imouto?

>His autism doesn't allow him to understand that Japanese is not a language that can be literally translated
Oh boy here we go again

Literal translations or bust.

Well... yes. There isn't a translation for senpai that works. Sister works just fine for imouto. Little sister would work better, but it's not hugely necessary.

>No one wanted to point out the subs leave the Japanese word senpai, but translate imouto?
As long as they don't write it as sempai, I don't give a fuck.

And it's not like English has a practical conversational analogue to senpai.

Are you a Bong? Lots of Americans say kid brother and kid sister.

Learn Japanese and stop being a faggot that gets triggered when subs don't align with your 50 word vocabulary

>Character says "Onii-chan"
>Subs say the characters name

First, bro
then, bro but italicized

I'm actually at 500 words now.

I can see this as a localization, at least. Not a translation, but English-speakers don't refer to their siblings as "brother" or "sister." We say their names. It's a different philosophy behind subtitles.

Today I learned that
Sup Forums are willing to bitch about anything as long they get a reply.

personally im only really going to specify if my sibling is older/younger than me if they arent present for the conversation.
but i also feel like saying "older sister" kind of implies that i have more than 1 sister? (i dont) i think thats just my autism though.
for reference i am a leaf

>Character says "OP"
>Subs say "faggot"
That's quite right.

Good analysis

The whole thing is asinine. English, more than any other language, steals words when there's no direct equivalent.

Honestly, some things should just be untranslated. You're downloading a video off the internet. If you don't understand something, then google it you lazy fucks.

I'm not disagreeing with you. Senpai should definitely remain untranslated, because there's no way of doing so well. But there's no sense in leaving imouto untranslated IN A TRANSLATION just because you yourself understand it. It's not like you don't hear the word "imouto" being spoken, so you aren't losing anything.

Using japanese suffixes and trying to reflect as much as possible is the superiour way, this way once you have seen a TL-note or two you can catch onto nuances in dialouge that lifts scenes. It's not like it's hard work to pause twice in a season to read a TL-note.

What about manga translations?

Manga translations have the benefit of "read at your own speed," so I support less translation and a judicious use of TL notes to keep the context as intact as possible. That's just not always doable in an anime. Pacing is a lot more important there.

So it's not specifying little sister, big deal.
Okay, that does annoy me.

little sister........

The assumption is the viewer has no familiarity with the language and they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a name and any other word. Assuming this is what you meant.

>mfw when someone localizes itadakimasu as rub a dub dub thanks for the grub nowadays
It's not even a pet peeve anymore, this shit instantly takes me out of whatever i'm playing/watching/reading.

While true, there are enough times when how characters address each other is relevant (and translating/localising around that is fucking awkward) that I don't think it's a good default.

>There isn't a translation for senpai that works

...Is the assumption also that the viewer is unable to read? Because you can fucking HEAR that the word being said is the same as the one on the screen.

Doesn't work in the slightest. ALL of the cultural context is lost. No one gives a piss about upperclassmen in the Anglosphere. Mostly we just think they're cunts. Keeping the foreign word lets it keep a foreign mystique, makes you realize that there's something more to the idea of a senpai than some bloke who's been there longer than you.

A) awkward as fuck,
B) not actually applicable everywhere that "senpai" is used.

Except that is not the only use for senpai.

It's not only students that use the word senpai.

t. autism

Not every anime is in a school setting.

Substitute little for younger and yes, it's pretty common in the U.S.

Whaaaat, on Sup Forums? Holy penis my man, you've made a startling discovery. Good on you. Everyone, spread the word! There's AUTISM on Sup Forums! Goddamn this is crazy!

New faggot. Lurk more and fuck off posting for a couple months.

>It's not like it's hard work to pause twice in a season to read a TL-note.
No but animu is entertainment, it shouldn't be any work at all. Manga is different, since I'm already reading anyway, but I'm not fucking pausing a video to go look something up just to satisfy your autism.

Fuck, too soon, i was playing .hack//gu the other day and
>character in the game says "Onii-chan"
>subs say "[name of his game character]"
Why would her call him by his character's name? At fucking least they should've used his real name, i'm so fucking mad. Thanks for triggering me.

>...Is the assumption also that the viewer is unable to read? Because you can fucking HEAR that the word being said is the same as the one on the screen.
I'm not following. Do you mean:
said: Kamino-sama, mate kudasai
should be
sub: wait please
with the name completely dropped? or something else?

>character says "ara ara"
>subs say "ara ara"

Little sister