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>Short skirts and no panties

Yeah let's play this one safe, the sadpanda link will be up in a bit anyway.

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Maizuru Naval District Anthology, Volume 16, Chapter 1
Title: Errands

Last one from me







And that's all from me.
I will be uploading a cleaned version of Hakanai Fleet GIrls II, for any of you ESLs who want to try typesetting but not redrawing.

>Trayvon Martin'd
What in the actual fuck

Stalker might do this one but I'll dump it for now.

Yokosuka Naval District Anthology, Volume 18, Chapter 1
Title: Delivery-shu-shu-shuuu
Author: Sakamaki (pixiv.net/member.php?id=22296)

Page 4
Kamoi: First delivery complete
1: Kunashiri-sama
2: Isokaze-sama
3: Hamakaze-sama

Kamoi: (Oh, Mizuho!)
Seaplanes are cute...
Must be nice.

Shimushu: Do you look up to seaplane tenders, Kamoi-su?

Page 5
Kamoi: Ahhhhh, why were you in the basket...!?
Shimushu: Coastal defense ship Shimushu-su!

Shimushu: Kamoi-san,
you're already stylish enough as a supply ship!
Kamoi: Are you trying to get your hooks into me!?

Shimushu: Wha!? Hooks? I would never try to sink you-su...!
Kamoi: I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood!

Kamoi: Don't tell me... I mixed you up with the packages and kidnapped you...?

Shimushu: No-su!

Shimushu: I got to see Kuna's sweet side
cause you brought her sweets-shu
Kamoi: Oh my, is that so...

Page 6
Shimushu: So I wanna help you out for a day as thanks
Kamoi: If that's the case, then please do...

Shimushu: Uhm, next delivery is for... Isokaze-san, Hamakaze-san,
Oktyabrs... [gulp] Revolut... [cough]
Kamoi: Could you say that again?

Shimushu: Shimu... Shimu... shu-shu-shu...

Shimushu: Anyway, just leave defending the packages to me-su!
Kamoi: Wha?
Please wait!

Kamoi: I can't go very fast~~~
Shimushu: I can't either-shu~

Shimushu: Ah!

Shimushu: Found the first delivery spot-su!

Page 7
Kamoi: Good work today, Isokaze-san, Hamakaze-san.
There's a delivery for you
Shimushu: (Shimushu-shu-shu~)

Isokaze: Thanks, you're a great help.

Isokaze: Oh, you ordered ikayaki?

Isokaze: Surely fall should be about fresh Pacific saury.
Shimushu: Woooooah, there was fresh fish in the basket~!?
Hamakaze: Nom, mhm,
nom nom.
Kamoi: I'm glad it made it fresh

Isokaze: Glad that one also made it pretty fresh.
Kamoi: Are you talking about Shimushu?
Shimushu: Please don't treat me like fish-su!

Kamoi: Well then,
We have more deliveries to make.

Page 8
Isokaze: Looked like Kamoi was the happier one,

Isokaze: Being in her element, huh?
Hamkaze: Nom.

Shimushu: Delivery-shu~
Oktya... [Gulp]

Shimushu: Oktyabrs-su...
Gangut: You can call me Gangut.
Shimushu: Okay, Gangut-san...

Shimushu: Fwaaaah, I think that's the last delivery-su~

Kamoi: Pretty tiring doing something for the first time, right?
Please rest a moment.
Shimushu: Fuhihi,
Kamoi-san, supply me-shu~

Kamoi: Iyairaykere [Thank you]...
for your hard defense work.

Page 9
Kamoi: Delivery!

Kuna: Come on in.
(Just where could neesan have gone off too...?)

Kuna: (Ah!)

Shimushu: Kamoi's basket is the best-shu-shu-shuuuuu~
(Wanna ride again-shu...)
Kunashiri: Jeez, you worried me sick!
(Don't you care how I feel!?)

Several Days Later

Shimushu: The basket!
The basket's gone!!?

Shimushu: I want... I want you to have a basket as a seaplane tender too-shu!!
Narration: She apparently ran a petition drive and such afterward.

Sasebo Naval District Anthology, Volume 15, Chapter 4
Title: The Stylish New Battleship, Nanodesu.
Author: Charlie Nishinaka (pixiv.net/member.php?id=385342)
Also known as einsatz gruppe
I might've translated this while drunk

Page 32
All data was verified by the editors. Supervisor: Kodaka Masatoshi
Tenryuu: Ladies!
Today we'll be introducing
a new shipgirl coming to our fleet!
DDs: Yay!

Tenryuu: Battleship Richelieu,
from France!
Richelieu: Bonjour.
Pleasure to meet you.

Inazuma: A French battleship, nanodesu!
Ikazuchi: First time I've seen one!
You strong!?
Akatsuki?: Are you strong!?

Page 33-34
Battleship Richelieu (Specs)
Commissioned: April 10, 1940
Displacement: 35,000 tons
Length: 247.9 m
Max Speed: 32 knots
Main battery: 2 x 380 mm/45 caliber quadruple mount

Inazuma: Hawawa
Tenryuu: They called Richelieu-san the strongest battleship in Europe at the time!
Ikazuchi: Ehhhh!?
Akatsuki: Really!?

Richelieu: Oh my.
You're being too kind...
(I can only give you candy, okay?)
Ikazuchi: Huh?
Something's off.
Richielieu: Eh?

Ikazuchi: Richelieu-san only has two turrets, all at the front!?
Inazuma: Ah!? You're right!
Ikazuchi: Why!?
[Richelieu: Two main turrets]
[Nagato: Four main turrets]
[Yamato: Three main turrets]

Inazuma: Why!?
Akatsuki: Isn't that weird!?
Hibiki: Why two main turrets!?
DDs: (Tell us!)
SFX: (Noise)

Page 35
Tenryuu: That's cause
the key to becoming Europe's strongest battleship
is a diet!
Richelieu: Wha-
(A diet...?)

Ikazuchi: A diet!?
Hibiki: Tell us!
Inazuma: Please tell us more!
SFX: (Noise)

Richelieu: Asking a lady about her diet...
Tenryuu: Then I'll tell you!
SFX: Trip
Richelieu: Ehh!?

Tenryuu: You know about the Washington Naval Treaty, right?
Under the conditions of the treaty, newly-built battleships could not exceed 35,000 tons.
Ikazuchi: (Mhm.)
Akatsuki: (I see.)

Tenryuu: Neighboring countries
also built battleships following the treaty.

Page 36
Tenryuu: That's how Richelieu's battleship rivals,
Vittorio Veneto, and more were born!
[Scharnhorst: 31,500 tons]
[Vittorio Veneto: nominally 35,000 tons; actually 41,000 tons]

Tenryuu: They had to build a battleship that could take on these rivals!
Akatsuki: (Ohhh!)
Ikazuchi: (Reallly?)
Tenryuu: That's what they expected Richelieu to do!

Tenryuu: The first step was to produce a powerful battleship under 35,000 tons!
That's how she was conceived!
Ikazuchi: What, what!?
Inazuma: How'd they do it!?

Tenryuu: The weight and number of Richelieu's turrets was slimmed down,
and the resulting savings in weight distributed to armor.
Inazuma: Eh!?
Wouldn't that make her weaker...?
[Richelieu: Two main turrets]
[Scharnhorst, Vittorio Veneto: Three main turrets]
[The weight of a battleship's guns is already comparable to the displacement of an entire destroyer, so any savings there are huge.]

Page 37
Tenryuu: She had less turrets,
but that doesn't mean she didn't have enough guns!
[Richelieu: 2 x 380 mm/45 caliber quadruple mount
8 guns]
[Scharnhorst: 3 x 28 cm/52 caliber triple mount]
[Vittorio Veneto: 3 x 360 mm/50 caliber triple mount]
[9 guns]
Ikazuchi: So that's the quadruple gun mount!

Tenryuu: This way,
they could lower their weight yet still face their rivals!

Ikazuchi: But, but,
if a good shot finds its mark,
wouldn't she lose 4 guns at once?

Tenryuu: She had countermeasures for such a worst-case situation!
Richelieu's turrets were divided right down the middle.
[The center is divided by armor!]
[Even if one side is hit, the other side can continue on]
SFX: Smoky
Tenryuu: Even if two of the guns were damaged, she'd still have the remaining half of the turret!
Ikazuchi: Really?
Inazuma: (That's reassuring nanodesu)

Page 38
Tenryuu: She didn't just go on a diet.
In order to improve her speed, her hull had a fine design!
(Really slim!)
Richelieu: Oh my
Inazuma: (Thin, nanodesu.)
[Rivals were a little chubby
Scharnhorst, Vittorio Veneto]
[Richelieu was a little slim

Tenryuu: As a result, her speed was comparable to the higher-power Scharnhorst's!
[Scharnhorst, 160,000 shp, 33 knots]
[Richelieu, 150,000 shp, 32 knots]
Tenryuu: Her cruising range is more than double Vittorio Veneto's too!
[Richelieu: 8500 nmi, 15,740 km]
[Vittorio Veneto: 3920 nmi, 6300 km]
Hibiki: (About the same distance as our battleships)

Tenryuu: For a 35,000 ton-class, Richelieu-san
had very high performance!
Richielieu: Oh my, you flatter me...
(I do, but)
Akatsuki: Woooow!

Ikazuchi: Who in our fleet has similar performance?
(Hey, hey)

Is this how the raw really is or are we getting Commie'd?

Page 39
Tenryuu: If I had to say...
it'd be the Nagato-class!
DDs: Ehhh!?

Displacement: 39,000 tons
Length: 255 m
Beam: 35 m
Main battery: 4 x 41cm twin
Speed: 25 knots
Range: 8,650 nmi]
Displacement: 35,000 tons
Length: 247 m
Beam: 33 m
Main battery: 2 x 380 mm quadruple
Speed: 32 knots
Range: 8,500 nmi]
Richelieu: How is it? Incredible, right?
DD1: It's true....
DD2: So she's about the same as Nagato...

Tenryuu: You might say that
Nagato-san's a little on the heavy side?
(Although Nagato-san has the advantage in terms of defense)
Ikazuchi: That so...
Nagato: Hey!

Tenryuu: By the way, Richilieu-san did her best... but
she did have weaknesses!
Ikazuchi: Ehhh!? What were they?

Page 40
Richelieu: Eh!?
Tenryuu: For safety, guns of this period
hoisted up one load of shell and charge at a time.
[Nagato, Yamato, etc.
Raised one at a time]
Tenryuu: But to decrease weight,
Richlieu hoisted them like a mechanical pencil.
In a pencil, lead refills from the rear
Cartridge eject
The turret is fully loaded internally]
* This appears to be called a pusher hoist

Ikazuchi: Eh!?
Isn't that dangerous?

Tenryuu: It is.
A shell could trigger sympathetic detonations within the turret...
Ikazuchi: Kyaaaa!
Tenryuu: Things would probably get pretty bad.

Tenryuu: Also, because of her thin design,
there wasn't much room for her engine compartments.
[Fuel Oil]
They tried to fill her in with fuel oil as a defensive material,
but liquids propagate shocks,
so that could result in damage spreading to other compartments.
(Dieting has problems of its own.)
Richelieu: (Stop it...!)

Page 41
Tenryuu: By the way,
building battleships without diets results...
Richelieu: (Huh!?)

Tenryuu: In this.

Tenryuu: The world's largest battleships!
Yamato-san and Musashi-san!
They weren't affected by any treaty,
so diets were useless
and ignored!
[Yamato/Length 263 m/Displacement 64,000 tons]
[Richelieu/Length 247 m/Displacement 35,000 tons]
[Her beam was quite wide]

Richelieu: Oh jeez, you guys!
Do you have no respect for the work others put into dieting!?
(You jerks!)
Yamato: (I apologize.)
Musashi: (Even if you put it like that...)

[Maizuru 16-1] Errands
>mediafire.com/file/2po12i1pdg8s3ad/[Maizuru 16-1] Errands.rar

(C91) [Koruri-ya (Koruri)] Hakanai Fleet Girls 2
>Translated: e-hentai.org/g/1170520/6ae0f9b922/
>Cleaned: e-hentai.org/g/1170519/c7d02f2ce0/

[deco] Utatane Ramune wa Mitsu no Aji

Sasebo Naval District Anthology, Volume 15, Chapter 5
Title: Ark Royal Observation Diary
Author: Nakajima Rei (pixiv.net/member.php?id=1505915)
Quite similar to "Warspite Observation Diary" in volume 13: pastebin.com/dqUzdXWx

Page 42
All data was verified by the editors. Supervisor: Kodaka Masatoshi
Warspite: Today I have the honor of introducing this lady to our base.
Her name is Ark Royal.
Ark: I am one of the great aircraft carriers that are the pride of the Royal Navy!

Hoppou: This time we got a "knight"!!
Zuikaku: Wow! A British carrier!!
Ark: (Your orders?)

Page 43-44
Warspite: Even though Britain already led the world in aircraft carreirs
she herself later became the model for Britain's fleet carriers.
Ark: (I shall be in you care.)
Hoppou: A model!? What part!? Is she strong!?

Warspite: I suppose we should start with the full length flight deck.
The Royal Navy experimented with various flight decks from the moment it introduced carriers.
All the British WW2 carriers that succeeded her used her full length style.
Zuikaku: (Bow and stern!)
Hoppou: (Oh...)
[Dawn of the Carrier Age]
[Furious-san (Kai Ni)
Constructed as a light cruiser; flight deck initially on stern then later bow and stern.
Remodeled 1918.]->
[Furious-san (Kai San)
The world's first double flight deck. Remodeled 1922.
The last of Britain's carriers with multiple decks. Remodeled 1925.]
[Multiple flight decks were originally conceived to ensure landing and takeoff operations would not affect one another.]
The world's first full length flight deck. (Houshou was commissioned first.) * Appears to have mixed this up with Hermes? Hermes and Houshou were the first purpose-built carriers, but Houshou edged out Hermes.
Commissioned 1918]->
[Eagle-san, Hermes-san
The preceding Eagle and Hermes were also used as testbeds. They were both commissioned in 1924.]->
[Ark Royal]

HMS Ark Royal
Commissioned: November 16, 1938
Length: 243.8 m
Beam: 28.9 m
Power: 102,000 shp; Speed: 30.8 knots
Aircraft carried: 60
Armament: 8 x 11.4cm twin high-angle guns
4 x 40mm octuple "Pom-pom" guns
[Ark Royal's name is associated with the tabernacle ("ark") within which the Eucharist is stored. It's a traditional name that has been passed down among British ships.] * This etymology seems like a bit of a stretch.

I don't really liked the missing panties one but keep going user

Page 45
Zuikaku: Wooow! I heard something about that from Akagi-san and Kaga-san too!
There was a lot of trouble until they got full-length decks!
[Furious-neesan Kai San]
Technology Transfer->
[Japan, picking up the idea of multiple deck carriers from Britain, converted Akagi and Kaga from battleships. They even went up to three decks.]
[However, it was troublesome to use, and they were remodeled into full length decks.]
Ark: Hmph, what they needed is a good role model.

Warspite: Her funnel, bridge, and bow are also worthy of note
Zuikaku: Wow
Ark: Indeed! You're right on the mark, Warspite.

Ark: A vertical funnel, to prevent smoke from billowing over the flight deck!
[More aerodynamic than the side funnels conventional at the time and reduces smoke over the flight deck, making it easier to take off and land.]

Ark: And by integrating the smokestacks into a single funnel, it becomes an island superstructure that gets out of the way of landing aircraft.
Zuikaku: Wow!
[The smaller the things on the flight deck, the better, as this critically makes it easier to land.
[Eagle and Hermes also had these two features. However, their small hulls meant the effect was unclear. Moderately sized Ark Royal made clearer the balance of these features.]

Page 46
Warspite: And to protect the flight deck from waves, she had an enclosed, or hurricane, bow!
Even rough seas are no match for her!!
Zuikaku: And they're pretty cool too, those enclosed bows!!
(Must be nice!)
[Enclosed bows seal the bow and flight deck together]
[When the bow and flight deck are separate, waves during rough weather have damaged flight decks in the past (See the Fourth Fleet incident...). But with a hurricane bow, you're good to go!
[Anchoring and deck operations does get a little harder in exchange though.]

Zuikaku: So carriers following Ark Royal-san used this, right?
Hoppou: (It's flying.)
[Ark Royal is comparable to Japan's Souryuu-class and America's Lexington-class. It could be said she became the standard for future carriers.]
Ark: Hmph!
It's truly fitting that I be labeled a model warship!

Ark: And of course, I would be remiss to leave my aircraft unmentioned!
Now descend!
The Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm's beloved masterpiece torpedo bombers!

Cute Hoppou.

Page 47-48
[Fairy Swordfish Mk. I]
Max Speed: 246 km/h
Stall Speed: 107 km/h
Crew: 3
Armament: 2 x 7.7 mm machine guns (one front, one rear)
1 x 18 inch torpedo
or 1 x 680 kg mine
Bomb, maximum 680 kg
8 x 76 mm rockets]
[Brief Notes on Ark Royal's Swordfish!
The aircraft were a little old!
But they were reliable and rarely malfunctioned!
Really slow, but easy to maneuver!]
[The back of the fuselage and wings were covered in aircraft fabric!]

Ark: The Swordfish!
Zuikaku: Ooooh! It's cool, but kinda cute...
...wait, what? A biplane!? Isn't that kinda outdated!?

Ark: The Swordfish is a plane that excelled while fighting in the last great war from beginning until the final victory!
Zuikaku: Ah.. sure... but... it's a biplane...
[The Japanese Type 97 Torpedo Bomber Model 1 is a comparable contemporary. It was an all-metal monoplane with retractable landing gear.]

Ark: Hmph, indeed, the biplane design may seem dated, but that has nothing to do with how well it actually served.
Service has more to do with deeds and how beloved it was.

Ark: Let's start with feats of arms.
In the last great war, the Swordfish pulled off the Royal Navy's first U-boat sinking and had a huge role in the assault on Taranto and more!
[Sank U-64 by dive bombing]
[Battle of Taranto
Around here on the heel
Taranto Harbor
A night assault on the Italian fleet at anchor in Taranto Harbor. Of the battleships, 1 sunk, 2 heavily damaged, the remaining 3 slightly damaged.
Only two Swordfish were lost.]
Zuikaku: Ohh! They pulled off quite a lot!!

Ark: But the greatest accomplishment of all for the Swordfish was...
Bismarck: Ngwahhhh!!

We're different people, you know.

A shit.

Page 49
Bismarck: Co-
Come on, Ark Royal! Call off your Swordfish!!
Zuikaku: Bismarck-san!?

Ark: That's right, Swordfish created the opportunity to sink the Bismarck!
Bismarck: They get it, so stop~!
[Night of May 26, 1941. Ark Royal's Swordfish damage Bismarck's rudder.
Stuck turning to port, Bismarck was rushed by a British fleet and sunk...]

Bismarck: H-Hmph!! Swordfish are slow! If I had only had fighter cover, they would've been beaten senseless!
[Taking Cover]
[During the pursuit of Bismarck, Swordfish took little damage due to the lack of German fighters,
but during the later Channel Dash, they took heavy losses facing fighters guarding the German fleet...
Eugen: (They chased me too.)
Ark: Indeed... as a consequence of their slowness, Swordfish were sometimes forced to take heavy losses...

Warspite?: They were far too slow to evade fighters...
We thought she wouldn't be able to contribute any longer...
[Maximum Speed
216 km/h (with torpedo)]
[Fw 190 A-3
Maximum Speed
530 km/h (high above the sea)]
[The introduction of its successor also played a role.
Fairey Albacore
Zuikaku: Another biplane!!)]
[Japan's Type 97 torpedo bomber was driven back for similar reasons.]

>We're different people, you know.
well fuck

Page 50
Ark: However! That was not the end for the Swordfish!
Now it served to protect convoys from enemy U-boats. It continued to contribute as part of convoy escorts!
Swordfish: (Any U-boats aroooound?)
Zuikaku: (She's gotten excited again...)

Ark: When pursuing independently-operating U-boats, there's no danger of enemy fighters and low speed is actually an advantage!
Because of their inherent maneuverability and the little runway they need for takeoff and landing, Swordfish can easily sortie from even small converted carriers!
[When chasing slow submarines, being able to slowly fly around them comes in handy!]
[Outstanding maneuverability!]
[Fine even in the rough North Sea or on small flight decks!]
Zuikaku: Ohh!

Warspite: As you would expect from her, her obsolescent biplanes were equipped with surface radar and rockets!
[Abandoning torpedoes]
Zuikaku: Putting rockets on a plane with aircraft fabric!?
(Is this before or ahead of the times!?)
[All-metal boards were tacked to the underside of the main wings to prevent combustion from the rocket exhaust.]

Ark: And that's how Swordfish became the guardian of convoys from U-boats!
Warspite: But you yourself sank to a U-boat, unfortunately...

Ark: That's right.
That's a memory I will never stop lamenting... however,

Hardly cutting-edge but it ended up filling some roles well, as Ark says. A weapon is a weapon.

Page 51
Ark: As long as the present me has my Swordfish, I will never quail before a U-boat-

[Originally a U-boat]
Ro: I came to say hi! I'm Ro-chan! Yes!

Narration: Looks like she really is a little afraid of U-boats.
Ark: (Wahhhh! Get away from me!)
Ro: ??

This is the last historyfagging chapter, promise.

Yokosuka Naval District Anthology, Volume 18, Chapter 9
Title: Akagi-san's Aviation Lecture
Author: Kushinada Wirue (pixiv.net/member.php?id=409790)

Page 62
Yukikaze: Akagi-saaaaan!!
Akagi: ?

Akagi: Good day, Yukikaze-san.
Did you need something?
Yukikaze: Akagi-san, Yukikaze wants to ride a fighter once!

Akagi: Yukikaze-san...?
Our aircraft are piloted by the fairies, you know...
Yukikaze: I know! But I wanna ride!

Akagi: Th-Then let's start by studying carrier-borne fighters, alright?
Yukikaze: Okay!

Page 63
Yukikaze: But you carrier ladies have a lotta different planes on board, right?

Akagi: That's right. Let's talk about the Type Zero Fighter today.
Yukikaze, do you know what "lift" is?

Yukikaze: L-i-f-t?
Akagi: Let's start there.

Akagi: To put it simply, lift is a force that pulls an object against gravity.
It's simple to produce - it emerges from a low and a high velocity air current around the wings caused by propulsion.
The difference between the two currents generates lift that raises the airframe as a whole.
⟶: High velocity current
↑: Lift
←: Direction of Movement
→: Low velocity current

Yukikaze: Ohhh.
So if a wing catches a breeze, it's not really "flying"
so much as being "blown upward"?
Akagi: Roughly speaking, yes.

Cyclorotors when?

age 64
Akagi: All carrier-borne aircraft rely on lift to fly.
The Zero's forte is dogfights, where maneuverability is key,
but it had various models with different engines,
and also had a fighter-bomber variant equipped with bombs.
[Type Zero Fighter Model 21 A6M2b
Crew: One
Wingspan: 12.0 m; Length: 9.05 m; Height: 3.53 m
Wing area: 22.44 m²; Empty weight: 1754 kg; Loaded weight: 2421 kg
Wing loading: 107.89 kg/m²; Powerplant: Nakajima Sakae 12 (Take-off 940 hp)
Maximum speed: 533.4 km/h (288 knots); Rate of climb: 6000 m in 7'27"]

Fairy: A dogfight = an air battle.
The first number symbol in the model is the airframe; the second, signifying a change in engine.
12 m←Type 0 Model 21→Nakajima Sakae 12
11 m←Type 0 Model 52→Mitsubishi Kinsei

Akagi: The armament was 2 x 20mm and 2 x 7.7mm machine guns.
They were scattered under the wing and on the nose.
Yukikaze: Wouldn't the ones on the nose shoot the propeller?
Fairy: The sights were set to 200 m forward.
Because the ammo for the 7.7 mm would fly straight for 200 m.

Page 65
Akagi: No worries, there was a synchronization gear.
Guns would only fire in between gaps in the propeller's rotation.
Yukikaze: Ohhh, that's a pretty smart device!!
→: To the firing lever

Akagi: That said, even with the gears there were times when the propeller was hit.
So the 7.7 mm machine guns were mounted on the sides of the nose and the 20 mm machine guns under the wings,
as the larger machine gun would absolutely destroy the propeller if its shots connected.
Fairies: (We good!)

Akagi: And above all, the Zero's range! Under the right conditions, it could fly 3000 km!!
Arrow: Over 3000 km
Yukikaze: Awesome!!
So it could get from Hokkaido to Kyūshū without refueling!!
Fairy: This was several times the flight range of the Type 96 fighter.

Page 66
Akagi: Of course, the exact value depended on whether drop tanks were equipped, flight speed, and model, but it was nonetheless a serious threat.
The engine's low fuel consumption; the variable pitch of the propeller; the capacity of the fuel tank; and the thoroughness of weight reduction.
These are the four ways it could achieve such long range.

Akagi: Because it underwent such thorough weight optimization, the Type 0 Fighter is quite light despite its size.
One factor that played a role in saving weight is the bauxite you all bring back from expeditions.
It becomes "extra super duralumin", a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy.
Yukikaze: Oh yeah, it's part of how you make aluminum!

Fairy: (Read if you have time to spare!)
Extra Super Duralumin (Al7075 alloy) is a lightweight, free-cutting aluminum alloy used for the main girders of the wings with aluminum, 1.6% steel, 2.5% magnesium, 2.3% chrome, and 5.6% zinc all alloyed together.

Akagi: However...

Akagi: The sophisticated materials and bare-bones airframe proved to be more effective than originally envisioned, but it then became an issue of strength...
Yukikaze: Eh...?

Incidentally, the range was useful for Japan's sprawling Pacific islands empire but left them terribly under-armored compared to their American counterparts.

Page 67
[Watch your speed!]
Fairy: If one exceeded a certain level of stress, an oscillatory phenomenon called "flutter" emerges. There were times when this damaged the wings.
There was a so-called speed limit for nose dives of 629.7 km/h.

Akagi: But hey, Yukikaze-san, the Zero's maneuverability was really... good...
Fairy: Akagi-san, we're almost out of pages.

Akagi: Ehhh? There were so many good things left to talk about the Zero...
Yukikaze: Yukikaze will try her hardest not to lose to the Zero!!
Fairy: Do your best in sea battle!

Fairy: If we get the opportunity again, look forward to Akagi-san's Lecture on Piloting, Zero edition!
(Will there be?)

We have Yokosuka 19 now and it looks like he didn't get a new chapter, RIP.

Maizuru Naval District Anthology, Volume 16, Chapter 13
Title: Her Best
Author: Jako (pixiv.net/member.php?id=10612512)

Page 55
Goya: Staaaaaaare

Commandant Teste: Goya-san,
Qu'est-ce que vous avez?
What's the matter?
Imuya: What're you doing, Goya?

Goya: It's not fair, Dechi!
Coma: Quoi!?
Fubuki: Woah, what happened?

Page 56
Fubuki: Western clothing, you say?

Goya: That's right, dechi. Only Coma gets to sortie with so much Western clothing. It's not fair, dechi!

Fubuki: But... Goya, aren't you always saying that one line?
Goya: (The simple and elegant swimsuit specified by the Admiral!)
You just don't geeeeeet it, Fubuki. That's totally different, dechi.

Goya: Don't you agree, Nimu?
Nimu: (Ehhhhh?)
What fooor? Nimu's fine as is.

Goya: ...

Page 57
Goya: A...
Anyway, I can't let Coma be the only fashionable lady, dechi! Goya'll show you all my fashion sense, dechi!

Nimu: You're asking for too muuuch, Goya.
Goya: (Hey!)
You didn't need to say that, dechi!
Fubuki: U-Uhm, Coma-san, this, uh...

Coma: C'est bonn!!
(That's great!!)
Let's do this together, if you'd please! Come now, this way!

Fubuki: Eh, where!?
Goya: What, dechi!?
Nimu: (Sounds fun~ Let's go with them!)
Hatsuzuki: (Eh, me too?)

Cute Fubuki.

Page 58
Sign: Sewing Room

Fubuki: Woah.
I knew this was here in the arsenal, but I think this is the first time I've seen so much of it!

Page 59
Fubuki: And was there always so much Western clothes back here?
Coma: Oui.
That said, I do not work full-time here, so we may only try these on for a limited time.
Nimu: How bout this...?
Hatsuzuki: I'm fine!

Coma: Come, Goya-san.
Please feel free to put together your best set of clothes here.

Goya: [Growl]

Goya: (I'll...)
I'll do it, dechi!!

[A good swimsuit has...]

And then-

Page 60
Fubuki: I don't get it!
Goya: Fufun, an amateur wouldn't understand, dechi.
Give this message from the Admiral a gooood long look.

Fubuki: Eh?

Message: [obscured]Submarine
I-58 ->Kai

Page 61
Iku: That swimsuit turned out great...!
Yuu: Cool...
Nimu: Wow!
Goya: [Blush]
Fubuki: I can't tell what changed from before...

Coma: Goya-san!
We've completed quite the wonderful swimsuit, haven't we? I could hardly recognize you.
Fubuki: She can tell the difference?

Coma: Goya-san, the passion you put into that swimsuit... it's truly wonderful.
It would be my privilege to assist you again, should you so desire.

Goya: Th-Thank you, dechi...

Page 62
Coma: Additionally... Ooyodo-san requested that we draft a report regarding the failures...
Ooyodo: (For this many failures to...)
Fubuki: Woah...
When did they make all these...?

Goya: Goya only does swimsuits, so...

Coma: Goya-san.

Goya: The life of a fashionable lady is harsh, dechi...!

Akizuki: Hatsuzuki, what's with that getup!?
Hatsuzuki: I wonder...
Nimu: Cute~

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A similar one is in the works, I think: pastebin.com/bs64XTLF

Weekly Famitsu May 11 Seiyuu Interviews for the fourth anniversary in 2017 (very late, whoops).

Comptiq is doing a two-part series to correspond with the two-part event (Leyte Part 2 begins mid-February). Here are some interviews:
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