I just marathoned Grimgar. Normally I don't like isekai at all, but I thought this was a comfy, (mostly) good-looking show that made the best of its genre by telling the story of how its fish-out-of-water cast learns to live and thrive together. I think this was isekai at its best.

Also I want Barbara to take me as her student-lover and maybe let me impregnate her.

It was pretty enjoyable, It's a shame you have to pay to read the light novel now though

What, did Yen Press license it or something?

This thread is going to plunge into yumeposting or die off quickly. Posting best girl.

I think all the girls are lovely.

Did Sup Forums settle on Yume during the weekly threads?

Jnovel club is translating it, and they have a membership fee. Its like $5 a month or something. If you have a few series you like that they're working on it's worth it. I've been really enjoying their work on Grimgar most of the time, though it does take awhile to get used to some of the changes from the old translations, such as Yume's noises and attack names not being emphasized as heavily.

This anime was indeed a rare gem that unfortunately didn't get much recognition due to not pandering enough to the lowlife otakus. Really sad to see such great piece of animotion run unnoticed.

Everyone in Sup Forums was crazy for yume's Sup Forumsss

Did the NTR happen in the LN yet?

Up to the current translation no, but it was finally addressed directly.

Understandably. It is a very nice butt.

Oh, good to know.

It was the second best selling animu of the season at least.

S2 never tho.

good lord I want to decimate her ass.

2 questions:

Did she actually love Haru? Does she get revived?

Wow, it had very stable numbers. Maybe they'll want to boost LN sales again eventually.

Right now the membership fee won't actually let you read the whole series, just the latest volume while it's being translated. The earlier volumes are on sale on Kindle


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Good times.

It would probably be better to marathon. While it was airing, it was slow and difficult to get in the mood for, each week. It was a chore to force myself through the final few episodes.


Hm, I hadn't thought of that. But I can see what you're saying. Marathoning it, I didn't have that problem.

It felt like the kind of show that should be slow.

>Normally I don't like isekai at all
How to know someone hasn't watched very much anime

What's "very much"?

Its isekai component was irrelevant except for appealing to the demographic.

The one thing it did best was fight scenes. No anime does fight scenes better than Grimgar.

Its also refreshing to see a bunch of scrubs struggle to just barely get by. I wish more anime did this.

Yes, I strongly agree with this post. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it has incomparable fight scenes, but it certainly has its fair share of good fight scenes.

I agree. I am pretty torn on the isekai elements in the show. On one hand, it is as you say and they serve no purpose and could be cut without harming the show much. But on the other hand, I found the hints and small references to isekai intriguing.
If there is one show, that could have explored some of the typical logical holes and internal inconsistencies of isekai in an interesting fashion, it would have been Grimgar. Most other isekai shows either make themselves into a selfparody or handwave everything. During the early show after whatshisname died, I had actually expected the cast to go on a revenge fueled investigation in uncovering the stupid shit going on. Torturing townsfolk to reveal if they are NPCs, trying to break the rules of acquiring skills. Purposely breaking down the whole adventuring guild system.

tl;dr have an isekai prison break/escape story. Like The Cube if it was a fantasy world. Find out rules, try to break and abuse rules.

Sound incredible shitty as a premise.
You think too much like a 3rd rate Mexican soap drama writer.

If nothing else it was at least an actual fantasy world and not some shitty video game. And guild's aside they didn't try to force game mechanics into it.

Any new volume spoilers? Last I heard, Ranta went solo after ditching the new group he was with.

Some of the fight scenes (like when they killed the goblin leader) felt really slow, shitty and poorly animated. Wish they would've thrown some money into it.

Well, that's just like, your opinion, man.
I think the way shittier premise is, a group of people waking up beside a stone obelisk without their memories and just resigning to the fact, that they are adventurers now and that people in town are pretty obviously dodging any pointed questions. Instead of going out and actually trying to find out what happened. What most people would try to do. At least for a while.

They did not force many game mechanics in it. That much is true. I still slightly suspected there to be a video game reveal all the way through. Based alone on the slightly wonky dialogue and behaviour of everyone outside the protagonist group. But that may have been a matter of the subs I had. Or my own preconceived bias.

At least enough to know that it isn't unusual at all for isekai to be good and hasn't been for thirty years now.

You're mistaken about the nature of my opinion. I don't have any illusions that isekai or any other premise or genre can't be good; it's just the case that I'm mostly disinterested in specifically isekai as a plot hook (along with time travel and body-swapping).

No need to condescend to me just because we enjoy different things.

New volume summary when?
The isekai theme will return time to time and later volume has a group knowing there arent from this world and trying to find out more. I think author is pretty funny keeping the theme around teasing shit. The world(s) they are moving around sound crazy as fuck too.

>fuck ranta
who wouldn't

Whatever way you need to spin "I haven't watched a lot of anime yet I blog my opinions anyway" to feel good about yourself.

Show was just painfully boring most of the time to be quite honest. I get what they were going for but I feel this is one of few examples of the pacing being just asinine slow, with most of the details being so overexposed that they lose their impact quickly. Like an anime version of a "Soap-Opera", except it actually shows interesting bits here and there that just make the rest feel so dull in comparison. I think that's a better way of describing this show... it is consistently going through an identity crisis that winds up just being a chore.

As an experiment the first time I watched this, because of the spreading complaints and whatnot, I waited until it finished airing. I watched a few episodes until dudebro died and everyone reacting to it in their own way. Then I skipped all the way to the halfway point of the final episode. It's a disgrace that I felt like I missed absolutely nothing whatsoever by doing this. Absolute disgrace.

Then I rewatched it all and found out I missed close to nothing because it did the standard Grimgar and meandered about until the "theme of the moment" was completely fucking dead. Even more disgusted when I looked into it online and seen... "questionable" romantic subplots that go way too far into the realm of fanfiction-quality, despite everything reasonable pointing the viewer in a different direction.

It's a real clusterfuck of a show, and I'd feel nothing if they decided to never make a season 2. Most manga/light novels tend to end in some wackjob way anyways, so whatever Grimgar is going to pull out of its ass is probably going to be tame by comparison. Meanwhile an anime adaption of the ending would be just awkward.

Which painting is this?

It feels weird seeing physical volumes of the LN in Barnes & Noble.

Rumor has it LN sales are sufficient that they might be getting their own shelf in their stores.

This sounds like a pretty retarded model.

Everything about J-Novel is retarded.

The quality of their translations is garbage.

It would've been way better without all that game skill bullshit ruining the atmosphere, since it seemed to be going for a more of a realistic ride.

I liked the armpits.