What makes this seeminly normal CGDCT show a huge hit in Japan compared to other normal CGDCT show?

What makes this seeminly normal CGDCT show a huge hit in Japan compared to other normal CGDCT show?

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It's nothing special as far as CGDCT goes.

This is more cute. Not only in appearance. The overall etiquette and their personalities are cute too.

It is somehow extra cute.

I've always wondered this too. Its truly the absolute worst of them all.

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Lovely setting
Charming characters
Good VAs
I found it pretty funny too

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Is it really more popular than K-On?


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Well-rounded cast and good setting.

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It’s not fucking boring and the personalities carry the show. Maybe I’m delusional.

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Wondered the same thing, the personalities are pretty generic, now that I think about it it's pretty much Keion, Chino is Azusa, Rize is Mio, Cocoa is Yui, Chiya is Mugi, and I guess Maya is Ritsu. I don't remember any other CGDCT show blatantly copying characters from Keion, maybe that's the key to popular cute girls shows.


It's the biggest SoL show in Japan now.

They hit just that right balance of cute and not-quite-lewd.

it's a little more deserving of the hit than a lot of others though, how Non Non Biyori stays so popular despite being a below average cute girl show always boggles the mind, Gochiusa is twice as good but like half as popular, not counting maybe the fans being a little more devoted.

>blatantly copying characters from Keion

I'm sure Keion's character tropes are copied from another anime, Azumanga maybe. But Keion is memorable in part because it added emotion. Not to mention its nostalgic comfy music.

non non biyori is more comfy and healing so it appeals to slightly different sensibilities. I do like gochiusa better though

NNB is even more comfy than Gochiusa and has great characters. And Hotarun. Hotarun is life.
I like both.

Right now yeah but it didn't reach Keion's peak

It panders to doctors, lawyers, engineers and other well-adjusted individuals who contribute to the society instead of fat greasy otaku.

Your just taking the serious flaw of being a boring show and calling it comfy, shows need something going on even if it's SoL, Minami-ke is capable of being cute, comfy AND holding your interest because it has actual jokes, it has actual stuff going on and character motivations and stuff that keeps you invested, not just "well we'll go to the beach and hopefully some nice stuff happens" it's a lazy way to have a show and it should be obvious that it's inferior, only by giving it a pass that you let these people continue to pump it out continuously while way better shows get passed up.

Poor man's Kiniro Mosaic

And Kiniro Mosaic was a poor man's Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri is just a poor man's Lucky Star

Yuru Yuri was the poor man's K-On. And K-On is the poor man's Strawberry Marshmallow

Meme seiyuu cast

Their town is cute.

better girls
better comedy
better ost
better setting

You should be able to tell by watching it and comparing it to other shows, even if you don't agree that it's amazing. Every aspect of it is just well done, and the setting makes it unique enough to stand out to start with. The people making this show knew what they were doing and put a lot of love into it.

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Watch Overlord or something if you want action. NNB is just perfect to sit down after a long day, crack open a strong and just sink into the comfy haven it offers. It’s a glorious way to wind off.

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I hope you aren't implying Gochiusa is bland. Gochiusa humor is top notch

most fappable

The Gochiusa movie was pretty great.

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Probably setting and the character designs that are pretty eye-catching, plus it's well produced. Everything else is by the book Kirara.

I want to go to colmar in real life but I'm afraid if I go there I'll see brown people and it will ruin the show for me

You'll be fine, it's super comfy. Don't go on Monday because a lot of places are closed including the Rabbit House/Amausa buildings. Fleur is in Strasbourg which is a major city nearby. Make sure you have some wines and eat a bunch of huge pretzel sandwiches too!



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Nigger, there are actual rabbits (cute girls) at Colmar.

This show literally got me to pass my law school entrance exam so I'm eternally grateful.

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I don't know, I like the show and the girls, but it's not one of my great favourites.

Non Non Biyori isn't just a show about cute girls doing cute things, it's a healing show and it's very good one too, that's why it's so popular. Gochiusa is just a good CGDCT show, it doesn't have anything deeper than that.

Because the MC is extremely good at maths

Are you sure? The Gochiusa is intelligent isn't merely a meme.

Gochiusa is literally carrying through dental school. As long as I watch all of it at least once a week I'm pretty much set

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