Why does Araragi look so hot in Kizu?

Why does Araragi look so hot in Kizu?

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Why does everyone have rubber skin in Kizu?

Vampire powers

did he turn you gay?

I want to lick his six pack and biceps
no homo

a bit

Yup, I already forgot every hanekawa fanservice scene but OP's one is still in my mind

>wanting araragi to give you a reach around while he pegs you from behind

chose one fagot. only fucking fags wouldn't want a rararagi reach around.


Almost the whole series is told on his perspective.That's why Hanekawa's tits look way bigger in kizu, because he just met her and the best characteristic he can sense of her is her tits.

hanekawa vision. araragi becomes extremely hot whenever hanekawa is nearby.

for sales

>you will never be attractive

Hanekawa had the fattest tits in Kizu and felt like she had so much more character than the rest of the series.
Someone please send help I've been listening to youtube.com/watch?v=DaMyVSovvjw for hours now.

He looked incredibly generic to me. I don’t see the appeal at all.

He became a vampire.

Needed a bit more beef to be honest.

Vampire magic keeps him in peak physical fitness, Kisshot says it herself.

>big fat cat tats
out of the way fags, best incarnation of best girl coming through

good taste, also best dress

Unironically... because of Hanekawa.

Or, more accurately, Hanekawa's fat cat tats.

Cat vision+vampire gains.

great now i'm doing it

Wish I gained vampirism.

rararchi araund you say?

Because you're watching haremshit where the manlet MC viewer self-insert is never shown next to other, fully grown men.

I'm pretty sure Kaiki and Meme are shown next to him
And the 3 vampire hunters in that very same movie, you know, the ones he crushes

Why give vampire powers to a manlet who can't even fight in the first place?


>Almost the whole series is told on his perspective
I think this is the main reason I prefer Season 2 to the rest, having other narrators is refreshing

I got that one on my jogging playlist. So fucking good

I think lil Ragi in Kizu might be the reason why I started getting ripped

t. autistic manlet

He is shown next to other male characters, retard. Did you even watch Kizu?

I want to FUCK Araragi

Wait, you mean you don't look like this?

anons are you even trying

user, nobody who called monogatari haremshit actually watched it.

What's the sub situation like for everything since Owari1?

Commie used to be the recommended group for Monogatari, but I think their original translator for the series quit and now someone else does the TLs instead, so I dunno if that still holds. Are Commie's Monogatari releases still worth the massive wait?

And as for what's available right now, are the Edo or official subs for Kizu decent? How about the official subs for Owari2? Are the official subs for both a typical Aniplex job or did they actually do okay (or even good) for a change?


Why are you even trying? It's Sup Forums, even if there was one user ready to listen he would be sucked into the hivemind soon enough.

Subs are alright

I'm shocked if that's true. Do you know if the official or Edo subs are better for Kizu?

>Are Commie's Monogatari releases still worth the massive wait?
I would say yes, they're ussualy good but they're clearly the best for MS.
But most user will tell you they're the worst since they don't use honorifics and actually translate words and don't left the script half in japanese. Your choice.

Can't remember which subs I watched but I didn't notice any major mishaps

the fuck

He looks like the anime version of Brandon Boyd circa 1999

Technology only recently became able to depict his attractiveness.

But everyone looks hot in Kizu

I didnt know Sup Forums had actual superheros posting

cuz of hanekawa. Easy.

he was always hot