Grand Blue

Give me a reason why she shouldn't win

because you're reading harem shit

Author hates her.

She doesn't want to.

Chisa needs to stop being such a bitch.

She's the Isshiki Iroha of this series.

It would make too much sense

The ship won't sail if the only good point she can find is his eating habits

I can't.

You’re right. She should win.

Would you stay at this hotel?

If Maiko can win so can she

This is one of the few anime where the guy has to win her heart. Knowing the MC, we can effective rule her out.

Fuck me, I meant manga.

She's scum

All the other 'love interests' are shit compared to her really. Cakey is pathetic and Chisa is boring as hell and has no chemistry with Iori. That said, Chisa will win, it's obvious as hell.

I hope Souhei will get Kanako and her Seiyuu neechan.

Absolute qts, they are.

She doesn't like him (for now).
And he's too idiot to try to fuck her.
They get along pretty well tho

You forgot about Naomi. Now that he knows Chisa is his girlfriend from this chapter he's gonna go on the offense.

They really do play off each other so naturally but I think it's a relationship that wouldn't last. It'd be too volatile and they would probably end up self-destructing no long after.

Hopefully won't sail. They work way better as siblings, it way more interesting and funny. Their progression would be that they improve their relationship.
Nanaka would, but she would have try to kill Iori if she had seen the room like this tho

Cakey is cute. She just need to woman the fuck up

Didn't some author's twitter said that she might consider Kouhei again, or am I wrong?
Also, all of Cakey's friends are very cute, the guys are fucking idiots for beign disgusted about some joke makeup

>the guys are fucking idiots for beign disgusted about some joke makeup
speedreader pls

Just some musings from the artist about how Kanako is more accepting of otaku-related stuff since her sister is a seiyuu. Also, that her reaction at the mixer could've been different if Kouhei was wearing something related to her sister like Rarako-tan.

Anyways, I'm pretty curious what they'll do with Maya in the new arc.

because she's a piece of shit.


Exactly, fits Iori perfectly

Who wants to bet on whether they'll blow their budget for the KAYA chapters by getting her real life version, Mizuki Nana?

but user, they're both scum

Al they need to do is some serious hatefuck.
She's hot and he's kinda handsome, so it could work

and they both have rotten personalities. it's a match made in heaven

Fucking hell, they even almost think in the same way. Since she's now more friendly and open to Iori, I wonder what she'll do in the next chapter

Reminder that Kohei/Iori is the canon endgame, we homo route.

Should Iori have fugged Azusa?

iori is not a provocateur, so he's less scum.

I feel like this artist should do some sort of fightan comedy manga

He should.
She even says to him that he should take the chance when he can, that he's still young

Busujima has the best chemistry with Iori, not even a contest. I'm a bit sad for Cakey though.

>just want to have fun reading about the bros being scummy dicks and nudists and drinking
>know that soon it's gonna be ruined by more MC romance drama

I better at least get Azusa and Nanaka together outta this pile

>thinking someone other than Cakey or Chisa is going to win

Chisa is too obvious and wants to fuck a scuba tank

Cakey just got death-flagged

Only 81 points.
Can't compite with Azusa or Nanaka and she knows it.

Azusa is friendzoned and Nanaka is Chisasexual, they are safe.

This is the Baka to Test author right? At least the ride will be funny.

I'm more worried about how horrible miscast the anime is gonna be. Iori has to be Kamiya.

Isn't Cakey still using makeup?



No, he was right to dodge that bullet. It would have fucked him up.

Maybe if he was older and more sexually experienced.

All of them are scum and/or degenerates

Chisa is neither.

She was his experience, he had no woman and has not even a thought of pursuing a woman, the closest women to him are basically family

It was seven flavors of bullshit on a five-flavor highway

Chisa is the worst kind of scum. The kind that's not aware she's scum.

Was the gang’s reaction to one of their own getting laid justified? She was his childhood friend, and they ruined everything.

You mean Azusa

Azusa is literally a whore going around offering casual sex.

It's like you've never been part of a social circle that got ruined by "casual" sex between members.

Sorry, i mean Nanaka.

She literally wants to fuck her blood-related little sister

Yeah, and?

You say that like it's a bad thing.

And that's why people find her the most boring out of the group

>we are goying to see new boy crossdress in the near future

What? She tricked all the boys in school just to see Iori suffer. That's very scummy

Who's scanlating the series now that HS already stopped?

some user

Because she's not Kouhei.

will we get tank releases?

there is many best girls like aina and you root for the slut

>best anything

>implying anybody will win the ioribowl
Open ending or timeskip of him with some random/unknown girl

Because her name isn't Chisa.
It is written in stone. There is no way the "fake girlfriend turning into real girlfriend" girl will lose.
You can screencap this.

cause she wasn't first girl.

Who care about ioribowl.
Will our guy win the MizukiNana bowl?

Cakey a cute. A CUTE!

Dead thread for a dead shitty series

She has some interest on him

Only when she can't deal with stuff without putting a mask.

>Grand Reddit

Ebin post user, did you type that by yourself?

will be big if true

what is your favorite chapter?
if it's about romance, love interest, you have shit taste

>Le ebin reaction faces XD : the manga
into the trash it goes

Hoe many romance chapterd are there? One?



It's difficult to decide a favorite chapter, but this one is really up there for me.

because she knows her heart belongs to someone else (2 of them) and since he's not one of them he didn't want to take advantage of her. Not everyone has loveless sex a fetish user

My favorite moment is elsewhere, but 31 was great.

The trap will win

When they first go to tokki’s bar.

Poor manager-kun

every chapter is my favorite chapter


Scum-Couple would be fun.

Cakey does not deserve to suffer.

He's only gay. He's not a trap.

She’s not honest enough. As long as she still reaches for the wig, she’s shit.

Aina is literally worst girl. She is the tennisbu cumdumpster

>he's kinda handsome
Is Iori supposed to be handsome?

He's supposed to be fairly average. Kyouhei's the handsome one.