Have you ever fapped to Mami?

Have you ever fapped to Mami?

I sure did.

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A lot

Nigga, you have no idea.
You have NO idea.


No but you got me thinking about it now

Yes, I'll probably do it later again

You should post some examples.


The idea hasn't passed by my head yet.

I like the @OZ video where she gets fisted at the end

A few times, my waifu was not amused

Yet? You've had seven years now user. What's wrong with you?

Sayaka is better

Not into guro

Do you ever remember the appearance of the breads you eat?

She probably gives great head

I'm fapping to her right now.

Mami-san is my waifu, please do not lewd her.


made for paizuri

Нет, как вообще можно дрочить на такую аниму?

Yeah. I might do that again right now too.

>fapping to the worst girl
Lmaoing at your shit taste, plebs

hey kak boo6we moxho apoyntb HA tako ahnmy?

of course

Only once. To this pic.

Ага, на аниме нельзя даже заглядываться

Why would I masturbate to brainless bimbos? I only love cute girls with cool personalities.

I in fact did last night, and I shall once again.


arara, HA ahnime henber naxe 3 arnrab batbcr


I swear there was more of this.

Not yet, but that non-H doujin where she's a lonely cake is extremely erotic.

I love this doujin.

Reminder that Mami has been brainwashed and now she's just a henchmen.

Yes, but only to yuri pics.

>stop masturbating to me!

I'd love a remake of pic related but with Mami

More of a Kyouko guy
Homuras good to


I want to fuck her neck hole where her head used to be.

Sorry i don't speak communism


bretty good stuff. Oyster is the Junji Ito of hentai

wear clothes that aren't skin tight vacuum'd and i'll consider it

How do I cum?

Thanks man. If it weren't for the iqdb not working i wouldn't have to be spoonfed

Yeah, this. I prefer a girl with a good head on her shoulders.

The only good mami doujins are the ones where she bangs Kyoko while they're still working together.

Ai yo hol up, is that supposed to be Madoka's kid brother?

no, but i'm sure she would give good head

No worries, crops are always fair game imo

Yeah, namely to a couple doujins and pictures featuring her fucking the loli.

You can't say you truly love her if you haven't fapped to (only) her lewd body.

Too fat.

Question: since meguca only die when you break their gems, could a magical girl hypothetically survive decapitation if her gem wasn't on her head like Mami's was?

No, not at all. Not much of a fan of rape or anything that is potentially out of character since I can't suspend my disbelief in some of the scenarios that doujin artist make.

I think it's generally believed that Mami was salvageable if her soul gem was not on her head. Maybe a bit of assistance from kyubey since he seems to have more control over the soul gems than the girls themselves.


No idea

She was my first

No. Not even once. That hair is a boner killer.

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If you assume he fapped to her first time when he was 13, he would be over 18 now.