ITT:Fuck you, i like it!

ITT:Fuck you, i like it!

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The Kongous were the best part of that series.


>b-but muh cgi
Yeah it looks shit, but I don't give a fuck

End of season 1 and entirety of season 2 ruined it.

Hence this thread's topic

The ending was comfy as fuck

Claymore's ending
post conviction arc berserk


There is nothing stopping you from enjoying something. However that doesn't necessarily mean it is good.

Not only am I the only one that likes it, I'm the only one who's fucking ever read it

I’m so sorry.

>post conviction arc berserk
Nobody says that's bad?
Sure, it doesn't reach the same heights as pre-conviction, in art or story, yet, but brings all the benefits of long-term storytelling to arcs about guts getting over his ptsd and adjusting to a post-eclipse world.
Anyway we've been posed on the edge of casca's arc finally moving on for about a year now, so something has to happen soon.

Is Gundam IBO worth watching?

But everyone agrees that Chico de Pico is a masterpiece.





>that newfag who thinks he's making an insightful comment


Just watch the final battle, it's the only good part of the show

I dropped it after the first season, so no.


It's fine if you like it. Most reasonable people won't yell at you for liking thing. If you insist that it's good on the other hand you deserve to be hanged out in public for your fucking crime.


Very relevant as it gets shitposted to death.


Cross Ange was great minus Japanese Jar Jar Binks. It had mechs, lesbians and dragons what's not to love?

I have fond memories of eating pizza while watching this anime over summer.

It was the only longer Gundam anime I could stand at all.

the Shark was so fucking hot

Can always count on these threads to make me throw up



You liked it more than 00 and Turn A?

00 was hot garbage I dropped in S2. Didn't watch Turn A Gundumb.


>liking IBO but hating 00
Awful taste.

>Not watching Syd Mead Gundumb in the year 2018
What's wrong with you user-kun?

>1.11 is worth it only for the Ramiel fight. Otherwise, it's just a retread
>2.22 is almost the antithesis to everything NGE was, even with the 'twist' at the end. It looks nice, but ti's not NGE in spirit

3.33 was weird and flawed and balls to the wall half the time, but it was the most Eva thing since EoE. It's biggest sin is only that it's the third in a series of 4 movies, and not the first or second. It sets up so much that will never get answered because Anno and co. seemed to decide that the best time to throw a wrench in things was 3 movies into a quartet.

That said, it was beautiful and strange and exciting and heartbreaking all at once. Sup Forums is shit for not realizing this yet.

I agree with you except for the part about 3.33. It's shit too and tries too hard to relive the glory days without capturing the magic of Eva.

Right back at you


>It's shit too and tries too hard to relive the glory days without capturing the magic of Eva.
See, I absolutely disagree. I feel that it totally captures the EVA magic. Not the introspection and character development, no - but that'd be hard with a movie series (as opposed to a tv series) regardless, and it doesn't help that the two movies before it fucked everything up that way anyway. But 3.33 had it's own rules and no parts of the science/background/etc. of the series that are interesting and have a ton of potential. Or they would have, had the movie not been the 3rd of 4.

>I feel that it totally captures the EVA magic. Not the introspection and character development, no
Nice oxymoron

>I feel that it totally captures the EVA magic.
>Not the introspection and character development

That stuff is a big part of NGE's magic, but it isn't all of it. Even then, it still does more with it than 1.11 and 2.22. We have a Shinji who actually, finally, wants to take things into his own hands (after he learns how hard he fucked everything up) and we get to see a side of him that we didn't see in the tv show.

>That stuff is a big part of NGE's magic, but it isn't all of it

No it's just 97% of NGE

Silly and innocent for Isekai/harem combo.

>expecting the same character development and introspection from 4 ~2 hour movies that you'd get from 26 episodes of a tv show.
Once we knew that Rebuild wasn't just going to be the series in HD, expecting all of that on top of new developments and action and whatnot was dumb.

That might have been nice if it didn't predictably end as "oh no Shinji fucked something up again."

One last ride

If you can't do it right then don't do it at all.

What's the point of remaking Eva but removing all the things that made it good (yeah I know money)

You like trash unironically.

Kongous and Akatsukis definitely were. A shame the ending and final episode was so shit like Black WO shooter getting defeated off fucking screen.

Wasted potential: the anime
>Workable, interesting premise
>Nice art/character designs/animation + trigger not a plus for everyone, but I like them
>Fine directing
>Potentially interesting characters and dynamics

And then they gave it all to fucking Mari Okada, who turned it into overly dramatic trash. I still managed to like a good amount of it but that's only really because I tried hard to appreciate all of the non-Okada stuff about it - and even then I couldn't recommend it to anyone or say it was a "good" show.

Season 3 when?

the only people who hate this are /m/ manchildren


Yeah I agree, and similarily I think 3.33 would have been better received as like episode 31 or something if the original series kept going, knowing there's only one more movie throws a lot of people off but if they thought there was like 2 or 3 more they would probably like 3.33 a lot more.

So the people who have actually watched more than a couple of mecha shows?

>the only people who hate this are people who know what they are talking about

Yo this was the first manga I ever read. I was in a computer class and the kid behind me would read OneManga when the teacher wasn't looking. Good shit.

Is it worth going back and re-reading?

the manga holds up but don't bother with the anime, pure garbage

Many of those who actually watched it past episode 3 or so liked it.


I can understand why it's hated but I still liked it a lot.

>the only people who hate this are literal autists
would be a more accurate interpretation

Yeah, I'm that guy who kills anime industry by liking ecchi anime.

On top of my head:
Asura Cryin
Black Cat

IBO was so bad I had to drop it but, that OST, that fucking OST

>he thinks Sup Forums, or anyone who isn't a soyboy/tumblr type, hates this

This is a thread for dumb people.

Ecchi is doing well for the industry. The only thing ecchi killed was anime as an art form.

>The only thing ecchi killed was anime as an art form.
>If it has anything to do with sex, it can't be art
Man, those Pre-Raphaelite need to get out of the art history books, I guess


There's gotta be a thread for random discussions
Not everyone likes to talk about airing animes all the time

Good taste

You really need a high Tomino tolerance to enjoy the show

Your life improves once you embrace Tomino's genius.

>Kenichi Yoshida designs
I'm a simple man to please, and that alone made the show at least watchable for me.

Wanna go for a ride?

>when half the characters keep switching sides and you don't even know why the war is being fought

Classic Tomino

>Deadman Wonderland

You’ve got incredibly shitty taste.

That was at the top of popularity charts its season, you are no special flake for liking it.

I fucking love this show unlike IBO. As expected of my favorite director.

Kyoukai no Kanata
Sakura Quest
Koe no Katachi
Clannad S1, S2 and the movie.


Clannad was popular on Sup Forums for years, until the high amount of newfags turned it around.

over 50 episodes and the only character that got any development was the blonde shota that stayed on earth

this was a really good sports anime in disguise, also that OP made me hype as fuck

>deadman wonderland
No that was so fucking bad

Wait since when is Clannad not popular?

>Kyoukai no Kanata
I'll still never get why it's so hated. I found it interesting and visually fun, I thought it was directed well, and while it had its problems I felt that it worked pretty well all in all.


loved mahouka, so unintentionally funny

idk MAL seems to fucking hate it. they overreacted to the villain dude and claimed the whole thing was trash. i used to lift while watching it cus it got me hype
The manga is a lot better imo. And Shiro will always be best girl