Twins in anime

Twins in anime.

Oh ho!

What is this?



>clone stamp
>mirror horizontal




Suddenly, triplets!


fake and gey

Their eyes aren't even the same. Here user, let me help you.


Kyou > Kyou


Dead twins!


Underrated twins.



I knew this one would show up soon.

This thread is not evil enough.

Identical twins who act the same > identical twins who act different >>> just regular siblings of the same age

By Korbo, why did I pick that picture? Those hands!


How come Anidb doesn't have a tag for twins?

This are not twins, to be twins the products must be of the same sex.


You're a dumbass.



>This isn't the first reply
Sup Forums failed me again.

what kind of education did you get to not know the two types of twins?

Fraternal twins are weak sauce.


That's a big continent.

This is true, but also not what this dumbass was implying.

Lesbian identical twins are the pinnacle of mankind.

Best twins.

This was the closest i could find.

A number of same sex twins like (bottom) are also fraternal, just so you know.



>red hair
>office lady outfit
>huge tits and cleavage
my dick fucking hurts

How can they be twins if they have different sized titties?

you forgot
>green eyes

Based XEBEC, doing god's work.

Fraternal twins you moron, we've been over this. They also have different hair and eye colors, which is more relevant since the boob difference could just be Ram being an anemic cripple.

The correct answer was 'magic'.


I see I see. naruhodo

But the real question will be if Ram is taller than Rem now since her body doesn't change.

NTR twins

>shopped in front of shinkai train
for what purpose

Twin girls with the only difference between them their boob size are the best thing ever.

What about it?