Lies of the Sheriff Evans 37

With batoto going down and all, I forgot about Evans, so let's have a thread right now.

Sheriff Evans' Lies chapter 37.

This is not a lie.

Also, first skipped page is a page mentioning that they will be on Helvetica scans after batoto dies.

And here I thought she was going to be a total bwaka about this.

Obligatory Oakley is cute post.









the ship teasing is unfair...

What an amazing drawing.

Bump. You can push through those captchas, user.

Oh shit, recurring character.

Credits page because why not.

Captchas weren't the biggest problem, it was getting random connection errors.

I knew this was going to happen. No lie goes unpunished in fiction.

Anyway, I'm guessing next chapter will be the reporter talking about how he married the actress, and the bandit will be eavesdropping for the juicy details.

The actress will be called a secret mistress.

this series is infuriating I've dropped it 3 times

I probably would have dropped it if it weren't for Oakley.

That's a deep deep hole they'll be digging.

>inb4 the actress shows up somehow in the next chapter

how uncute...

oh shit I was hoping she came back