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Actually, Mods just woke up.

Shit, well, mods need some lewd gems too.

Tadah, photos are ready for the Lapis shrine, excluding the big one I'm making for the center.

No one questioned why I was running down to walmart to pick up photos.

Lapis user, good luck with your shrine, I think I'm gonna go to sleep now (2AM here).

PD:I made a mini-Lapis Shrine, all the houseki shrines should be united. (I don't know how to draw)

PD2:The Pictures look gorgeous.

Holy shit this amazing. I'm trying to process that most beautiful drawing. You make Lapis proud.

By the way, here's the sketch of the poster for the middle.

where's that very cute one chibi user drew

Do you think they'd give LaPhos a new VA?

It's printed, but I'm holding it to the side for now in case I need to add more to the shrine.

I don't know if they would. There isn't anyone who could do Pho's voice better. The question is, would Pho's voice have definitely changed?

Nobody said anything about her voice changing.

Well, the voice comes mostly from the vocal cords, but who knows how gem voices work. I think a new VA would make viewers question more whether Phos is still the same person, but since face and voice are the primary methods of distinguishing people, replacing both might be too much. Maybe have a new VA do a "Phos voice" and "Lapis voice"?

I think the original VA is talented enough to make LaPhos sound different enough. But would it make sense for her to also voice Lapis in the dream sequences?

Maybe it would make sense to have the same voice actress. It would be too jarring to replace both, for sure. Maybe she'll just do a much more mature voice for Lapis and Laphos.

Going to get more fake roses to cover up the tape and print up the big poster tomorrow once in finished with it tonight. Would you guys want the full file to print too?

I think they should do the same voice but change the tone and mannerisms once she starts taking on Lapis' characteristics

As far as i can tell no one in the manga mentioned her voice, Cairn only expresses the contract with the head, I'd assume he's also mention it if Phos took Lapis' voice

I don't see why it would have to be the same for the original Lapis, though it might make it easier to contrast when Phos' voice leans towards Lapis

>Squishy butt
Gems are not squishy

Why are there no blurays available to download? I thought vol. 1 was released in December.

I actually really like the idea of Pho's voice changing slightly as she leans more towards acting like Lapis. We don't get that kind of nuance in the manga.

I hope they fix the dropped frame rates in some of the low-action scenes. I'll wait for the english version to be released to get both in one DVD, but I can't help but think the dub will ruin it.

>OP with actual topic get deleted
>Lewd Gem Pic thread survived

Well, guess I'll just post some Euclase.

Anyway, I was genuinely curious.
Was this a translation induced misconception, or was Phos really pretending to not hear Cinnabar?
LaPhos might be trolly sometimes but certainly not during this important moment?

This count ?

he 200% pretended to not hear cinnabar

Phos was really pretending to not hear Shinsha. I personally think it's because they wanted to call their bluff and see if they'd tell them not to go twice.

powderless gems also count right

Good job user

>coming up shameless repost

if someone is interested now that batoto going to close you can download almost all chapters here (until cap 61)
archive. org/details/manga_Houseki_no_Kuni

for the last two chapters here
nyaa. si/view/982551 (cap 62)
nyaa. si/view/990893 (cap 63)

this is my wife (gem) please be nice

But for what?
It will probably be the last time they met if the moon trip failed, shouldn't this "consulting opinion" thing be more serious and cautious?
Pretending not to hear Cinnabar and not questioning the change of answer made this conversation feel casual.

LaPhos is a dumbass and he relies on Cairo more at that point.

gembutt nendos when?

Who the hell paint their walls in yellow?

They are when they reach melting point. Also really hot

Not Antarcticite. He melts at room temp

>Would you guys want the full file to print too?
I know I do

some girls do, and chlover is a girl

No, he becomes soluble.

>at room temp
antarcticite can remain liquid up until around -52 C°/-62 F°

It's chartreusse, user. Get your colors right.

I'll send a link in one of these threads once it's finished, then.

Chartreuse is spelled with one S.

The extra s is for "super" because I super love it.

I'm totally not covering up for the fact that i can't spell chartreuse. How can I spell that wrong but can spell Phosphophyllite right?

How can you even tell? it looks like normal yellow to me

Boiled egg yolk

Cuz it's my bedroom wall and I picked it out myself. It does look yellow next to the green leaves and curtain.


Looks greener than that, because of how warm the white below it looks.

Because of pic related.

Colors do look different in photos that real life, though.

What happened to this thread??

Not enough OC?

most of America has gone to bed

We need more OC, honestly. I stupid idea about a comic for the "shinsha is fat" joke that started.
I'm near the edge of America, so guess that's why I'm awake.

I had a stupid idea*

I'm typing way too fast.


west coast best coast

was anything more ever done with these? They're super cute

bepis bazooli

I only added one more lined to it. I'm doing it part by part as I think of designs or interpret the descriptions of them.

that almandine looks awesome.
by the way I made an instagram and followed you for what it's worth

Shinsha is love


Ah, thank you! I really like drawing straight hair.

And shit, well, welcome to my lame as page. Glad to have you aboard!

why do the gems refer to each other as male when most of them look/sound like girls and have cute girlbutts?

cause you touch yourself at night

Because it's even cuter that way

Lurk more and read more shoujo manga.

Posting translation for Craig lovers


It was Phos emotionally punishing Shinsha. Their relationship is Status: Complicated. Phos once made an impassioned emotional plea and begged Shinsha not to go to the moon, which she just stoically ignored because she preferred feeling sorry for herself over having anyone care about her. The one thing Shinsha can't ever do is properly express what she really wants. So the one time she actually reveals herself and begs Phos not to go, Phos just says "What was that? Oh sorry, I didn't hear you." Impulsive passive-aggression, neither of them really knows how to deal with the other, though Phos has become crueler since gaining Lapis' head.


I think it makes sense from a linguistics perspective


Post weird gem pics. I collect them.




>do everything to torment Sensei into praying
>attack and abduct cute little gems
>grind them to dust
>happily play around in their remains

No fucking wonder no one prayed for those Lunarian cunts during their lifetime, they clearly don't deserve a single prayer
existential hell is the right place for them to be


Fixed typo lol

Man if I was working at that Walmart I probably would have printed out some dups for myself. Lapis is too gorgeous.

I was so worried Antarc would be dead in this little comic, too.

also, bless you for translating this.


My wife Laphos is cute

You're welcome user

these are so fucking cute

Does anybody have chibi gems other than this Phos?

i need more melon-chan, lewd or not

The Lunarians are ultimately just as misguided in their existence as the Lustrous are.



Does this count?

and kind of this one


it should be illegal to be this cute

Thanks so much for your work, user. I love it. Can I ask you to do this set as well. I really like this artist's AU. Thanks so much!

danbooru. donmai. us/posts/2948801?tags=parent%3A2948801

Ahhh this is taking quite a while.

If it's not already translated then I'm down. Could've sworn someone already did, but maybe they didn't typeset it

Anyone else think Ghost didn't get enough screen time?

for jade user