Name one of your most favourite visual design aspects you love whenever you see it

Name one of your most favourite visual design aspects you love whenever you see it
>Short, boy like hair

>red scarf
>oversized gloves/hands

summer watermelon tits

sorry, meant
summer watermelons, & tits, like bikinis
typed too fast

Eyelashes on boys.

Short hair and glasses.

oversized sleeves

Sharp shark teeth

tomboys with tanlines and short hair
occasionally glasses but it depends on who wears em

Girls who are mature but still short

>Watermelon tits

Gothic Lolita

Bangs over one eye

these are all very good. I'll add
>long coats or jackets worn on the shoulders like a cape


>long hair

I've never seen an ahoge I didn't love.

tfw ahoges that change with the character's emotion

Actual noses in profile
angular faces and designs
really well defined legs

The best.


>athletic body builds

Elephant girls that look like this

When her top frames her huge tits.


Budding mounds. I genuinely wish there was a booru/sadpanda tag for this.


Short hair + small frame

In my dreams I am a manlet.

ah, I see.

Men of taste

dark skin and white hair

That, and
>raptor/shark-like teeth
Voluptuousness is a plus.


dark skin with tan lines

Thick eyebrows


What you mentioned, plus a tall but slender frame, and a smug, knowing look.

Cute girls in military uniforms.

Thy is the impaler a little girl?

>is clearly black hair

Her powers are so great they transcend the internet.

I love momjeans. The bigger their asses the better.

Nice color composition

monster world


This nigga knows whats up.

Red eyes and black hair.

You should see Cao Cao.


nuff said


>liking brown characters

Hair over one eye.
Makes my heart pound every time.
Over both eyes is fun too, but not the same.

Tired and/or somewhat dishevelled appearance

You like empty hallways?

not entirely zipped biker clothes on Oppai chicks


Blue eyes

Huge tits. They have to be self-conscious about them, though. Shy characters with huge tits are the best.

uncalled for dude

Pear figure.

Okay, I get it.

You like Japanese Walls. Glad we cleared that up.


Bushy eyebrows
Ghost lashes
Childbearing hips

I finally understand: It's just Japanese WOOD you like.

it's the buns! the buns are what i like

it's not wood in the last picture but rice gras tho

>And I am the ruler of this land of Australia
>Vlad Tepes
Is this a thing in the game?

> when character hair curls toward the face instead of hanging straight/flicking out

op, i love hair curlies

Ponytail/braid thrown over shoulder

Aaaand everyone's describing their waifu/ fetishes.
I swear, character design threads in this board are the same shit every time.

What a coincidence OP, I'm also gay.

bathroom tiles

Mature sexy look

>long straight hair
>cute, feminine

Any time a "big sister" or mother ersatz character makes the ^^ eyes to signal contentment and happiness to be in male protagonist's presence.
Hanaukyo had lots of this and is still the best anime to date, bar none.
Fite me

Fluffy eyebrows are so fucking cute.

Darker/tan skin and white hair
Antlers, especially in natural designs
Any colour scheme involving purple and yellow
had to name 3 because I can't fucking decide

>mother ersatz character
Are you german by any chance?

>Tough girl, jet black wild long hair, red eyes, is proficient in martial arts, has a bloodthirsty side
pic related

No, Norwegian, but not for their lack of trying.

Bob cut. Bonus point if the hair color is brown.

exactly like this!

This thing

Winter uniforms. I haven't seen a single character that looks bad in these.
Or hell, any character whose clothes look like clothes you could envision people IRL wearing. I know this is something weird to appreciate, but functional clothing it is for me. Especially if it fits the character.

You just posted it. My second favorite is probably the opposite.
>Dark haired hime cut character wearing a kimono



stock background images?
also, see

Agreed. Pic related is a prime example.