Dragon Ball Super

This cute rabbit is gonna rekt Gohan.

first for jiren, nerds BTFO

the legend behind this pic

>half of Kafla < the other half of Kafla < Kafla < half of Vegetto

Really makes you think

Pride troopers suck cock.

Vegeta's new form is called Vegeta Sparkle

1. Jiren
2. Goku
3. Toppo
4. Vegeta
5. Frieza
6. Gohan
7. 17
8. Dyspo

3, 4, 5 are difficult to conclusively place but based off the spoilers with Toppo I’m inclined to put him as third. I put vegeta fourth due to new powerup (however terrible it may be). Frieza fifth because effectively controlling his ki doesn’t necessarily make him stronger. We know he was stronger than resurrection F era vegeta and Goku but that was long ago. I have Gohan at 6 but I fully expect him to have some sort of power up based off the massive push for him prior to the tournament. 17 is seventh but has definitely outperformed most of the fighters. Dyspo is super fast but I do not believe he is very strong at all.

daily reminder that Gohan jobbed to Jimeze

I wish so

>6. Gohan

hahaha, nice head canon, little man!

Power Ranking
Vegeta new form
UI Goku

Royal Blue is what its called, dont give a damn what anyone says

If you exceed the energy of the universe and by energy I mean the amount of energy in the dark energy of the universe you can collapse it into well nothing.

>top jobber stronger than plot armor goku

come on man. that's 100% head canon and you know it.

>despite acknowledging its my best guess at current strength of competitors
>antigohanfags triggered over anything

Get over yourself


You're talking about the actual universe as if the laws of physics in real life apply to a universe where people can fly around space unaided and shoot magic beams that can vaporize a planet.

Well Vegeta beats Goku so

Why doesn't Goku get a job like an MMA fighter? He'd have all the time in the world to train, and can make bank for his wife and kid on 3-5 work days a year?

Its Starlight Vegeta

Vegeta is 2-0 against Cuckarot, why is this hard to fathom?

He isn't down to fight weak guys

But Goku already showed he could collapse his universe back in the first arc of Super so its bad writing he couldnt just delete Zamasu.

He'd be fucking bored. He'd quit after the first couple of matches.

Yes but he's down to train, and having 362 days to train completely uninterrupted is better than working the farm job which gives him not only less time to train, but less money as well

>it's bad writing
>in Super
Holy fuck, REALLY?!

>implying 17 will be out before vegbeta
>implying Vegeta's new form will amount to anything when he never beats the villain

Farming is training. Didnt you watch Dragonball?

Explain why Jiren didn't defeat everyone from the other universes whithout making him seem like a total retard!

No it's not. Park Ranging is training. Exercise tapes are training. Farming is farming unless you use your bare hands, which Goku is not using

Trunks (kek)
UI Goku
Kawaii Vegeta

left the task to his buddies. he literally says this you retard.

UI Goku
Merged Zamasu
Royal Blue Vegeta

>whithout making him seem like a total retard

You failed

>kefla at the top

bruh. i like her, too, but this is just silly.

Wrong! Gohan's risky strategy will be catch Dyspo in a Death's beam cage that will limit his movements and will allow Gohan to beat him up, it's risky because Dyspo isn't weak and Gohan will not be able to escape or receive help, but I'm 100% that Gohan will win in this one-on-one fight.

Next episode will be a proof that Gohan is a great leader and strategist, his plan will eliminate Dyspo and U7 will get an advantage because now 17, Frieza and Gohan will be able to face Toppo together, based Chadhan!!

>people still believing Kefla wouldn't fodderize anilaza when she just has to laser his fucking head once

confidence =/= retardation. hop off your parents' computer and pick up a dictionary, kid.

If Goku wants to fucking farm turnips he has earned that right.
Goku never needs money anyway Bulma and Mr Satan will pay for anything he wants for him.

>making another fucking thread when there were already two up

He literally got the Job because Chichi wanted money

Anilaza would beat the shit out of Kefla.

Kitano episodes are consistently the worst and always off model and with shit animation.
Why the fuck hasn't Toei fired him yet? He's the single outlier that's THAT much worse than everyone else on their staff.

I want ss kale to dominate me.

>fate of the entire universe depends on my team winning this fight
>I can probably one shot every other participant
>will let my friends struggle with them instead and sit on the corner doing nothing most of the time
>not a retard

Just because you don't like Kefla doesn't mean she's weak :^)

LSS2 Kefla > SSBKK20 Goku > Anilaza

Easiest powerscaling backed by character statements and people still refuse to admit it.

Obviously hes stronger since hes the boss before Jiren.

Chichi is even more retarded than Goku

What kind of retarded logic is that? Anilaza was just filler time to drag on the arc.

Post lime monkeys.

Just keeping up tradition of having their own Ebisawa every gen.

How are people not hyped for this episode when it's going to be one of the most unique?

>it's another thread of retards getting baited by the waifufags

You know what, I'm sick of debating power levels, try to prove that Vegetto Blue>Kefla and I'll get back to you tomorrow.

>incapable of refuting anything
>attacks a strawman

very well, i hereby accept your admission of defeat. no more responses from your superior. you're done. you've lost. cope.

>What kind of retarded logic is that?

It's fucking Dragonball logic, you mong.

Healthy SSBK Goku >>>> Kefla

That's why.

Stop responding to it. It's just baiting you.

Saving this, but I could refute it now if you wanted since it's so easily refutable.


If you watch DB and expect people to not act like retards then you are the real retard

Literally anything you say is wrong. Stop posting.

Only Vegito is stronger than Kefla user.

Oh shut the fuck up. He has no talent and he should be treated as such.

Can you explain why, using only canon, in lore sources, that a potara fusion between two people with lower battle powers would net a greater combined result than the potara fusion between two people with higher battle power?

How far into the future do I have to wait before I can fuck Kefla in full immersion virtual reality. I can't fucking wait anymore.

He's shit at his job, if I were the head of Toei he'd have been fired after Episode 5 controversy alone.

Why is the poston quality here so fuckin low? Are Super threads always like this?

More talent that you, faggot. You try pumping this shit out in sweatshop conditions.

Is this your first Super thread?

Because Kale and Caulifla are both weaker than SSG meaning they are weaker than Goku and Vegeta. Naturally Vegetto would be stronger than Kefla. LSS2 is your headcanon, it's just regular SS2 but only greenish because of Kale.

U-uh... well... y-you see...

only when 18spic is Keflaposting

>Dyspo: I'm the fastest in all the universes
>Also Dyspo: Jiren's speed impressed me


Leaks when?

>muh "you can't do any better" non-argument
Then how come nobody else's shit looks as terrible as his despite the conditions? He's shit and he should be fired. Die mad about it.

Literally who? Kill yourself eceleb faggot.

gine>>>all other waifus

Literally no one gives a fuck about your shitty e-celebrities you YouTube cocksucker.

That's not Hasky

Leave. Get the fuck out. You don't want to be a part of this.

80 years

Everyone else keeps up bare minimum of standard even for sweatshop conditions and he's the only one that doesn't, meaning he IS shit. Fuck off.

It doesn't matter. You don't bring up e-celebs here you fuck.

>people still fall for this shit



Oh, I get it now.
Hasky>Gine>>>All other waifus

Whis: "Kefla's power rivals the spirit bomb" (Goku's triumph card after SSBKKx20 failed miserably)
>Kefla turns LSS2 and keeps powering up

Piccolo: "She might even surpass Goku's earlier level!" (UI used against Jiren)

There, proved it. Not like you'll listen anyway.

Aaaaand he's still wrong, what a surprise

>that tit


anyone have a screencap of Goku saying he's finally proud of Gohan in DBFZ?

You think she's into anal?

gine=hasky>all other waifus

You didn't listen and didn't provide even a halfass argument backed by character statements.

I am truly shocked, user.

3 more posts for today, I swear. 1. How much weaker do you think "tired Goku" is? Do you believe that SSBKK with stamina is stronger than a "tired" SSBKKx20? Kefla also rivals the Universe 7 Genki Dama in power while transforming only once, so good luck proving SSBKK rivals the Genki Dama.
2. Kefla went LSS2 and Whis stated that Goku's attacks were ineffective, hence why he had to push her out of the ring with a Kamehameha. You could say Goku was "tired", but he was stronger than when he fought Jiren.

>still wrong