Yuru Yu-la la la la Yuru Yuri~~

Yuru Yu-la la la la Yuru Yuri~~
Yuru Yu-la la la la Yuru Yuri~~

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Best girl imo coming through



best girl btw

I prefer Chocchi macchi, chuugakusei!

S2 intro > S1 intro > S3 intro
Fight me


S1 ED>S2 ED>S3

S1's ending has a retro anime feel. I like it.

seeing it over and over and realizing its a still frame very nice

Chitose is cute.


OP ranking:
OVA+ > S2 > S3 = S1 > OVA

Budget is reserved for important things, like cake.

Fuck off cunt Op 1 is the best


Even Mirakurun's joke OP is better than anything after it.

That's a horrible comparison because Mirakurun's OP is genuinely good.

It bothers me that this webm ends at TOSHINO KYO-.

N+ OP is genuinely bad.

Mirakurun OP changed my life IRL.

You're genuinely bad.

At least I'm not a post-Mirakurun OP. What would have been good would have been a new one, but they reused an old one.



This user is my friend.

Chinatsu is a good character and not evil

5 more days.

new season when?

After the oomuro-ke adaptation

I want to give Chinatsu and brat a bath.

I don't know what's funnier; a door with a doorknob sliding open, or the door opening inwards passing through Ayano.

That's a sliding door dumb dumb.




she looks like a meguka clone

yuru yuri predates meguka

Abashiri bojo~ : youtu.be/l8BQMe2Ox8Q

Why is she eating a fish

The funniest part are the autists who pick apart every frame of anime clips.