Do your parents know you like anime?

Do your parents know you like anime?

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can't believe kids still watch DB

I want to impale Rem on my spear

>Britney Spears will never give birth to you

No one knows. Not even my best friend.
Except a guy I met in psychiatry.

I'm not sure my parents know what anime is.

Not even surprised

Yes? As long as you dont do retarded shit like cosplaying or saying shit like nyaaaxddd then who gives a shit.What are you, underage?

It is my fucking money, i buy whatever i damn well please

My mom called it 'jap crap' while I was growing up.

>jap crap

holy shit her kid is literally my guy

Yeah I've been asking for manga for Christmas since I was like 8 and they like Ghibli shit. We cool.

I'm pretty sure I've left my notebooks filled with anime drawings lying around, plus I listen to weeb music every now and then. They probably don't give a shit.

Yeah lol

She doesnt mind.

She only knows sasori, type:null, madara and deidara. And thinks every show is naruto

This is what the stepsister drew. Her son drew something from DBZ.


>step sister
Mrs. Spears better get a preemptive restrain order

They only mention that I waste my time watching cartoons during arguments. Not sure they even know what anime is, though they’re technically right.

Of course they know, I don't have any reason to hide it. They're not interested but they're cool with it.

She's not the only 12 year old girl who traces pictures of anime girls and shows them off, don't worry.

fuck no


Ah why yes

My Dad did, he was a big comic book nerd though, loved Wolverine and Batman, showed him that Witchblade had an anime but he never got into it.

I still miss him.

My mom does, she doesn’t watch it though. She went with me to see castle in the sky at ghiblifest, she thought it was 6/10.

Is Brittney's son /ourguy/?

My mom used to make fun of it and think it was all porn. I've watched Ghibli movies with her and we recently watched Love Live:Sunshine together so she's cool with it. Sometimes I tell her about stuff I'm watching or reading.

Well it is the worst Miyazaki movie, after all.

Everyone knows,
I don't act like a aspergkid tho' so I can get away with it

dang Brit is based

He's into DB, he lacks the knowledge, give him time user.







Is... is Britney a... good mom?

is this what an Sup Forums family looks like?


I used to watch Elfen Lied in front of my parents on purpose to show them that anime was really dark and mature and not just stuff for kids.
So yeah, they know.

>Likes best girl
>Draws pretty damn well
>Mother is Britney Spears.

It's not fair.

Looks like it, yeah.

I think so

He's shaping to be.

Jesus fucking christ, user.

I showed my mom Akira, Paprika and some similar films and she really quite enjoyed them.

That cake is awesome!

>have all this free time to try and draw
>fellow anons say its just trial and error
>dont do anything despite all the encouragement

Why would I talk about something with someone I hate?

Holy fuck, not in a lifetime I could draw like him damn. Kid has the skills

P.S: My latinamerican brothers rustle my jimmies

_omission: I draw things you would consider diabolic

Get that nigga out of that comment box

fuckin lol

>Bitney Spears is tweeting animu.
What a time to be alive.

This is why the west is falling. Parents are too afraid of going against their children.

This thread is making me more depressed than it should. I thought I was fine with it all being a secret hobby, but reading about how you share anime with your family makes me kind of sad.

There are actually 2 images on her instagram post.

Her son drew Goku. Her stepdaughter drew Rem.

So it is her stepdaughter who drew Rem, not her son

>All these casual faggots who werent born in Asia where watching anime / reading manga is the norm thus grants you supreme power level even as a kid

not that much but they appreciate the art. They sometimes sit in when i watch Ghibli and other anime movies

You showed her Love Live out of all things? Did she like it?

Man, it's all about trying...
I practiced last year drawing "Young Dio Brando"
And got a very average result... Took me like 5 hours so I stopped.
Now I'm into guitar playing.

>Literally traced

Sue for 10 gorillion yen

>liking the most garbage entry tier shonenshit and low tier reincarnation anime out there

I bet these faggots watch dub rather than sub, too.

>Is... is Britney a... good mom?

Britney Spears is, unironically, a very good mother.
She gives a tremendous shit about her kids and it's honestly refreshing given how questionable her path was to where she is now. I'm happy for her, she survived fame.

my mother can only blame herself
she's the one who introduced me to it by showing me Princess Mononoke when i was little back in the 90s

Sure, she occasionally walks in on me watching it.
But since I gave her a key to my house so that she can visit whenever she likes, I always pause it and finish later so that I can talk to her.

My dad likes anime as well and he's a complete normalfag half chad kinda guy

It's probably traced.
What the fuck?

Yes, she did. Chika was her favorite girl. Is there something else you would suggest showing her?

My mother was in the room when I watched Aldnoah Zero's last episode. She was kind of surprised, when Slaine shot everyone. Probably changed her mind a bit, not that it matters.

They are like 10, they gotta start somewhere.

Nigga, calm your pussy... They're just kids, hell when I had their age I couldn't draw for shit.

You gotta start somewhere, right?

I wonder what is their favorite Pokemon heroine from the Pokemon anime.

It can't be Misty, right?

>time and detail
Her son is a piece of shit

Mom knows, she always hated DBZ but she really liked Nausicaa

Thanks for that, user. I needed a good laugh

Get the fuck you third world faggots and take your shonenshit threads with you.

Probably still a little crazy but its clear she loves her children and supports their interest

It could be, well...
If they trace as hand training shit could work just fine.

Want me to tell you why the LN is shit, and how the inevitable season 2 is going to be even shittier then the first?
Anyone who likes the Re:Zero LN over the WN is ironic, I refuse to believe anyone likes that piece of shit over a genuine masterpiece.

Watched the Madoka films with my ma and she didn't understand a goddam thing. Next time she visited, showed her the obvious choice of Haibene Renmei.

Where's the proof that this is a traced Rem?

Well, the step daughter has excellent taste and skill.

my mom saw me watching kemono friends. don't think i can take it anymore.

I was about to make fun of this shit but there is some shitty Hanekawa portrait I made years ago exposed in my parents' kitchen.

Goddamit that crap is embarassing.

Why third world?
Where did u get that conclusion?

I don’t think they knew their mom would upload it on the internet. My mom used to do the same with my anime drawings.

When will they follow Jayden-senpai steps and make their own anime?

Anime has always been on tv even to this day so parents are not weirded out because their kids watch anime.

I tried to make my parents watch Evangelion
didnt even make it past the Ramiel battle

Preston looks like he's going to take the normalfag route. Jayden look like he's going to become one of us.


Because the only people who post this off topic garbage on here are either spics from Sup Forums or retarded spics from Sup Forums which based on Sup Forumss catalog appears to be the latter.
This isn't MSN, get the fuck off of Sup Forums if you want to write like a 12 year old.

Who gives a fuck if it’s traced? It’s good to encourage interest in drawing at a young age.

Because you fail at introducing your parents to anime.

Make them watch Your Name or something. Mecha is still too much for casuals.


I don't get the appeal, it's still L.A, your less than 30 minutes away from hell on earth, if your not living in a good country just moving into a nice closed of section isn't good enough for me.

>E-celeb screencaps attention whoring
>Sup Forums-shit slangs
>73 replies

Kind of nice to see a normal-ish family in that horrible world.

>Mom caught me watching Love Live a few years ago
>She said that the redhead (maki) was cute
>When I went to japan I bought a Maki nendo for her as a joke
>She actually put it on her desk at work and told me that her co-workers told her that it looked cute
She still has it to this day

He's not an artist, he's just tracing lines.

>most garbage entry tier shonenshit
Fuck off with this shit. The manga has fantastic choreography, paneling, and easily readable movement. It's far above shit like Naruto or BNHA. The gags in the first half are great and Piccolo Jr and Vegeta have genuinely endearing character arcs. Just because you're annoyed at DBSfags (who are mostly ironic weebs that don't even care about the series) shitting up the board doesn't mean you should take it out on DB as a whole.

That really depends on how you do it. If you just put paper over original drawing and trace every line is one thing, if you look at the original drawing on, say, monitor screen and draw what you see on paper is entirely another. The second one isn't bad at all.

For the record all people who are learning to draw should trace for practice. It's not something to be ashamed of unless you pass it off as your own, which all children do because they're children. Who gives a shit.

The first two Rebuilds are easy to like. Basically a good blockbuster. I'll probably get them to watch all three later. As a joke.

>britney spears
You are right to complain though.