Is this the only actually grown-up and serious anime for adult audiences and not just edgy menchildren or children?

Is this the only actually grown-up and serious anime for adult audiences and not just edgy menchildren or children?

Only other one that remotely comes close is Tokyo Godfathers, but this is just another level of maturity.

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The basic premise of the movie is
>Planes are cool!

t. I've seen five anime

Most adult-oriented anime are aimed at 20-something women

What a character in a movie thinks and what the premise of a movie is are two different things.

That's what miyazaki even said

Yes it's just that planes are cool and has no anti-war message whatsoever

All anime is for children/man children. Miyazaki shit is no exception.

teen thread

>war is bad

You're also ignoring the theme of balancing your passions with caring for your loved ones, and the lengths one will go to ensure their loved ones can achieve their dreams. But I can't expect everyone on NEET: The Website to pick up on that.

OP is actually underaged

or expect people on Sup Forums to have a passion for something. Or have loved ones.

That movie made me fall asleep. I much prefer Ponyo.

Close but no cigar.

t. someone who didn't watch it

You also dismiss the point where this was a silently toned personal drama as well as a timepiece.
This film is as close as animation gets to actual literature. Not that you would have realized this, apparently.

Way more childish and less tragic.

Nice shitpost.

The fucker all romantically killed millions for fun, that much my tiny brain understands.

miyazaki's magnum opus

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>adults cannot enjoy family movies
I don't see why everything has to be fucking Citizen Kane

>Tokyo Godfathers


To answer your question, there's Grave of the Fireflies, Only Yesterday, In This Corner of the World, and arguably Wolf Children.

I'd say anyone can watch any of his movies at any age and enjoy them, but some of them definitely resonate best when you're a certain age. I watched Porco when I was in my teens and hated it, thought it was boring apart from the action scenes. Then upon re-watching it as an adult it became my favorite Miyazaki film because I related to it way more. I'm sure I would have hated Wind Rises if I watched that as a kid too.

Post yfw the blood got coughed up onto the canvas

>Only Yesterday
Probably the worst Ghibli movie after that raccons' balls fest

>completely ahistorical
>predictable melodramatic plot
>Anno can't act

The only thing this movie has going for it is the planes. It's clear that's the only part Miyazaki cared about.

When will Japan make an anime about its war crimes in WWII?

>Grave of the Fireflies
Fuck, that hit me in the feels.

what crimes?

>Wolf Children
Seriously, user?

Are you implying comedy can't be serious?

That said, OP is right, this movie practically was like a damn Thomas Mann novel.

It really pissed me to learn that the whole tuberculosis thing was false and just added for the drama.

His wife survived the war and they lived and travelled for many years after that.

The thing is the movie is a combination of Jiro's life, Tatsuo Hori's novel and a lot of other influences. I don't know whether it can even be called a biopic, I just think of it as an outlet for Miyazaki to express his thoughts.

Tokyo Godfathers is extremely sentimental. It's a Christmas movie. It's about learning to appreciate people you love. It's trite almost, and certainly emotionally manipulative. It's not particuraly grown up or serious.

The Wind Rises uses coincidental association with the anti-nazi character as a convenient plot device to absolve moral responsibility from the protagonist. It's a film about a dreamy artist who is detached from reality and it mostly sidesteps larger issues about the war.

I agree that Only Yesterday & Wolf Children are better examples of mature anime for adults. In this Corner of the World also

Truly Miyazaki’s best film.

Saw this in theaters actually. I loved it but I'm a /k/ fag so anything about a military designer was probably going to interest me.


I prefer Laputa, but that's because boy-girl adventure is my fetish, plus the English soundtrack. But Porco Rosso is my second favourite.

It's not really mature or adult. The sky pirates are insanely romanticised. The whole thing really. The violence has no stakes or real danger. It's not his best film either.

It is my favourite though

god he’s such a great MC, you can’t write anything better than that.

despite being a fairy tale, this

I definitely think the character drama is mature, especially Porco’s past and relationship with Gina. That scene when he flies above the clouds with all the dead pilots, absolute 10/10 best thing Miyazaki’s ever directed.

>using anime medium to told a story
>do not using that medium features
they should just make a live action film. there is nothing more meaningless than boring animation.

why are you on Sup Forums

Yeah, that scene is stunning.

The damsel waiting for the hero in her idealistic island hotel garden, and porco's general lack of sexuality towards her are both childish conceits though, or that he is guiltily infatuated with a young girl and literally a 'pig'. The non-realised desire is how anime often treats relationships. Calling him a pig and then having him be chaste is a kind of faux humble arrogance from miyazaki. You see a similiar thing in The Wind Rises, with the protagonist that is ultimately far more interested in his work and his interior life than anything else, including love and his family. If you watch Kingdom of Dreams & Madness, this is Miyazaki himself as well. Or an artist in general. I guess then maybe these films are quite mature, and just a portrait of an artist rather than a more conventional man. The dreamlike detachment, and often 'childish' notions of an artist could be viewed as immature, but maybe it is something other. Adults are supposed to grow out of such thinking, but a tiny few manage to stake their lives on it, enviably so.

i really like castle in the sky also

The Wind Rises actually does utilise the capabilities of the medium. It's a period film for one and it shows a lot of period engineering, flight, and dream sequences. It would be extremely expensive to make it in live action, and impossible to do the planes or the cityscapes with physical effects. There would be a lot of cgi.

Animation is great for period films, since you can do all the same research and you don't have to make any compromises in bringing the past back to life. In This Corner of the World made me feel more involved in a war setting than any live action film has in years.

yeah for sure
in this corner of the world was gorgeous
it kind of reminded me of Takahata's style

Decent thread actually

>The Wind Rises uses coincidental association with the anti-nazi character as a convenient plot device to absolve moral responsibility from the protagonist. It's a film about a dreamy artist who is detached from reality and it mostly sidesteps larger issues about the war.
The fact that this was obvious and palpable is to a great extend what makes this movie grave and, for lack of better word, literature-like.
I was shocked really, when I watched this the first time. The philosophical argument it puts forth on several levels shocked me: To ignore or willingly accept the reality of military exploit and your 'guilt' of association with these powers to advance civil society; to accept war as a constant of nature practically, like weather or a season. And the following of the own personal path and not moving an inch while the love of your life is dying before your eyes.
Never have I watched an animated film that had this much of a heavy impact on my philosophical worldviews.

This is a fair analysis of it, but i think his persecution by the kampei tai and his association with the anti-nazi guy were too convenient. They allowed him to have the philosophical position you explain, a rich and insightful one, and also take the concrete moral position which we expect characters, and films, to take on such issues, and just in general. It gives a too convenient moral denunciation of nazi germany, which is not typical of the character and cheapens the film.

>They allowed him to have the philosophical position you explain, a rich and insightful one,
I don't mean to say that i agree with the character, but more than i find a film about such a character interesting for being atypical and original. But that that is ruined by giving him a more conventional (but not at all wrong) stand out of convenient circumstance.

There is too much weight on films to have a positive morality, and exploring ideas from another perspective is viewed as subversive, so it felt like a copout.

Got one for you right here

Just because he's not comtantly trying to bone Gina doesn't make him less adult.

Often, the lack of sexuality is a more mature trait.

10/10 taste there, bruddha

Kill yourself.

Did you watch the movie?

I don't think I'll ever have a cinematic experience as wonderful as watching this film for the first time ever again.

I'm kind of okay with that though; like an old man looking back on his first (failed) love.

Well you know, I think it's relatively certain that the characters disapproving position towards war is that of Miyazaki himself. I don't believe that this is a conformist statement, but, having watched his other works, an honest statement of the man. You don't seriously believe Miyazaki was a fan of Nazi Germany, I assume?
Other than you I read it probably more critically from an opposite angle: I thought Miyazaki was clearly anti-war, but after seeing what I described in my earlier post, I am 'surprised' to find such an open confession to and position of defeatism in it.
War as a force of nature. That is a brutal way of seeing things. And the tunnel-vision apologetics for engineers in this. I repeat myself, but that is just heavy.
To escalate what I mean; Just imagine he had made the film about a physicist working on the Manhatten Project.
Grimmest material I have been confronted with in animation ever.

Don't you have to go and cry about your wast of a life somewhere?

> I related to it way more

have you ever been a fish nigga?

or a gay wizard...

is this shit even good?

grave of the fireflies and the wind rises are the LEAST appealing miyazaki films. am i being retarded or is this total shit compared to porco etc

hurr durr planes is not an appealing theme

>its for adults user

b o r i n g

>Grave of the Fireflies

Are you 12? You type like one.

>Grave of the Fireflies

>akahata is the co-founder of Studio Ghibli along with long-time collaborative partner Hayao Miyazaki.

i guess its not a "Miyazaki" film but the concept is still about as appealing as getting fucking radiation poisoning

>are you 12

if i could go back to 12 i'd tell myself to stop watching gook cartoons and start fucking girls. maybe i woudln't be discussing shit movies on Sup Forums at 3:35 AM

Have we started the wind?

You're not grasping what i'm saying

It's amazing, one of the best anime films ever, but you're almost certainly going to hate it.

It's extremely good, but he's over the hill and it isn't as coherent or narratively well executed as many of his other films.

*blocks ur path*

>but you're almost certainly going to hate it.

list of miyazaki films that i have not seen because they do not seem appealing in any way

>the wind rises
>from up on poppy hill

i want Nausicaa and porco


i want FANTASY not reality. its a fucking anime

>When Umi meets Shun Kazama, a member of the school's newspaper club, they decide to clean up the school's clubhouse

>One thousand years have passed since the Seven Days of Fire, an apocalyptic war that destroyed civilization and created the vast Toxic Jungle,[a] a poisonous forest swarming with giant mutant insects. In the kingdom of the Valley of the Wind, a prophecy predicts a saviour "clothed in blue robes, descending onto a golden field, to join bonds with the great Earth and guide the people to the pure lands at last".

you fags can't tell me these are on the same level

from up on poppy hill is quite kino
the sol cooking scene at the start is incredibly comfy
both are period films too, hardly reality

Well, for startersGoro Miyazaki is an awfully mediocre director, specially within the standards of Ghibli. But your problems with it go way beyond that, so whatever.

i mean one is my favorite animated film of all time and the other i haven't even seen

Phoneposter get out.

Which would you choose, Sup Forums: a world with pyramids, or without?

>An old couple visit their children and grandchildren in the city; but the children have little time for them.

>Having survived the first part of their unsettling journey, Bilbo Baggins and his companions continue east. More dangers await them, including the skin-changer Beorn and the giant spiders of Mirkwood. After escaping capture by the dangerous Wood Elves, Bilbo and the dwarves journey to Lake-town and, finally, to the Lonely Mountain, where they face the greatest danger of all: the fearsome dragon Smaug.

Why are you comparing Tokyo Story to The Hobbit? Even if you're that user, you can't be that stupid.

its not that user and i'm legitimately confused

As if Anno's horrible robotic acting wasn't bad enough by itself for some reason Miyazaki though it would be a good idea to introduce a flimsy romance plot that completely envelops the second part of the movie.

I thought Tales from Earthsea wasn't bad at all, though maybe he was just riding off the source material.

i'm saying a long tagline for a fantasy film filled with exciting plot points does not necessarily mean it's a better film than a drama with a short simple tagline

although nausicaa is a lot better than fuoph

It's a very romantic portrayal in the movie, but godamn does it make you fall in love with the Adriatic region.

Earthsea was actually really [cool]

He's not "bad", he's just really average as a director (pretty decent as a background artist though), which is disappointing because many of Ghibli's staff has proven he has much more talent outside of Ghibli. He's just in the directing job because he's the boss' son, essentialy.

Oh, the user you were responding to would just leave after the first couple of shots of anything Yasujiro Ozu related. He wants to be entertained in a really superficial level, so there's no arguing in there.

has proven "they" have much more talent*

Have you seen Kingdom of Dreams and Madness? Goro talks about how resentful he is for being forced into directing feature films, and how much he hates the burdon. I have never heard a director speak like that. It is such a hard job to get and for every one feature director, thousands aspire to do it. These people are normally extreme egoists.

Hayao is a negligent father who's difficult for anyone, letalone his family, to relate to. A very distant and withdrawn person. Kind, but cold also and entirely self obsessed (fair enough though, he's a genius). Being his son and living in his shadow seems like hell.

Goro is an absolutely broken man. Ronja is possibly the worst show i've ever seen.

Worst thing about the movie is the weird sound design and that fucking Anno of all people is voicing the protagonist, for God knows what reason. He may be able to create 2deep4you shows, but he surely can't voice act.

>Have you seen Kingdom of Dreams and Madness?
Yes, but I wouldn't really trust the film outside Hayao's portrayal without having major evidence otherwise (Goro's work speaks for itself, something being as mediocre as what he has done was nearly unthinkable for Ghibli), since the way Takahata is framed in the film is as an essentially lazy bum, when Kaguya was easily 2014's best film.

Many people should watch the film to get Miyazaki as a figure and as an artist, not that many people actually care, though.

>implying anything not "mature" is bad
Marnie is the best Ghibli movie

>Marnie is the best Ghibli movie
the level of contrarianism required to possibly think this is astounding
i liked it but fuck nigga

Why is it that whenever Miyazaki gives his films a male protagonist, which he does in his allegedly more 'mature' movies, they're always completely chaste and genteel? He gets a lot of praise for his girl characters, but Jesus, his male characters feel so fucking flat to me.

>Takahata is framed in the film is as an essentially lazy bum
based takahata

>Kaguya was easily 2014's best film
Grand Budapest & maybe Inherent Vice... but then yeah. Feels pretty lucky to be old enough to have seen a few ghibli films in cinemas on their release as an adult. I saw mononoke in cinema as a kid, when it came out and i'll always remember that as well.

an era ended with wind rises & kaguya

>Marnie is the best Ghibli movie

This is not a legitimate opinion to hold.

porco isn't genteel at all. he drinks, he's rude, he keeps rough company, and he doesn't give a fuck. he's a badass and i like to imagine him philandering and whoring in milan while he waits for his plane to be done

It was simple yet subtle and magical.
Plebeians wouldn't understand.

It's a good movie, but Ghibli's best is quite a stretch.

Is this that movie were plane sounds were done by some dude making noises into a microphone? Yeah no thanks.

You're saying the character doesn't make sense to you, right?
I'm saying he's a vessel of what Miyazaki wants to put out and what he believes.