The Protagonist turns out to be the Antagonist this whole time

>The Protagonist turns out to be the Antagonist this whole time

>The detective was the murderer all along

>The legendary sword excalibur turns out to be a loser

These have NEVER happened in any anime.

That makes no sense, unless there's a new character introduced who replaces the original in the middle of things, and how often has that been done? If you mean the protagonist was actually a villain, then that's different. Antagonist simply means someone who works against the protagonist, he doesn't have to be evil.

>The main character becomes the person who opposes the main character

>The real villain is in the background the whole time and gets away with it.

a protagonist can be an antagonist they arent mutually exclusive terms

That is not what antagonist means


What about Baccano where everyone is a protagonist and everyone is someone else's antagonist?
Maybe not Firo's side of the story, but on the train any one of the parties could be seen as the protagonist.

> the big bad is the MCs future self

>The protagonist turns out to be gay the whole time.

>the villain was actually the hero whose motives could not be comprehended by the protagonist until he completed what he set out to accomplish

That is literally the definition of antagonist, you illiterate fuck.

hero vs villain isn't the same as protagonist vs antagonist. OP is a fag

A story can have 2 protagonist or more. For example there is a white hair guy protagonist in the beginning of story, after that the protagonist changes and that white hair dude becomes the last boss, the antagonist. It turns out the white hair is good guy after all, the second protagonist have made a mistake.

>best girls turns out to be a trap

>best boy turns out to be a reverse trap

>later, the trap is actually a reverse trap.

>OP turns out be be a retarded faggot who doesn't know what a protagonist and antagonist are



Death Note you mong.

Most of Sup Forums still seems to think Skelletor is some kind of Hero and Overlord is on season two.
Will people figure it out when the next batch of main characters get ground to death, or do we have to wait until the second arc for it to be obvious that the person casuals assume is the MC is just the connecting thread on a long string of dead heroic protagonists?

Can't think of an anime. Fight Club, though.

>The protagonist becomes the antagonistic deuteragonist

>The villain actually won and we're led to believe he lost


Desert Punk

The author became more invested in the foil?
OP seems to be suggesting more of a reveal. Like the character we thought needed to be beat was the guy we were following the whole time. Dr Watson and all the cops follow Sherlock to Prof. Moriarty's lair, only to have it be a death trap because Holmes was Moriarty the whole time.

We still haven't received a Metal Gear anime.

I still don't know what the fuck I watched and its been years

so you mean shakugan no shana?

How does that even relate to OP


>the only one standing in my way was me

What if he has a double personality? I was hyped when playing G-Senjou but it turned out that it just a normal protagonist.

Protagonist becoming the bad guy.

Not the same thing. Still the protagonist.

What's interesting about the series is that the concept of "hero" and "antagonist" flipped around several times. We begin with Flame Haze introduced as the world's balancers and the Crimson Denizens as the bad guys; at the end, both sides have done good and bad things and the entire conflict ended with a compromise.

I've seen some interesting takes on multiple personality that seemed to be reaching for this, but they seldom pull it off and I can't think of anything Sup Forumsrelated.


This was just too good.

Turns out implies that was the twist
Light was established to be a villain a few chapters after he got the death note.

Black Burrito?

> the big bad is the MCs future self
>when the amnesiac detective put it all together he realized he would have gotten away with it but he hadn't accounted for himself

Every Metal Gear protagonist is good and even the villains have good and honorable intentions.

>he forces the MC to question his current ideals and reevaluate them as to not end up like him

I wish

>This never happens

>Turns out implies that was the twist
Maybe user is talking about from the characters' point of view, even though we already know who set it all up, before they catch the new Kira.

Shit, I do know one like this. But again, it's not manga.

Shirou and Archer?

>the protagonists turn to be fodder to hype the badguys
i love this schlock

>retards think the perspectives cannot change in the story
>Light was established to be a villain
Wrong, he was never established as either hero or villain. Kira is treated as both in the series.

>the big bad is the MCs future self
>what is Noein

Wasn't that just speculation? Or was it actually revealed to be the case?

Example? That's a cool concept

>the most pointless side character in the whole story turns out to be the main antagonist this whole time

Only because of an absolutely horrifically contrived and bullshit plot twist that makes no sense for her character. Fucking Rebellion

That's not what protagonist and antagonist mean you idiot.

Christ Sup Forums I don't expect you to be literature majors or anything but come the fuck on this is like middle school stuff.

>last chapter of Boruto
>war is over, Konoha is rebuilt
>everyone is old now and boruto is getting married while naruto and hinata attend to the ceremony, holding hands
>pans up to the moon
>it's red

How hard would you be?

What anime does that?

Guilty Crown

Mob psycho, kind of

>Homura being a possessive sociopath is out of character
Nice meme.

That's not how those words work you fucking NEET mouth-breather.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni