Do you play an instrument, Sup Forums?

Do you play an instrument, Sup Forums?

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Not as much as I used to

such a shit taste yui have.

I haven't touched it in years, but K-On got me pretty close to dusting it off and relearning.

I play the drums and it's pure coincidence that I like Ritsu
Hair down Ritsu a best

Piano and violin. Right now I'm learning djing to mix them with electronic music.

I play a lot of them but isn't good at anything.

I went to college for bass trombone

No, but I can make all sorts of noises with my mouth that a very generous person might interpret as singing.

Yeah. Any instrument is tuned in fourths, fifths, or a chord and isn't a violin/viola.

So guitar-like instruments?

Also keyboard instruments.

I play the guitar mostly.
I want nothing more than to start a HTT cover band, but I've been unable to find anyone in real life who's cool, good, or dedicated enough.


I used to play the drums but then school was over and I found anime.


Cool, good, and dedicated people don't usually play in cover bands.

When they gonna make an anime about my instrument of choice: the viola?


they'll make an anime about you playing the skin flute like the faggot you are

>plays guitar at a decent level
>used to play saxophone
>able to read tablature which has opened me up to bass and ukulele
>can read treble clef for piano
>pretty big vocal range, practicing warmups daily to expand even further
Yeah I do.

Isn't nodame cantobile or whatever it's called about that

also shitgatsu

I play classical guitar. After watching Shigatsu wa kimi no uso I want to learn piano...

The best living musicians on the planet are all currently playing in a cover band.

Played violin for 10 years as a kid, and I've been playing around with it again over the last few days. I really like the first movement of Beethoven violin sonata no. 5. I really need to improve my audiation though, as I can't play in tune for shit.

I also play baritone ukulele.

who here /leftymasterrace/?
I could afford a really lefty model if I wanted one, but I tried one at the store before and I kept hitting the switch and the volume knob with my pick.

fellow left handed ubermensch. Upside down guitars til I die

I dig lefties that go the whole Jimi Hendrix route.

My question to you though is what the fuck is your strumming/picking/hand position that you're hitting the switch and volume?

o is this there foreskin?

How can someone who draws fan art like this fuck up the shape of Yui's guitar so badly?

I play guitar and K-On actually helped me pick back up the guitar a little while back because I wanted to do covers of their songs. Whoever wrote the songs for the show did a good job conveying high school level skill as most of their songs are pretty straightforward with a lot of power chords.

Those Fender Les Pauls man - They're hard to find accurate pictures of to work from.

I do singing, does that count?

Look between T and O on your keyboard

Part of being a musician is making original music. Cover bands are for fakers and fanboys who wish they were as creative. In no other medium would anyone who only makes imitations of someone else's work be regarded as even a good artist, much less great.

I'll answer your question with a question, what the fuck is with your hand position that you don't hit it?

I used to play the guitar but then I got deppress. Sold my electric one and my acoustic one has been sitting under my bed for months.

no because im not an attention whore

user, if you're hitting the volume knob, then your hand position is way too close to the bridge. Even if you placed your hand on the bridge like when most people do palm mutes, you still shouldn't even hit the volume knob. Right near the middle pickup is where you should be stroking.

that feel when I play some stuff but too shy to play for other people even when they ask me to.

well now that I'm paying more attention to it than usual, I am usually around the middle but when I start playing faster my wrist curls up. Which is probably slowing me down if anything.

It says ZUI

That's retarded - You've just never seen any good ones.
To accurately emulate someone else requires a much higher level of proficiency and understanding.
I think this transcends mediums (consider onmodel fanart, or people who paint/write in the style of someone else) - Music just happens to have a wider adoption base in our culture so you see it more.
The originators were just doing their thing, that's easy - To intentfully master someone else"s thing is far more difficult.

Kaiki"s reasoning is solid.

I played the Oboe. I then proceeded to watch my favorite instrument become associated with Hibike S2's melodrama. Thanks KyoAni.

look between the I and the [ on the keyboard it spells fag

Yes I have ES 335

I've been playing the bass guitar for about 3 years and never got really good, now I mostly play anime songs on Rocksmith for fun. I got really interested and finally bought a bass guitar after watching NicoNico crossdressers covering anime songs. Azusa best girl

That logic doesn't hold up in music at all. A musician can take influence from someone and add ideas to a style, that's how literally all music is, but to wholesale copy someone else is lazy and shows a lack of creativity on the part of the imitator. Talent in music isn't just about what notes you play, it's about the ideas behind those notes and how it reflects the artist designing the piece. A cover artist has no voice, and therefore can barely be called an artist at all.

I play the recorder and the xylophone.

Pretty sure Shitgatsu had a violin. I'm not sure about Nodame Cantabile... maybe -- based composers like Beethoven played the viola in addition to the piano. Fucking violins are too high pitched -- viola is perfect. Scratch that, cello is perfect, viola is next to perfect.


Same. Only attention whores have hobbies and develop skills.

I do not mean to discredit the wonderful pursuit of true artistic novelty,
but more often than not, it is those who can't cut it that end up embracing uniqueness in the name of style.
And that's not to say that such things can't be great great or push fields forward.
But it's because of my original point: Just doing is easy, while mastering something with intention is incredibly difficult.
The artist is dead - What needs to be understood is that they (the originator) never had any voice either, it's all always been happening in you (as the experiencer), and their intents vs yours or someone else"s only matter as much as you want them too. To give one of these objective precedence is absolutely absurd.
You can `creatively' flail around with your own `style' all you want - Doesn't necessarily make you a good musician.
Someone who can indistinguishably emulate something is far rarer and more talented than someone who can shit out something `unique' and `original', they exhibit a much higher level of capability. Of course that's not to say one can't do both...
The toppest players understand this - Mastery is rooted in the act of recreation, even of oneself.
>sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself
-miles davis

Used to play a lot of guitar, but then got caught up in studies and haven't played in ages

Yeah, geetah.

I'm teaching myself the bass

I play the bass, but I sometimes I forgot I play the bass, I should play it more often.

Cover bands who re-imagine others' music can be awesome. Blue Floyd was an example of this.


Acoustic guitar, but it's been a while since I played it and already forgot the chords/tabs of most the songs I used to play.

Not only fat people plays the tuba. I happened to get the instrument because they were short on people in that section

I played piano for 15 years but I don't have access to a piano now, so I picked up guitar and bass because of K-on.

I mentioned playing an instrument when i had to introduce myself in a college class and some attention whore tried to 1-up me by saying that they knew how to play eleven instruments and got invited to some special royal band next year


yup, guitar and piano. I'm learning Nawatobi on piano right now actually.

I always wanted to form a weeb cover band but never found the folks to do it.


I used to play piano well in my 8th grade music class, I haven't touched one since.






Do you really need all these effects just to play root notes?

That only applies to guitar though. Anyone who tells you they picked up the guitar for a reason other than being popular and picking up girls is a damn liar.

Played the viola for a few years in middle school. Drums (at the amateur level) more recently, but now since I'm in the navy I don't play. Although I can carry a tune on pretty much anything.

I play 4 of them, and I'm majoring music when I'm done high school, fellow anons.

Do 2D girls count? I honestly only started playing guitar because I liked Mio from K-on

I have this, a '69 Harmony Sovereign and a cheepo BC Rich Warlock that is at a friends place because he replaced a bad pot for me and I don't have much room for it right now anyway
and yes that is a missing tuning peg and pick guard, was my grandmothers

I've played piano since I was 10, and I picked up the violin a little later than that. I kinda wanted to get into playing guitar, but I never really got into it. I also did a little singing/voice training for like a year or two. Also, Yui is best girl.

Personally, I like it more when a band that normally does their own stuff decides to do a cover in their own style, completely re-imagining the original song. For example:
The original "Love Like Blood" by killing joke
and the Sybreed cover
Bands that occasionally do covers > cover bands.

No, i got told to turn down my acoustic guitar "until i learned to play it", by the person who bought it for me. Yes, acoustic.

gentle finger picking = volume control

I'm the drummer in this photo, I sware

blow a fine meat flute

No insulation in the house meant the sound still traveled pretty well. I was also literally just starting to learn.

Yeah right. You're a liar and a closet normalfag.

Is mayonnaise an instrument? (

Do instruments of torture count?

no Patrick
mayonnaise is not an instrument

It just depends what you want to do with it dude. If someone only wants to learn open chord Ed Sheeran songs its different from me wanting to play Fuwa Fuwa Time.

Bass and guitar, all very basic, used to play in a very punk rock band when I was a teen, eventually evolved into indie rock

t. attention whore normalfag who is not autistic enough to be good at music

the jam version of My Love is a Stapler that Yui plays at the beginning of season two sounds great in any situation and was super fun to learn.

Only one I'm good at.

I bet you thought you would pick up so many fujos playing fuwa fuwa at your local anime convention.

Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keys.
I remember expecting to dislike K-On but ended up liking it because of how well it represented high school bands
>almost never practice
>shitposting irl most of the time
>that one try hard
>that one lazy bastard
>play live like 3 times in the life of the band

God damn, why did I delete K-On from my anime folder last week, I want to check this scene.

It's the very first scene of season 2, just youtube it

It does sound nice, should work great with an acoustic.

Bass, a bit of guitar, Sing Baritone/Bass, played Euphonium all through Middle/Highschool. I'm firmly stuck in two octaves.

When I was 15 I loved to play the Piano. I wasn't very good, but people made allowance because it was the polite thing to do.
Except sometimes I'd take it too far and jsut randomly mash the keys for hours, and my famility had make me stop. One time my dad got so tired of it he bitch slapped me off my stool and then set fire to the piano and made me watch. Come to think of it, he was kind of a dick.
Afterward I found a keyboard from somewhere and then linked it into my school speakers. I ramped the volume up to max and managed to hide from the school's staff for two whole hours before they caught me.
The other kids beat me so hard.
So hard.
In conclusion, I was 15 and I loved the piano. I couldn't actually play though and it drove everybody all nuts.That's all I'm trying to say here.
Thank you for listening.

My niggro
It annoyed me that Hibike didn’t have bass bone. Shuichi should take it up.

Yes, I make beats for famous black rappers.

No. Every time I try it makes me want to kill myself. Everything I've ever pursued in life makes me want to die.

I hope I don't wake up tomorrow.