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Hard Mode: Write a better LN than Oreimo.

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MC is an elementary school boy with an overworked single mom. She's got a good attitude and tries her best to be there for him whenever she can, but he can tell that she goes through a lot. He's mature for his age and works hard to make sure his mother doesn't have to worry about him. It's cute to watch the two of them try to sneakily do favors for each other.

One day, his mom is in a good mood and jokingly fires a "Love Beam

If I were to make an anime, I'm going to make it about Oreos. The main character is going to be a high school student obsessed with Oreos. He has an addiction to these delicious cookies. The main love interest is a Tsundere girl that takes away his Oreos to help him, while the rival is a Yandere girl that gives him free Oreos. The two girls fight each other arguing what's best for the main character. The Tsundere girl wants to help curb his addiction, seeing it as too much. The Yandere girl believes he's entitled to do what he enjoys, and nobody should tell him any different.

His addiction eventually consumes him and soon others want him to stop. The only person that doesn't is the Yandere girl. He will secretly hide Oreos from his family and eat them when nobody is around. He spends a lot of money on the Oreos and this causes strife between himself and his friends. He would rather eat Oreos than be with them.

Eventually action takes place. Almost everyone hides his Oreos. He struggles to quit the Oreos, due to the nice Yandere girl, as she provides him Oreos as another source. The Tsundere girl finds out about the Oreos from the Yandere and gets insanely jealous. She decides to dress up as an Oreo and cover herself with cream.

The boy then falls in love with the Tsundere girl. Not to be outdo, the Yandere girl also covers herself in cream.

The Oreo is the main character.

It's Oreimo except they actually fuck. Hardcore sex.

MC is an qt autismo sperg ready to go into one of Japan's greatest High schools, who has only ever had one friend in her life, and that friend was a girl her age who is a huge problem child, MC lives alone due to certain circumstances, while her friend's parents hate her so are able to sympathize with eachother to some degree.

Getting ready to leave middle school, the friend commits a crime and she goes to court for it, and her parents sign an agreement that will send her to an all girls boarding school for the next 3 years. The school is known for disciplining troublemakers and the MC being the autist she is gets the wrong idea about, so she tells people she helped her friend with the crime so she can be sent their too, when friend finds this out she is upset that her friend would throw away her chance to go to a great school but is also relieved. The rest of the story will follow them going through this new school meeting people, making friends and getting into shenanigans until they graudation.

A boy falls in love with a girl.

He's been in love with her since elementary school. The mc manages to attend to same colelge as his crush and finally mans up to confess to her. When he does, she promptly gets run over by a truck and dies. Distraught by the events that have just transpired, the mc decides to hang himself to the point that he gets decapitated.

His cellphone rings and swallows his entire body and head kirby style. When he wakes up, he is greeted by some cosmic deity that has chosen to revive him out of pity. Only problem is, he's a pretty shitty deity, and brought the mc back as a dullhan, and tells him fix a problem in some fantasy world, (probably an overlord) exchange for being brought back to life. As a bonus, the deity binds the soul of his crush to a suit of amour, since her body was literally torn to bits by the truck.

basically something along the lines of Zelda Spirits tracks, but swap link with a dullahan. Trains optional.

A LN inspired in ziploc siscon-guy story.
Preferably maintaining a realistic vibe, no misunderstanding or shoujo shit.
Here's the story for those who doesn't know yet.


MC is a normal high school student, except everyone else he meets is severely autistic. It's a comedy that gets darker and darker as he loses one autistic friend after another. The first moves to a different city, the second gets run over by a truck, the third gets killed by the fourth, who kills herself by burning a school building down, and the last one runs away into the wilderness, never to be seen again to avoid seeing the MC's face.

A year later he joins another group of friends, and the same thing starts happening again.


Okay, so, LN opens on MC. Everything is normal. You read her go on with her everyday life. But as the series continues, she starts to become aware of you. The more aware she is, the more frightened she becomes. She thinks you're a stalker. She tells her friends all about you but they eventually think she's crazy, and shuns her. Later everyone starts to shun her. In the end, you are all she has. And then it becomes an unrequited love story between audience, and MC. In the final few episodes, both you and her feel the end of the LN approaching. In the end, she says, "Even though our story may end here, I hope one day you will remember me. You will decided to watch this show again. You will remember me, but I won't remember you. Sad, I know. But it just gives me a reason to fall in love with you all over again." The end.

Forgot I replied to these kind of threads last night. Imma repost what I post to the older thread.
A few years ago, when I was a bit serious learning Japanese, I tried to write something. ncode.syosetu.com/n6701cx/

Here's the blurb from link above translated:
>Last night I woke up without any recollection of what happened to me, just like I was born yesterday. But then again, you can't prove the existence of “past.” You could have just been born right now and your whole memory was fabricated.
>That is what I am feeling right now; lost, confused, and unsure. So yes, I might just been born last night, but somehow my “past” is chasing me. I can't remember it, but apparently I caused a private aircraft to crash.
>Damn, I wish I can just remember something! My name, I don't even remember my own name! But why? Why instead of my own name, I know who is responsible for what happened to me?
>That's not all, I'm not even sure that I am human. Not after what happened today. I literally stopped rain. No, not like that. I didn't turn the weather from pouring to sunny, no. But I, how do I put it... I made thousands of raindrops cease to fall, suspending them into the air as if gravity don't work around me.
>I understand, I think I will have to put an end to this.

I'm going to continue the story sometimes next month. It takes me roughly 20 hours to translate 5000 words to Japanese which is why I kind of demotivated sometimes.

Harem isekaishit and the protagonist has an op power and he's also a soyboy nu-male betacuck

>Hard Mode: Write a better LN than Oreimo.
Oreimo but with pregnancy harem end.

Already a thing.

>Even though I'm a pervert, I was reincarnated into a world where no one knows about sex?!

Title is self explanatory

If you-know-what gets a 30 day vacation these days from the mods, why the fuck do I see it posted regardless along with "Already a thing" and the links to that garbage fanfic

Three characters develope a close bond through hardships, one a girl, two boys. girl ends up underdeveloped, gets with one of the two male mcs, she can't be independent of both of them ever. girls and guys can't just be friends in the end.

>girl has psychotic break after her parents die in front of her
>develops dissociative identity disorder
>new personality takes over for her for years
>original personality eventually resurfaces as they are about to enter high school, but they swap back and forth every time they go to sleep
>in order to keep track of their life together, they begin a video exchange diary where they tell each other about their day and otherwise communicate
>New personality discovers that original personality is a masochist and begins training her through the diary to help lighten her emotional stress
>Original personality realizes that new personality is knowingly putting her own existence at risk by doing this and falls in love with her over this realization
>The plot resolves around the original personality working with her shrink cousin that had been caring for her over the years to fortify the new personality's existence while working up the courage to confess to herself, both personalities juggling their shared but separate lives and social circles, and the new personality dealing with her growing feelings of attraction for herself while trying to come up with new S&M scenarios and trying and failing to hide their kinks from their friends.
>Ends with the two meeting in a shared dream for the first time for a bondage themed wedding

That's already a thing. Dude reincarnates into a world where people don't realize you can sex for shit other than reproduction and basically fucks the shit out of everything that moves.

MC is the manager of a moody A-lister idol whose shtick is looking and acting like a vampire (pale skin, violet eyes, dark hair, red lips and fangs). Except she really is a vampire, but everyone assumes she's just cosplaying as one with prosthetic fangs, color contacts, etc. Her concerts are always at night but the arenas are packed every time with screaming fans.

Vampire idol-chan is stressed and increasingly unhappy with her celebrity life. She was intrigued when she saw idols at Akihabara on her visit to Tokyo (her home is a crumbling meat factory in an abandoned town in Eastern Europe), so she went up to the first recruiter and demanded to be one. It took a while to convince him (the MC) she's a real vampire, but he figured it would be a nice theme to work on. Now she wants to return home for peace and quiet, but she's become too popular. She's tired of drinking from hospital blood packs and wants fresh ichor from the MC. She was turned when she was 16, but now she's 500 years old.

Other characters include a fanatical otaku fan who suspects her true nature, a rival idol who is friendly with Vampire Idol-chan (though the latter often hankers after her blood), a rather incompetent vampire hunter that the MC successfully fends off, and a handsome male vampire who is later revealed to be the one who originally turned Vampire Idol-chan.

MC and a friend are chatting. Mc puts on his new VR headset turns it on and suddenly disappears. Friend panics for a minute but then MC reappears screaming. He looks a few years older, much stronger and all sliced up and bleeding.

Story is about the dude trying to readjust back into society after being isekaid. He failed to save the other world from something so his love interest destroyed the anchor that was keeping him in that world so he would at least live on.

Random shit keeps giving him PTSD and flashbacks of his adventure.

MC lives in a world where everyone gets isekai'd all the time and is the only person who doesn't get isekai'd. Only to find out at the end that the he was already isekai'd into the world he is in now.

>garbage fanfic

That fanfic is kino, you take that back.

Already a thing.

>What is dynamic IP?

It's a normal day in the life of pathetic High School 1st year MC-kun when suddenly he gets hit by a car. When he wakes up he finds he's in the body of some other High School 1st Year kid but a different school. He decides to go to the new body's school just because and now he is trying to fix the bullying problem his host has. After solving the problem with violence and getting suspended, he has gained the respect of the bullies and no one bothers him any more. The next day he wakes up in the body of another HS 1Y MC-kun and discovers that there's a teacher that is molesting all the cute girls and boys at the school. Using his cunning and a hidden camera, he exposes the teacher and becomes a hero of the school.

After a few more times of solving regular HS 1Y MC-kun problems like trying to be a starter on the basketball team, passing that midterm and finding the right situation to ask out that cute senpai, MC-kun is going to get put back into his own body. He never thought in a millions years he had the courage and the resolve to do the all the things he never thought he could do.

He finally opens his eyes and he finds himself in a hospital bed. It's not surprising he was hit by a car. He tries to sit up, but he can't. He tries to move at all and he can't. It's no use MC-kun is completely paralyzed and there is no chance for recovery. But just when all hope is lost all the MC-kuns that MC-kun had helped burst into his hospital room and through the power of friendship they aid him in his recovery to become a normal able-bodied high schooler and in just 5 days MC-kun is doing backflips and is ace of every since sports club and now the leader of the free world.

Help! My Big Brother's Magical Imouto Harem Doesn't Believe He's Gay!
A kindhearted, handsome highschool boy discovers that over the course of his life he's managed to assemble a harem of weird adopted little sisters with strange abilities who are all deeply in love with him. However, he's secretly gay, though none of his harem will believe him. His only confidante is his actual blood related little sister(who was raised by other relatives for several years before moving in with the brother), who works with him to foil the advances of the harem. What he doesn't know, though, is that his "sister" is actually a trap cross dressing as a girl to make it easier to express her feelings for her brother thinking he was always straight. Too embarrassed to reveal her deception to her brother, she slowly becomes friends with her brothers unintentional harem even as she secretly tries to dissuade their advances all the while searching for a way to reveal the truth to her brother.

Allright Sup Forums, stop me if you've heard this one before.
>Breathes in

A stressed university student is put in the hospital after a psychological breakdown.

He wakes up in a world filled where humans live in fear of monsters called "Preta" and powerful robotic creatures called "Asura", both of which hunt down humans.

After meeting another human, he is informed that the world is actually a dream and teaches him how to wake up in the real world.

From every night onwards, he enters the dream world involuntarily and must gain "Karma" in order to remain alive.

To do so, he must hunt down the terrifying Preta... But if you die in the dream, you die in real life.

An Isekai anime where the MC is an engineering student. MC discovers to his horror that this new world does not have maids, and makes it his task to make the industrial revolution happen by helping invent everything from the steam engine to railroads to the telegraph, so that the world gets Victorian aesthetics, and therefore, maids.

By the end, the town where the MC first started grew to be an economic superpower and the capital in the huge federation that united most of human countries on the planet, the Demon King's country stopped its conquest attempts because they became reliant on trade with the federation, the world is an utopian-ish steampunk society, and the MC got his maids.

A fantasy world is invaded by the army of a Demon Lord. Trying to save the land, the gods send one of their servants to our world, where he has to become a truck driver and hit the chosen one in order to send him to the fantasy world he comes from.

However he is not only a bad driver, but a terrible judge of character. Also he has to escape the police after he becomes recognized as a serial killer

Soon, his world becomes a place full of RPG otaku virgins who for some reason really resonate with the women. Every chosen one has his own harem.

To solve this, the servant has to become the hero himself, using his trusty truck to send the demons and eventually the Demon Lord to the real world so they have to deal with it.

With that, America nukes Japan in order to save the real world. Meanwhile, the otaku that remained in the fantasy land lose their harems for they are no heroes, and become mediocre farmers for the rest of their lives.

The title is: How I became a serial killer truck driver in order to stop the demon lord

that was a rollercoaster

MC's loli imouto trips over her brother's computer's power cord while he was playing a MMO and teleported into his game as a human class character who has permanent base stats and who's locked to level 0. Now he has to guide her through the game with his character as well as teach her regular human-grade skills to survive when he's away from the computer while going to school and shit.

Mom is a former magical girl, right?

It's like Haruhi, but the God is the protagonist's (genuinely) autistic little brother.

My Girlfriend Might be my Blood-Related Sister?

MC starts dating a girl, but finds out his dead had an affair with a child with another women. He constantly gets paranoid that he might be having accidental incest with the girls he meets.

Why write? When I can rip off someone else?


Now that you mention it eromanga sensei is the apex of pandering, no wonder it got away with being so shit

Because when I write something, I make sure I will put a nice surprise end not anyone but me can pull off in my story.

Already exists in part, in france.

>LN Name
[I'm madly in love with a mysterious girl and now I need to date all her personalities in order to confess my love to her?!]

MC-kun is a normal High school student who falls madly in love with a beautiful and mysterious quiet girl in his class. One day at school he gathered all his courage and decided to confess his love to her, knowing that she usually ate her bento alone on the school's rooftop he went there. Before he can confess his love, she suddenly stopped him and said something strange: that he needs "the others" approval.

Turns out that girl has dissociative identity disorder, developing personalities such as ojou-sama, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, tomboy, genki, cool, sadist, masochist, among others. They're trying to protect the girl due to past experiences and in order for MC to confess his love, he needs to conquer all her personalities first by going on dates with them.

>Hard mode
She turned out to be his long lost twin sister.

I liked it, mainly because both our plots involved identity disorders.

So there’s this guy Johnny. A true American hero. He has it all - good looks, many friends. And also maybe Johnny is a vampire. We’ll see.

My NEET Oni-Chan got issekaied and now I'm going to be a Magical Girl in another World.

Oni-Chan gets Issekaied by truck of peace. In the real world the Imoto sees it -> oni-chan is buried -> Imoto cries herself to sleep.

God tells her in her dream, that Oni-Chan got issekaied to a world where there is an evil lord which she needs to help kill, he is going to make her a magical girl to fight him. And if she succeeds he is going to make one wish come true.

Imoto fights evil, gets allies etc. They don't see Oni-Chan around.

Turns out time passes much faster in the Issekai and 5 years passed since Oni-Chan arrived and he used his OP protagonist status to basically become an evil dictator and is now a fat NEET Dicktator, who enslaves girls and is a rapist and stuff.

When the Imoto sees this, she walks up to him and slaps him as hard as she can, and shouts "I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!", while she is saying that, she does not realize that when he fell over oni-chan snapped his neck on a table and she basically killed the evil lord.

Thus God fulfills her wish, and she wakes up in her bed again.


That's gold.

How about one where in the fantasy dimension they're getting a huge influx of new heroes because of increasing truck-based terror attacks in Europe and Australia, and they're now overburdened with useless 1st worlders who won't do anything without a wifi connection. The kings of the fantasy world decide to reverse-isekai some mages and swordsmen to wipe out islam in the real world, and it's pretty much a crusade. But since trucks just happen to be powerful magic circles, after getting to the bottom of the islam problem they end up finding out that the real enemy is the car manufacturers; all ruled by the demon lord.

MC happens to be one of the useful heroes who gets isekai'd in the first place by the islam trucks, becomes a knight, and gets reverse-isekai'd back into IRL to destroy the truck drivers and trucks. The story also involves his internal conflict with either wanting revenge against the ideology that killed him or wanting to make progress in preventing more attacks.

Already a thing.


Neat, someone reposted my shitpost.

Now I am worried.

I get isekai'd into a fantasy world where everything is amazing and I'm equally amazing. Then I have celibate sexual relations with many pretty girls and save the world. The end.

Isekai but in reverse.

It's now the next Keit-Ai.

mc loses contact with his cute childhood friend
when they meet up again in high school she is a total slut who sleeps with fat old men for money
she says she likes it and will not stop
dispite his objections.
so wanting to protect his sweet friend he begrudgingly becomes her ""pimp""
one day they are eating in wcdonalds after she has finished servicing a particularly disgusting customer
she casually mentions that some just men like to watch and they could both get paid for having sex in public
but of course it wouldn't mean anything because it's just for money
mc is now in love with her so again begrudgingly agrees
the first time goes really badly mc feels disgusted with himself and throws up in the hotel bathroom afterwards but she seems overjoyed (he finally understands!) she can't wait for their next joint booking, only this time maybe the client could join in?
mc goes to the next job but half way through he freaks out.
he admits his feelings but tells her he can't love her and condone her behavior
she takes him aside and tells him she has always been in love with him but she can't change who she is (a disgusting sex addict)
mc runs away and totally avoids her for the next week
a week later the body of a young girl is found in roppongi
it's her

A boy falls in love with a girl.
Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl’s phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.
But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn’t exist in this universe at all. She is the girl’s alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC’s own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.
Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.


>MC is a guy who can travel between timelines and has no recollection on how he obtained his power nor of anything beyond him obtaining his power
>One day he encounters a girl who is present in every timeline doing the exact same thing as her other timeline counterparts and despite meeting her for the first time he feels a sense of familiarity with her
>Hi jinks ensues as he unravels his past and his connection to the girl
If anyone is creative enough to turn this into a thing be my guest

>If only I could travel back... in time!
>#675682 =△= VIOLET
Story's about a 29 year old web designer working from his own home, and an amateur solo mountaineer on the side, which regrets something he had done in kindergarten as a kid. Well, maybe not exactly "regret", but he has a desire to go back, hoping to selfishly change things to suit his own desires. He's been occasionally daydreaming about all the things he'd also like to change as he scales and challenges different mountains.
He's scaling yet another mountain, but things go awry. Something happens and multiple of his safeties all fail within seconds. English is my second language; as I have no idea how the mechanisms are called in English I can't nearly make this gripping enough. So anyway, after attempting every single thing in the book, he finds a place where he can finally settle down and rest properly. He's got some food, he has other signalling tools, and he's got means of procuring drinkable water. It's late September, and he's at some fucking obscure Bolivian mountain.
Days pass, he recovers, and he's on his way to a mountain lodge indicated on his map. He can see it with his own eyes, too. He eventually reaches it, and although there's some writing and warning signs telling him not to enter, he enters it as he could only understand the gist of the writing which was written in a foreign language for him (something, blah blah "private").
He raids that private booth, but he finds nothing he can eat - however, there's some old coffee and a working gas stove with some gas bottles lying around. Calling it a "booth", or a "hut" is not right, it's two-storied.
He finds a small, weird device in the middle of a small room, which is surrounded by empty clothing and equipment. It's almost as if people were wearing them moments ago. Something about the arrangement of the clothes rubbed him the wrong way, it didn't look right. After thinking about it, he reluctantly presses the button.

A powerful mad wizard hellbent on destroying the world is defeated but barely manages to flee by transforming into a field mouse and scampering into the wilderness. Escaping far into the countryside, the polymorphed wizard runs into a farmer's field and is chased down and killed by a farmer's dog, who absorbs the wizard's powers and becomes immensely magically powerful, but its intelligence is unchanged, so it just continues to act like a dog.

The story follows an illiterate farmer whose dog's eyed suddenly started glowing, and how he deals with his new superpowered dog. The dog uses its newfound powers to so dog things, like jump super high to catch birds. Maybe the evil wizard subjugation squad passes by still hunting for the wizard.

Not really sure where the story would go after this. Maybe just an SoL about a man and his dog.

the buttons on the device he saw*

Nothing. Nada. Absolutely nothing happened. Relieved, but also secretly hoping for something to happen, he presses it multiple times. He sighs and laughs at himself for believing there was something supernatural behind this. "Some other mountain climber must've done this to spook people!" "He has probably left a camera nearby to capture people's reactions, too!" "What a joke!".
With revived vigour, he decides to look around for stuff to entertain himself with. He actually manages to find some food that would last him about two or three with proper portoning this time around. He likely wasn't searching properly the first time around. Hurrying does this to people. There's also an old, dust-covered solar panel mechanism, disassembled and put away in a clothes drawer. There's no water around, though, so he had to procure it on his own - some of the foods require water for preparation.
After eating, now calm, he looks for a way to get the solar generator up and running, so he can charge his devices and contact people. He assembles some parts of it, but something doesn't quite work right. There are missing connectors, so he looks around, and manages to find them after half an hour of looking. A couple of days pass, and the ancient generator manages to deliver meager amounts electricity, which powers the ancient light bulbs after some work on the MC's part. After experimenting and mccgyvering things to replace missing parts, he had done it. Charging the pho proved a bit of a hassle, since the connectors were different, but he'd managed to get his thing charging with no more than 5 minutes of his time.
He stole some missing equipment from that weird room he saw in the first day, and made plans to leave this booth, and maybe resupply it if he comes here again.
He's about to leave - he's been here for a week since charging took a while for some reason. A helicopter is closing in the distance, but so is an ... UFO?

The MC gently waves at the heli.
The UFO starts rapidly spinning around the helicopter, fucking with its air intake and causing it to be somewhat unstable. The pilots take that as a signal to "stay away!". They manurver spin around so they can go back, but whatever is in the UFO is also interpreting these events in their own way - "we don't give a fuck if you're an alien or whatever, that guy is ours!", and so, the UFO shoots down the helicopter mid-maneuver.
Bewildered, the MC thinks that this must be yet another prank. Maybe the same guy who had fucked with the clothes arrangement had slipped some drugs in the food.
And for the first time, and perhaps, the last, an apocryphal narrator, the MC himself, makes his appearance.
>this... is 100% real!
This is an LN which baits in people who are fans of mountaineering and survival, and via a bullshit plot tha (aliens) the MC gets his secret wish to come true. His consciousness gets transferred into the 6 year old him, and the readers would be forced to read a mundane kindergarden and school story for years. Don't forget about hiatuses at the most interesting parts. Some supernatural events will be alluded to in TV reports within the LN's universe, but for the most part it will remain a healing story about a guy who gets to relive his life all over again, with some gentle childhood drama spiced in here and there again for flavour. He never actually meets the aliens again, and the plot of aliens is never brought up again.

KyoAni pls adapt

Fuck, I'd read that. And watch the eventual anime.

Modern times. Human souls can be sucked out and transformed into energy, soulless people suffer no adverse effects. Plenty of people give up their souls in exchange for money, there's no problem with it afterall.

MC is an operator in anti-soul-crime unit and deals with robberies where bandits forcibly take away souls or religious terrorists who target legal soul-related objects.

During one of the chapters, while interrupting powerful crime group's operation, MC's unit is killed and he is captured. You can't extract souls from dead men, in order not to be wasteful criminals extract MCs soul. When the process is half-done, explosion destroys the extractor and he is rescued by another unit.

Having only half soul, he manages to see the spirit world. Extracted souls are gone forever, but killed people's souls escape corpses and haunt the world as immortal, malevolent spirits.

They can posses soulless people and take control over them. Vengeful spirits of genocidal dictators, serial killers and madmen lurk somewhere, developing dark plans.

Spirit of MC's unit member tries to posses him, but since he only lost half soul, it cannot take control, but still resides within, blaming MC for his death.

Higher-ups don't believe MC and write it off as PTSD. They retire him from the unit.

MC, having learned the dark truth about the world, abandoned by his organization and haunted by his dead unit member, decides to save the world on his own.

MC is a lonely and underachieving college dropout when one day a quirky female knight from a medieval fantasy world gets isekai'd into his world right in front of him. Determined to be get back home, she moves in with the MC in hopes of learning more about this world. At first he thinks she's an upstuck weirdo, but due to the savage and dangerous life she's had as a warrior she's learned to appreciate and cherish the small things in life and eventually shows the MC that maybe life isn't as bad as he thought it was.

It's the year 2100.
In a seemingly happy world full of technological progress, combined with an AI technocracy, humans live a carefree life. You can do everything you want with your free time, be it dilligently working, indulging yourself in the finest hedonistic pleasures, or live on a farm in a village, like many humans lived many generations ago. The system can handle everything at once, as long as a relative amount of order is kept.
A human ombudsman, one of few, is sent to the CapitA.I. (the location where the highest amount of data is processed) to serve a complaint to the AI. The capital mostly takes care of itself, and it has very few human workers. When something goes awry, robots are automatically sent to fix whatever the problem is, and there are very few human dining and housing establishments. The ombudsman is on his way to one of the few restaurants, and right when he's about to enter, a shootout breaks out. A shootout. Something disorderly and ancient. Something a lot of people supposedly had for a pasttime centuries ago, or so do the history books in this world say. Though it is not an old-fashioned shootout, with gunpowder, hammering, and bullets, but with handheld railguns. Historical shootouts were said to drag out for minutes, but this one was over in no more than a dozen seconds. One can understand why humans no longer have this as a pasttime - shootings are just not prolonged and are very boring today. Not to mention that the system actively discourages such behaviour.

The ombudsman's robotic butler, with which he'd been allied for as long as he remembers himself, is shot. It realises that it should alert the authorities as soon as possible, but it also realises that using the antenna to transfer the data will cause its circuits to fry. After a tearful (for the ombudsman) goodbye, the data is sent, and the butler's circuits are fried. Its "consciousness" has been backed up on the internet and it could be restored in another body, but in a humane and sentimental gesture, the ombudsman deletes the backup as to permanently cement his death and goes on to voice his complaints to the A.I.

A young man fresh out of school has no prospects and no future, but has a vague sense that he's meant for something great. One night, a princess from another land appears in his bedroom, and tell him that it is HIS holy duty to send 'Heroes' to the magical lands.

He becomes a truck driver. Every volume is about him finding a new Hero, and (through various hilarious ways) finding a means to send the Hero off on his / her heroic destiny. By killing them.

It's implied that he's simply suffered a psychotic break.

This brought a smile to my face

In a magical girl setting, our protagonist is the only man with magical powers. He's like Tuxedo Kamen but less gay, and he shows up to battle monsters known as Orphans to harvest their mana. He has a fated meeting with the city's two other magical girls, and a love triangle plot begins.

However, the protagonist's secret is that he doesn't have any powers at all. His girlfriend, a crippled magical girl, has loaned him her powers so he can fight on her behalf. He's also struggling to stay romantically loyal to her, since they can no longer have a physical relationship (she's dead from the waist down).

This is actually a netori story, and all hell breaks loose when he fucks one of the other girls. The first volume sets the whole story up as a more standard LN, we only have him meet his real girlfriend in the very last chapter. (And keeping with the pattern, the epilogue of each novel has him discussing the events of the adventure with her. She slowly gets increasingly jealous and increasingly sad.)

Why would you write something like this? This is literally misery porn.

Strange minds think alike.

What about the webcomic?

anime is set in the near future where young girls are selected to enter a special training program where they get taken from their families and locked in a facility where they get trained to be the obedient sluts and sex slaves to be sold and used for breeding
each week a lottery is held for men to come in and be used in one of their training sessions where they get to fuck them for free
mc is a virgin nerd whos friends enter into the lottery he wins and when he goes there he befriends a girl and helps her escape then she uses her pussy's strength and his knowledge of the outside world to free all girls and revolutionise the world

"that" would be Neal~sama's fantastic fan fic about papa skelletor ?