Just started watching this but why did no one tell me this was actually good...

Just started watching this but why did no one tell me this was actually good? All Sup Forums does is complain about glasses man but this is leagues above SAO.

Lots of boring talk

>why did no one tell me this was actually good
Let me guess, you weren't here when it aired.

Season 1 is great.

Season 2 had horrible pacing, mostly because they decided to do 3 volumes all at once, just because they happened to be taking place at the same time and made it a clusterfuck.

Season 3 never cause the Author is a tax dodging criminal.

I only watched it because of the OP.
Considering it's isekai garbage, Long Horizon is at least watchable compared to most anime of this kind.

How new are you?


You missed the author coming to our threads. He came to 3 threads before someone he works with caught him and told him not to talk to us anymore.

>Not to talk to us anymore

What? Why?

Then the author pops by on Sup Forums and everyone had a nyanderful day

Who complains about Shiroe? He's great. I don't remember anyone hating him then it aired.

Because Sup Forums is the cesspool of the internet.

Cause he's in jail.

Either because of Sup Forums's cancerous reputation, or because an user asked "If he would forgive him for pirating Log Horizon to read it." He more or less said it's okay, as long as one day, when you're financially well-off, you buy the real thing. Maybe because he could have come close to spoiling the story? Who knows. That aside, his sister is a total tsun, and everyone teased she was secretly tsundere and he should finish her route.

Dammit, it would have been cool to talk to him and tell him how much I enjoyed his work.

When is he scheduled to get out? After a tax evasion suit he will need money. Which means season 3!

>Log Horizon's author is a tax evading criminal
>No Game No Life's author traces art
>neither will have proper endings in our lifetime

What's up with isekai authors being scum? Or do they do it so that they don't have to worry about ending their series properly?


You have all the answers right there

user, iirc, he twitted he was ok, he paid what he have to paid, got out and everything is fine.

Although, quite probably he's living in a cardboard box below some bridge. Tax evasions fines are anything, but fine.

>got out and everything is fine.

He hasn't released a new volume in over 3 years

He's not fine.

Either way, I would imagine no publisher wants to on board a criminal. There hasn't been a LN release since the scandal, meanwhile he's still releasing web novels.

>That aside, his sister is a total tsun, and everyone teased she was secretly tsundere and he should finish her route.
What is this? Sounds interesting.I wonder if any character was based off her.

I don't get why some people think Log Horizon is good anyways.
I'd consider it only mediocre if I treat it like a slice of life, otherwise its just plain bad.

After he wrote the book, she supposedly randomly dropped by his apartment, threw the book at him, said it was trash, and why she thought so. If I remember correctly, she had a habit of hiding his shoes or slippers.

The webnovel got updated last august.

Glad to hear he is ok, but I selfishly want him to write more for the good all anons everywhere.

World building is great.

I like the negative effects for death for the 'players'

How do you deal with the cold hard reality that you will never be swept away to a fantasy world as your cute MMO character?

Log Horizon is a lot more well crafted than SAO in a lot of ways but fuck was it boring. SAO was way more entertaining than this snoozefest.

SAO didn't really feel like an MMO. Progressive captured the feeling of all those annoying questlines and side missions. I liked Log Horizon's economic stuff. Reminded me of markets in the few MMOs I played.

that didn't stop toriyama.

There's a fair bit of difference between Toriyama and Marmalade.

the author of toriko was arrested in 2002. he still managed to get a job.

What were her reasons? Also, hiding his shoes and slippers, what is she 7?
The difference is that that dude is a friend of Oda, One Piece is a fucking national treasure over there and in that industry connections can get you very very far

>but this is leagues above SAO
that is not saying much

the "i have everything planed from the start" type of characters are allways great to see
like lelounch, or kira, or joseph (he is more of lucky creative but i count him anyway)

>the "i have everything planed from the start" type of characters are allways great to see
>like lelounch, or kira, or joseph
The thing is, these characters and also Ainz Ooal Gown (as an isekai comparison) were written much better than Shiroe was, and as a result their shows were much more enjoyable for me to watch.

oh yeah, log horizon is completly average, but it was a fun ride the first season, and i have played a lot of mmo so theres that, season 2 was bad and i droped it

Log Horizon is good because Akatsuki is unbelievably fuckable. She was made for dick.

How was his Engrish?

He mostly typed in Japanese with anons translating. It was a magical evening.

what actually happened to him? you don't go to jail for tax evasion.

Jail is a meme.
He paid the taxes and there wasn't any jailtime. When the news story broke the issue was already resolved.

>you don't go to jail for tax evasion
At least in mine you do.

Season 2 was horrible unfortunately.

>just started watching this
Keep watching and watch your initial excitement fade away as you're bored out of your fucking mind

log horizon is literally too childish

World building and asspain towards SAO's chuuni stupidity. Moreso the latter; it's not good on its own merit, only has dickriders its not as terrible as self-indulgence incarnate

I honestly can’t dislike the guy, he wrote something fun that was better than its competitors in genre and it’s not like tax evasion is some huge moral transgression. I hope he’s okay the threads were fun.

>Season 3 never cause the Author is a tax dodging criminal.

That got resolved though. He got audited, paid the fee, and moved on.

Arent the nips obsessed with a clean reputation though.


It's enough for the government to probably not put up more money for more seasons to be animated.

>S3 Never
Why live?


i want see moar of her


We talked about it constantly when it was airing, our weekly DATABASE livestreaming was amazing. These days we have maybe ~1 short thread a month on it and it's mostly just random people trying to force the "S2 is bad" or "muh tax dodger" memes.

It's fantastic, the only "isekai" that isn't shit, and one of my favorite series ever made across many decades. It perfectly encapsulates the feel I had player older, older online games with my bros where teamwork and community building mattered more than which one trenchcoated chuuni loner kid got the best sikk l00t.

Last time I checked the series Krusty was still on the moon. Is he still on the moon?

Ah I see you've got it covered. I'll be on my way.

you're retarded. this is literally one of the most beloved shows on Sup Forums

Who on the where?

He's not still in China?

>he wasn't here during season 1.

>tfw when SAO's absurd bad writing represents modern WoW

Jesus fuck Reki predicted the future.

you spelled it right the first time

for a isekei show from before the isekei shithole period its great
I enjoyed it alot

Nowadays there's contrarians because the dicksucking is annoying, especially for a relatively 'boring' show

Still feel the show would be ignored if SAO wasn't the 4kids/Gundam Seed Destiny esque pariah of this decade

NANI a slightly negative drop rate is impossible.

It is good. The world building and everything worked nicely.

He found out that a Genius (see the Nuctemeron) was screwing with him and he's going to find that Genius and pay her a visit.

I play VRChat as a cute trap and extort headpats from people

Hows the yen press or official release? Caught up yet?

I miss Marmalade

If SAO is your benchmark then of course it's "good".