ITT: Manga that would be better without all the cooking

ITT: Manga that would be better without all the cooking

Thinking about the emphasis on the cooking does seem weird. To be more specific the amount of detail it goes to show you the dishes. Even if it didn't go to such extreme detail it already serves as world building. That amount of detail and scrutiny also doesn't work like in Golden Kamuy which has actual historical recipes and you're technically learning real stuff about the Ainu.

Extreme faggot thread. Can't handle a unique protag like Laius, I see. The deal with his adorable attention to detail in such unfamiliar field is eating! monsters, yes, why do you think it even sells? It rides the fad and does it delivering perfectly.

I literally skip all the cooking/food explanations.

every isekai, it's always the same, betagonist makes some basic dish for some basic bitch and she overreacts

Consuming other lifeforms and the cycle of life are the central themes in Meshi, though. The wisdom offered by Senshi and the care by which he cooks and prepares the food shows that they understand this lesson better than other adventurers. To not appreciate the time and effort necessary to draw the most out of their food would be to disrespect their food and, in turn, the sources of their food.

Same. I'm just in it for cute Erina moments

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AKA the heaven's feel syndrome

Seems fairly realistic to me.

I'm in my late 20s and I know only few people who can actually cook.
The average girl being impressed by some basic cooking totally makes sense.

Golden Kamuy would be better if it was ONLY cooking and SoL

>manga about cooking
>don't read cooking parts
Just drop it, it's not for you.

This exactly.

this exactly

...Is this guy fucking serious?


Irredeemable shit taste.
Go read more elf doujinshi

Yes and no. It's pretty vanilla without the cooking, cooking makes it unique, even if it grows old fast and makes it worse overall.

Dungeon Meshi and Golden Kamuy really resemble each other in that way. I always feel like I'm learning something from those series.

>mc makes super simple curry
>girl creams herself
Every damn time.

>A cooking series would be better without all the cooking.

yeah, sure.

I think OP would be better without all the fingers

I like GK as a mix of comfy wilderness survival, gory action, humor, naked men and political intrigue, just an ainu cook book would be nice and all, but nowhere as good as the actual manga.

it doesn't make sense in some medieval world where the average girl is not considered marriageable until she can prepare every staple meal

ITT: OP is a faggot

This page is the best page


>hating cooking
I'm guessing you're a modern western woman