Defend this

Defend this.

I won't

no thanks

Looks like a penor LOL

Aldnoah Zero sucked




The new one has an aesthetic of it's own.
I don't know if I'll accept it in my heart as the true Brünhild but she is a pretty ship nonetheless.

Doesn't bother be to be honest.

The new ships and lasers look fucking awesome. The new character designs look fucking awful.

Second one is newer so its better.

i cant, sadly


Wait -- what the hell happened to the rest of the imperial ships? They look completely different

The backgrounds probably got butchered the most out of everything.

What is that black stain on the front

They went from being floating gun barrels to floating dicks and balls.

The Imperial ship designs were never good.

Looks like moss.

>shit quality screen

There was an elegance to them. Plus, you don't just see them over the course of 100 episodes and not grow attached to them.

You could at least post a real screenshot

looks like a bad dragon dildo

I'm upset about character design, but ship design honestly doesn't matter at all.

It's absolutely disgusting, but it's not like I won't watch the new series. Still, it breaks my heart to think that when people mention LOGH here from now on it will be about the new one.

Why it has to be looked like a dick? Just why?

They fucking George Lucas'd it.
LotGH is truly the star wars of anime.

Looks like a futuristic firearm.
I like it

Phallic symbolism is GOOD

The ships are no longer comfy

Second looks better.
Much more detail.
And it can have multiple ships visible. The old one only has one ship in focus with others just simple outlines.

Golden emboss

I actually like the classic solid laser lines way more

>Much more detail.
That is not inherently good though. I fucking love the simplistic sleek designs of the original

See but that's fine though. There's only one ship in focus because it's the thing you're supposed to focus on. The second one is cluttered.

>OVA is so old all the background stars have already died

It is good that they made an effort to drawn the background ships, but they need to do something about the ship design.

>great space armada
>only show the flagship

So why not just have smooth cylinders in space?

>So why not just have smooth cylinders in space?
Surely there must be an inbetween. Detail is good but only detail that fulfills an aesthetic. Just look at fucking bayformers to see what the MOAR DETALE attitude gets you


Now they look like this.

Here is your draw.

And how do you determine which aesthetic is better than another? Other than your taste?

And both side have different aesthetic that follows from their original ones. They are just modernized.

>They are just modernized.
Which I personally don't like. I just take issue with you your argument for it being bette was simply "more detail"

And new one has huge gold emblem on the front.
How is that not cool? And representative of the leader?

I'd much rather have ships like these as CGI
Than this:

Ok that actually looks kinda cool

That bridge is pretty neat looking, but I hope they don't change the FPA bridges too much.

I bet the fighter battle scenes will be kickass though.


That is not aesthetically pleasing.

Its not meant to be.
Those are utilitarian designs.
Function over form and all that stuff.

I kinda like em, but they look like frigates instead of cruisers.

>Only 12 episodes
Oh this is going to be an absolute disaster, unless they're doing multiple seasons, but who still does that?

For me this is the biggest red flag.

What could they possibly cover in 12 episodes?

I fucking despise the new "slow laser" bombardment.

They could just get to OG season 1 end if they move quickly.

Plus 3 movies.

The original did the first book in 15 episodes (though 2 of those episodes were filler from Gaiden so it was really 13). So it's not a stretch that 12 episodes will cover the first book now.

And then the second book in the 3 movies.

Doesn't look like anything to me.

I'll watch the new series but probably not the old one.

I don't see the problem.


Looks like some trash B-movie sci-fi design, all smooth and shiny and shit. The exposed machinery on the original Brunhild made it look tougher and not excessively futuristic


You're missing out user

>I'll watch the new series but probably not the old one.
I'd recommend watching the original adaptation. You could start with the movie-- "My Conquest is the Sea of Stars" if you're sufficiently interested.

Well first, defend this.

I mean, it's visually appealing.

There is nothing wrong with CG but it IS wrong to replace good 2D with CG. It's fine to go the CG route if you're going to incorporate that into the design from the very beginning, but remakes in general are abomination.

Looking at all these spaceships makes me wanna climb into an X Wing and start taking down these overdesigned monstrosities.
Shit, where's my copy of Freespace 2 or Xwing vs Tie Fighter?

I just can't get the idea out of my mind that these new imperial space botes look like covenant ships. Makes me want to replay Halo. The nostalgia is kind of nice.

>boxy designs
Have they learned nothing from the Russians?

>hurrr more detail/complexity is inherently good
You must like gamer hardware design.

Lucas always improved on designs, especially on ships.

Where are the chibis and the lolis?

that was the best part of that shit movie.

fist with a dagger vs. laser gun

laser gun wins

What about it needs defending?

why does that ship have testicles?

Jesus, talk about phallic designs

>implying prequel trilogy designs aren't top tier
Even TFA designs were pretty neat before Disney axed all the best ideas.


Top design - iconic 60s-70s vintage automotive classics
Bottom design - tacky, gaudy and cookie-cutter Asian flivvers of today

>"eewwwwww it looks like a phallus!!11!1 >_< ewwww it's all cgshit !1111!1 o_0 eeww new things are baaaaad >_

Even their pistols are tiny battleships.

You mean Disney'ed it. George Lucas is a visionary and prequel trilogy is an underrated masterpiece.


>an effort was made
I didn't expect this.

>nostalfags unironically prefer these flying tuna-boxes over actual spaceship design

The Perceval is Muller's flagship, right? I liked that the Empire flagships had a few aesthetically pleasing ones mixed in there just to show they could have them

I hate the ship redesign much more than the kuroko character design

>implying i give a fuck about the spaceships in logh

The show was terrible as a sci-fi series so why complain now

>Top looks like a starship
>bottom is a mask that has a huge horn and balls under it

Brunhilde and Perceval were the two top of the flagships made using the best technology available.

It was awarded to Mueller for his heroism during the battle of Vermilion, when Mueller used the Lübeck as a shield to protect the Reinhard in the Brünhild. The Lübeck was fucked so he needed a new ship anyway, might as well give him top of the line.

>slow moving blaster bolt looking shit instead of beams
I don't even give a shit about the designs, this completely ruins it.

why is most of the fleet conveniently positioned at the exact point the discharge can hit?

In the novels they actually use cannons at long range and only use their neutron beam cannons up close.

This is actually more accurate than the blue lasers from the OVA.

I can’t and no one should, it changes the dynamic of space combat so much that it makes everyone in the previous movies retarded.

Hyperion best girl

Those don't look like cool railcannon shells though, they look like star wars lasers.

This, if this is an option it invalidates every military action we've seen up until this point in the entire franchise.