Alice to Zouroku

What the fuck was her problem?
Also great show, were the threads fun?

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Her only problem was being too perfect.

wished her hair grew longer over the series again after the cut

Most of her issues involved some form of frazzling, user. So I'd say that this was her main problem.

How can we fix that

People complained about the plot being all over the place but I enjoyed the drama comfy back n forth.

Some of the stuff like minnie's was sort of hard, but the last episode was sort of a cute fight between kids

>What the fuck was her problem?
You're not you when you're hungry.

she grows up to become yukarin

The show ended on a perfect note after the sixth episode. It's not that the plot was all over the place but the relevant characters and their story for the rest of the show were asinine and fell short after such an excellent first half.

Reminder that the research organization did nothing wrong.

Can't believe they got written off so quickly

They probably show up later in the manga and anime didn't make it this far. Maybe.

It was a great anime. I was hoping we could see more of her stumble and Zouroku guide her.

She was absolutely adorable.

Grandpa was criminally underutilized in general.

This. For a second-billing character, he did very little. Really disappointed.

The reveal that he's a florist and not like a retired yakuza was great though.

Sana was the cutest loli of 2017.
>Also great show, were the threads fun?
The threads were comfy besides when Minnie C stirred things up which was fun to watch.

The second half was much better than the first.

short or long hair Sana?

Fuck CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, long hair or gtfo.

Short hair is always better.

>Americans get buttblasted the threads

Its GATE all over again for that week

Long hair was gorgeous, but her short hair is cuter and more practical.
Just like Tsumugi's.

The twins were the best

top cute
top flat

>sleeping together while holding hands
What did they mean by this?

Next volume comes out in Febuary. Can't fuckin' wait. Hate this bi-yearly schedule.

She gets really wet after you shoot her.

It was hilariously though.

The one nerd was so smug about it though

The manga going to end the same way?

I honestly never watched past episode 6.
Did I miss out, things felt pretty cut and dry anyway.

Show was great and comfy, loved the OP, kinda reminded me of Flip Flappers.

>excellent first half
>meanwhile the last 3 episodes are the series's most creative
what are you saying

>the stacy march

The second half is much more SoL than battle shonen that was the first

Except you're saddled with the contrived retardation that is Hatori for the entire second half. Her alone dragged down everything the show had to offer past the closing of the sixth episode.

I liked hatori

i really liked her

wtf yuyushiki got second season???

such a shame that everyone likes the old guy, he was generally a retarded cliche japanese!!1! character and completely unbearable due to how hes just a japan-moral-dick-ride character he was written to be

they didn't go into why he was so hard on rules in the anime

The short hair in this case unfortunately sucked, so long hair

>character has an awesome power with no drawbacks once you learn how to use it
>waaaah my life sux I wish I was normal

She's a little girl user, not a dirty neet that would have use for this power

Little kids are humans at their cruelest though.

This is a perfect headpat specimen.



Yeah they are capable of that, and if she was a little shit it would be okay for her emotionally to be an asshole and abuse the power
but hatori was a bright kid and realized it wasn't the real deal

Not abusing your mind control powers because it's morally wrong isn't very bright.

There's something off about this way of thinking but I'm too tired to think about it

It went downhill after the girl who could freeze everyone.

I don't think I've ever had such a stupid grin on my face watching anime as I had during the episode that she got a haircut and then again during the scene in which she was adopted.
I loved this show and would rank it as my second favourite of 2017.


Could go for some carl jr's, myself.


She's in Mitsubishi Colors now with same mental problem


>implying that the presence of a girl we all crushed on made the show worse


Did the LNs?

ED was so cute. Kotringos voice beautiful as always

Calm down, tomboy ikemen.

season 2 fucking when

What's the story with Hatori's voice actor? Usually there's a whole procession of "Girl B" parts in every VA's page, but she seems to have arrived from Australia and immediately gotten two main character roles and nothing else.