Fate/Violet Evergarden

How would you rate Kyoani's take on Fate?

Does he still like swords?

>Seibah gets abandoned by Kiritsugu and now misses him
>Seibah now misses Kiritsugu and can't live without him
>Shirou finds her a broken woman and tries to return to a normal life
>Rin shows her how to become a better servant and readjust to society.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

why fatefags suddenly so obsessive with Evergarden? there's other anime with saber look-alike...

because you could insert fate characters and it works like what OP posted.

You will never see Saber animated by Kyoani ever again.

Anytime you mention anything of Fate or even post a picture, they ruining the thread. They're still waiting for the new Fate by SHAFT to air.
Also, the show airing this season and it's by KyoAni.

Why is it so blurry?

Did an intern spill his drink on the animation cells?

Because it is amazing how you can make one five second shitpost and KyoAnifags will then make enormous charts trying to prove you wrong.

Because there aren't enough Seibah

>shirou is a little bit blurred too
The little things

So they just ripped off the character designs and left anything that makes fate even remotely interesting?

You'd be pretty upset too if your favorite characters came from self-insert eroge.

>not katawa shoujo

So Violet is human or not?


I'd watch Kyoani's FMA.

What's the connection between FMA and VEG?

Her hands

Looks nothing alike.

What, like how Rin is Asuka sans the bitchiness?

That's a pretty flimsy connection man

Every blonde girl reminds them of Saber for some reason thus wants to romance Violet through a highschool self-insert boy.

pic is not mine,but it's basically this.

They're mad because they can't project themselves onto any guys in the show.


This is what happens when you ship Arturia to Shirou instead of a real man.

I like this a lot

>the show becomes more enjoyable as the MC gradually gets less autistic

>Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... And my arm... even my fingers... The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you?


Because she look's better than ufotable, saber.


More like it's so painfully obvious people had to point it out.


Is this a shitpost thread? Can i post my own? I'll do it anyway.

>a generic blonde character looks like another generic blonde character
Wow, what a scoop.

do you make this?actually nice meme.

Thanks for the reminder, I'll play the Hanako route for the 200th time.

Someone please shop in a better ahoge. She has hair strands in the same image that could easily fill in for the job with a little fiddling.

1 step closer to a Mahoyo anime by Kyoani.

Kyoani should pick Tsukihime remake

At least I know that Kyoani can do her sweater puppies justice.

Isn't that the same shit?

>Autist blonde women get dicked by an autist Japanese teenager boy.

Just let them pick from the existing list of servants and have them make their own fate with their own style

How would you adapt Type Moon's visual novels to anime?

Yes, someone posted shit JPG image, and i did my own version, at least it's looks clean.

Why was the art of Fate so atrocious, like, 2/10 when violet evergarden is 10/10?

Less talking more fucking.
Well, i hadn't read the novels but heard they are porn anyway. So, it's about fucking, right?

They're both shit



Or maybe you're just a brainlet who keeps eating recycled shit from TM.

I dunno, but Fatefags seem more delusional about the quality of their franchise.

>show doesn't have an autistic highschool self-insert boy for otaku
>Fatefags mad and keep shitting every VEG thread
You tell me.

Fatefags are true fags. They are fucking blind about blunders of their love interest.

VN low budget syndrome
A lot of "melting face" art comes from VNs, unfortunately.

This meme isn't funny.

Confirmed best girl of the season


>Is this a shitpost thread?

No it isn't.

If you're doing that then you need a clone of the above with the base AMD logo, or find another more suitable image for it. Jokes need reference points.

Anybody want to send them a letter?

One filter too many!

Violet needs to be on fire for that to be accurate.

As much as people shit on DEEN their character design was a lot better it just suffers in motion.

Violet is better than saber, but big titty saber is better than both.

FMA did it better.

She is the modern (wo)man (Secret secret, she's got a secret)
Machine or mannequin (Secret secret, she's got a secret)
With parts made in Japan (Secret secret, she's got a secret)
She is the modern (wo)man

They're to good to demean themselves with fateshit

What went right, wrong?

Would be funnier if it was

>> 167140655(OP)
Fate Fanboy Remastered
That is old pic. Ver2.0

Why does Bioreto have a manface?

Because either you gay or have weird definition of a manface.

It's just very detailed, but it's not a manface.

Saber and Shirou actually were nuanced characters with multiple VNs and books worth of character development, backstory and other fluff

Please dont compare them to kyoani one cour shit

ya finna seething pinhead ?

>Violet Evergarden

>nuanced character

You cant make this shit up.

He looks NOTHING like Shirou. They have not even ONE thing in common.

Spotted the secondary
They both bang blonde chicks

>People keep comparing this to Fate

Is there fighting in this show? Can the blonde girl fight?

was this ever finished?

They want Netflix to save Fate.
Japan has been ruined by FGO.

If Violet was a sniper/sharpshooter during the war who was feared for her pinpoint accuracy in the trenches and not just WW1 Saber, then she wouldn’t be compared to Saber so much.

Spotted the quarternary who never actually touched VN. Different stages of why do i want to be a superhero is not a development.

>touching Fate VN
>a good thing

Too many extras around, this board needs purging.

Spotted the quintenary who thinks he knows about Fate by playing a shitty gacha game. Get out and spend your life savings on shitty rolls.


You actually cant make this shit up.

>NN is dead but netflix and google still hold on to life
this timeline is all wrong, what happened to my rw(anime)ds?

What the fuck is this image

>Implying that's all there is to his character
It's like saying Kotomine isn't a nuanced character because he seems edgy at first.


Kotomine is literally an embodiment of a Sup Forums, he does evil things for the lulz because he is evil and doesnt give a fuck. There is nothing else to it, he just plays his games to keep his boredom at bay.

>hundreds of saber-faces in anime
>not even one iri-face

This needs to include fox Sabah