Killing Bites

>they made a honey badger look this raw & this hot

I love anime. It can make gems out of anything.


Does Bunny girl manages to do something worth noting in the manga ?

I wish to make more honey badgers with her.

Just finished the first episode. This anime is everything it needs to be, and I'm looking forward to more. Can't remember the last time I saw an Ecchi action series I enjoyed this much. Maybe DxD.

>honey badger don't give a shit: the anime


It's shit right?

Wasn't expecting this but who's complaining

It's shit.

Wish more women had her body

It's good shit.

It's trash, but it's good trash.


Fatal Chomp

Deadly Crunch

Feels like low budget shonenshit from the 90s

Massacring Masticate

It was better than VEG and Darling.

will Sup Forums hate her once she becomes furrier?

Mortal Munch

People will like her more, are you stupid?

>Females are humans with animal bits tacked on
>Males are humanoid animals with animal faces and all
This shouldn't annoy me, but it does.

In a more serious series it'd probably bother me but this is just hot girls beating the shit out of things so I don't really mind.


Maybe this fixes that?


Destructive Chew

I'll never understand ecchi. It just gets me excited to see some action and then they never actually fuck or it's cut off/censored in some way. But then hentai is usually stupid because the fucking is the main course and there's nothing holding up the rest of it. If only there was something that was like an ecchi but ended up having graphic sex scenes.

I'm rambling. Nice tits.

>Battle anime featuring girls with rock hard body

Aww shit, this is my ja-

>Nearly half of the episode was some beta faggot going I am sorry I am sorry I am sorry I am sorry I am sorry

Fucking dropped. And by looking at OP, that faggot is going to stay.

He stops being a faggot later on.

You'll be back. You can't ignore a rock hard body like that and you know it.

>I'll never understand ecchi.
It is not any different from pronography, actually. I mean, technically pornography portray actual sex, but the user is just WATCHING it. Saying ecchi is pointless is just like saying porn is pointless; neither would actually have sex with you. You would have to hire a prostitute for that.

Ecchi and porn both does only one thing; get you aroused. Ecchi might only be of a lighter level in that one could choose to not actually jack off to it, but in the end it is just about watching something pleasing to you.

Bloody Roar

He also gets less screen time later on.

>beta self-insert MC
Dropped this even before the anime aired.

Why do you see some beta MC as a self insert? Are you a beta yourself?

>this got an anime
>Arachnid didn't

Good subs when?

What's Arachnid about? A girl transforming into a spider?

Hazardous Nibble

Destructive Dentures

People with brain problems being assassins, superpowers, lesbians and insects trivia.

deseasing closing jaws

whic day it airs? saturday?

Final Fang

"Shuffle me off this mortal coil" Nibbums.

Insect-themed assassins. The main character is a girl who uses wires as weapons, obviously she's the "spider"

I can't jerk off to just tits dummy.

t. Self-insert shitter

Because MCs like that are made for betafaggots like you to project themselves onto.

How much will the BDs improve? I bet dicks are going to explode on they release.

Death Grips

They already shown nipples in the first episode.
I don't think it's going to be like a Shaft show were they have big changes.

I like his design, he looks like a failed Chad-like dude.

Alright, you bastards convinced me.

A few minutes in and I already love this show.

t. projecting betafaggots

there's female characters that look more beastly

I hate you.

Organization of people that randomly get bug-themed superpowers assassinating each other.


Then you shouldn't read Sup Forums-kun goes to the zoo

>says the guy defending a self-insert betafag MC who ruined the show
Only a betafag would do such a thing.

Lethal gnaws

>I can't jerk off to just tits dummy.
Funny enough, I can't jerk off to a vagina. Very much a boobs preference, myself. We all have our turn-ons, and even then you don't HAVE to jerk off to every attractive person. You could just appreciate eye candy.

I can't say I'd enjoy one of those

I miss that game

Gado the Lion

Murderous Maw


I am just sad that the Killing Bites game was cancelled. It just seems most game companies have no idea how to make fighting games. Or not realising that it is a niche genre that is not simple to make profitable.

>no scanlations since chapter 9
Shit, I wanted to see the MC growing a pair.

Same I can't really stand such guys, so I suppsoe won't watch this show since I know he will take any enjoyment from watching it where the main girl will always interact with him for the male viewer self-inserting purpose.

>What's Arachnid about? A girl transforming into a spider?
A japanese plan to repupulate their country by making every man a rape induced monster idiot and every female an animal based strong woman who needs to resist the rape, but almost every girl gets raped or killed aside of two at the end.
And in that pairing one girl lvoes another but they don't have se cause spdiergirl is afraid of killing her, so in return she goes into rape zone to kill all the rapist of the world alone.
The End.


we are working on it....