How can a ramen eating anime be this lewd

How can a ramen eating anime be this lewd

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Well when you add cute girls making sexual moans to it, anything can be lewd.

How can a girl be so perfect?

You need to add some sucking skills too

>pineapple in ramen

Can't be worse than pineapple in pizza

It goes well with certain asian food

pineapple on pizza is delicious

kill yourself degenerate

Fuck off

Somebody ban this shit eating faggot

Hawaiian pizza is truly the most refined choice




I like this purple dumped girl even broken

This is not /ck/. You can only weep while you watch us eat this delicious pineapple pizza Hawaii.

Absolutely epic meme my friends.


I didn't think I'd enjoy this anime that much.

Will MC-chan ever become friends with Koizumi?

He is too annoying, misa got her phone on the first ramen

No. The girl is not in it for the ramen.

I want Yuu to stalk more.

Pineapple on anything is disgusting.

You should go away from your comfort zone and try new stuff
Food is evolving for millions of years

>tfw I live in a country where the only thing you can get is shitty chink instant noodles
Im always jelly about ramen

It's amazing how much more enjoyable this show is whenever the short haired dyke is not on screen.

Fucking this

No bullying.

It's the truth though.
Her friends are cute in their own way, but she's just a boring boy self-insert.

That's no reason to bully.

I did and it sucked, too sweet for something like pizza which is why I also don't like tomatoes on burgers

Absolutely disgusting.


I agree. I don't understand this new reddit meme where it's supposed to be considered awful. These people probably never tried it and think taking their insecurities to an extreme passes as a funny meme.
I prefer pineapple and bacon, though. Usually have to get only half the pizza covered in pineapple bacon because nobody else has taste as good as mine.

Is that fucking corn?

Are you too poor to go to upscale import marts where they sell imported nip shit like that to weebs?

Cheaper than a ticket at least.

Knights of Pineapply, UNITE!

Weak willed jerkoffs can't understand how sweet tang goes with salt and savoryness, peons.

I bet those are the same weak willed fucks that like salt on their watermelon, ewwwww.

Don't bully the crossdresssing boy

I got this on domino's
Was okay because pineapple don't taste like pineapple at all

Corn + roasted chicken pizza is awesome

I can import ufo and other high tier japanese instant stuff even when it's expensive as fuck but I'm talking about the real thing in a restaurant

I'll bully the dyke all I want.


He is annoying and ruin slurping time

I'm 31 and I've known people in my circle of friends that hate pineapple pizza since I was 11.

purplehair best girl

Her borderline yandere obsession with Koizumi is cute.

I wonder why Japan insists in putting boys on yuri shows

ayana is on a hot streak this season. between ramen queen, candy queen, and cameltoe licking queen - she's got all the angles covered

I knew from the moment I saw this post, you were my nig

The real question is how can a girl eat that much ramen that often and have such nice looking hair and skin while also being thin. I also don't want to imagine what her bathroom must be like.

>cameltoe licking queen
What am I missing?

2D girls dont unko

who else

If i wanted to eat pineapple I'd eat pineapple, it's not a fucking pizza topping. It's like putting salsa on your ice cream.



>Arnold did a bunch of abstract Japanese ads
Shit, I forgot about that.


Hey everybody see this guy. He eats shit.


>If I wanted to eat cheese I'd eat cheese, it's not a fucking pizza topping.
>If I wanted to eat pepperoni I'd eat pepperoni, it's not a fucking pizza topping.
This is how you sound
>It's like putting salsa on your ice cream.
No, it'd be like that if putting salsa on ice cream tasted delicious, which pineapple on pizza does.

Except cheese and pepperoni ARE pizza toppings and your aberration isn't.
You're objectively wrong.

That girl added cheese and chorizo to ramen, the taste is dead at this point

The fucking irony of you acting elitist when you think pepperoni is a "real" pizza topping. An Italian would laugh in your amerifat face.

Everytime the psychopathic tomboy dyke wasn't on screen I was extremly bored. Let's hope we get a lot more of her.

What does it mean if I prefer udon to ramen?

Episode 2 was so much better than the first one because she was almost never around.

Post your ramen.

Today's lunch:


>Hotaru's seiyuu
what do you think?

good taste user.


she's a god damn animal, who the fuck lifts the bowl and slurps in public

>putting pizza under your pineapple