Ryuuou no Oshigoto!

What's the appropriate way to react to a six year old sitting in your lap?

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heavy breathing and an unexplained growth

Ai = Ai > Char > Ginko

Red > Blue = Silver > Yellow > Fang > Megane

Yellow > green > blue > red > white > other red

Too young. Acceptable range is 9-13.

Stop. Can we please have a non-shitpost thread?

I made her better

Why do people argue about the bodies of the girls when they are all underage?

Get an erection.

Underage to whom?

Please don't remake these threads. Generals are not allowed on Sup Forums.

Autism. Just ignore them.

Try not to get an erection.


Aren't 6 year olds too young? Can they really play shogi?

The fuck? New episode has only been out for half a day.

What is her appeal?


That was fast

I dunno why but I expected an onahole.

A 9 year old girl shouldn't have those hips

>'cumming inside'
>0 results

Why would you want to cum inside her if she can't get pregnant?


There must be something wrong with you

Put shogi pieces in it


Ginko please

Shogi Origami a shit!

Why is Ginko dressed like that?

>gets turned on by french loli
>not turned on by willing to get naked japanese loli
Japan is going too far with their love for France.

All three is the correct answer. MC is seriously lucky to have such a god tier harem.

W-what is she doing? Sexing the dragon?

Ai, Ai and who's the girl with the braid?


Middle schoolers shouldn't be this sexy.

That's Ginko. You seriously can't tell?

I thought maybe it'd be someone who hasn't been seen in the anime since the hairstyle is different. I noticed the same bang but I was still unsure.

>thread just started
>Ginkuso fags going all out
This is why we can't have nice things.

god damn it Sup Forums, I coach chess at my local middle school and recommended this show to the club because i thought it would actually be educational. Now I've actually seen an episode and I'm fired for sure.

Time to move on and coach girls basketball and recommend them Ro-Kyu-Bu! for educational purposes.

>implying and trying to start something now
Please go back to the other thread, shitposter-san.

Did you also watch Ichigo Mashimaro with your little sister?

How does "marrying into a family" work? Is Ai's mother from a powerful family or something? She was being a huge bitch here

is that a photo shoot or something

The girls and dressed and pretty up for the occasion. They all are sporting different hairstyle and/or appearance from their norm look.

Her family owns the inn where MC played his title match in episode 1.

Ah. So he's basically her bitch now. Culture is weird.

What ELO do you need to get one of these?

She's rich and from a prestige family, what do you not understand?

I do get it though? I just thought it was weird, is all.

But that doesn't sound like a good relationship!

She looks almost like Okita here.

Thanks to Ayumu's master, she's been cosplaying to get yaichi attention in a love hotel.

why do best girls always lose

It's not, and there's all kinds of statistical evidence that would prove it's not, but this also isn't reality.

>literally called Keika

cutest loli of the season

Is Ai autistic?

>Kuzuryuu Yaichi
>Kuzu Ryuu
fuck I'm slow

>trash dragon
What were they thinking?

That outfit is very familiar

But it means nine-headed dragon?

it means trash/scum dragon

grand order, the artist is a TMfan

I thought the illustrator was ReDrop for a moment

Probably not dragon king. But at least warthog margrave.

it's a pun

He only has 2 legs which actually means he is a trash wyvern.

Hold her body, then slowly move it up and down. Speed up as needed.

Six are for sex.

Don't forget to yell "ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GIRLS ARE THE BEST" before leaving.

The illustrator provided her. Same voice actress too.

And she keeps on failing.

King Dragon is too far gone into the lands of loli(Dom) to even notice her.



They cut a lot of dialogue here. They weren't such bitches in the LN but were just being worried about the future of their daughter.

Imagine being this whipped

>filthy gayjin

Did anyone make a drool webm?


What is it?

Ai loses in the third match and goes back to the Inn with her parents.

She returns with her parents blessing, on one condition:
If she cannot become a professional shogi player, then Kuzu has to marry into their family.

So Kuzu has to sabotage her?

Other way around: Kuzu has to make her win in order to not marry her.

>“I should have studied more…! I should have played more shogi with a lot of strong people…! I should have solved more tsumeshogi…! Even though I should have kept thinking about shogi more and more, to the point I won’t think about anything else…! More and more… more… If only I put more effort into it…!! Even though I’ve come here to learn more, more, and more about shogi……..!!

>I… I want to be stronger….!!”


Why the fuck would you not want to marry her?

Because I'm not (and he's not) a lolicon.

>red, blue, yellow and green lolis
This is too good to be true.

Damn, that's the attitude of a great achiever

Hug and rest chin on top of her head

What are you doing watching this series for then? For the shougi?

Think about Mazinger.

For the plot of course.

Did you see how cucked that husband was? Being married into a family basically makes you a housepet. Ai might not treat him like garbage, but the rest of her family absolutely would.

>puberty could turn her into a crazy bitch
>the only thing they have in common is a board game
>ai's interest in kuzu is purely because of the board game

Why are colour coded loli groups a thing in anime nowadays?

>why would you go to the zoo if you're not into bestiality?


Ai's dad mans up when it matters.

I thought shogi was just a cover to get the dragon dick