Why is it acceptable for anime to end in huge cliffhangers and unexplained plot holes to never get a sequel again?

Why is it acceptable for anime to end in huge cliffhangers and unexplained plot holes to never get a sequel again?

I dont know why you think its just anime that does this.

Read the LNs.

College Haruhi when?

Poor Dr Freeman, his developer hates him and only likes MOBAshit.

make your own sequel, loser!

Because anime is just a high budget ad

Majority of the time, there's a manga or LN attached to the series, if you want closure, look there.

but the movie ended well, same goes for the books I don't know what cliffhanger you're talking about

>movie ended well
You're kidding right? I still don't even know what Haruhi's hot pot tasted like.

It was pretty good.


Can we discuss the two cliffhangers and two plotholes in your image instead?

If you really wanted answers you should've bought the BDs

Perhaps I should have specified, I wasn't talking about just the pic related, but anime in general

This is the only acceptable answer. it still sucks it has to be this way tho

This, but without the "high budget" part.

because anime is merely advertisement for the source material

Disappearance was already a good conclusion. There doesn't need to be a S3.

Do they even have an ending?

Haruhisky OP images is sexual harassment and illegal. Stop it.

Not a definitive one but everything important gets addressed and answered except where the godhood comes from, which is left just ambiguous enough for the reader to make theories, but doesn't matter at that point

I don't mind them if it means staying faithful to the source material.

Why would you want this shit to continue. It gets absolutely autistic in the final novels.

Its not if you post more!

theres 3 plot holes user

thanks for the reminder. bye.


What's his fucking problem?

>Parts of an out of order series made years apart all slot together perfectly, with room for expansion but also a suitable conclusion for the current content
How the fuck did KyoAni do it?

I'm having dirty thoughts!

>Kyon gets to fuck this every night
Fucking lucky bastard

Did no one read Haruhi LN?
Not even the LN finished. The writer simply gave up. He earned too much fokin moni

Hips and thighs are my weak spots

Every day Tanigawa deprives us of more Noizi Ito Haruhis.

Team Raildex here. We're getting our season 3 before Haruhi.

But even with the books in mind, this shit just isn't ending.

>I speak for a whole group
Sure you do champ

The fuck are you talking about?

>Team here
It's funny seeing you puff yourself up all self important like is all

>watching an adaptation of an unfinished story
its your fault for being this stupid

>Kyon makes Haruhi orgasm for the first time
>she like it so much that another endless summer starts

epistle 3 was like half a year ago and I'm still processing it.

You're getting a season 3, which is not the season 3 half your fanbase wanted.

You say this like both won't happen

You don't wish a whole horde of autistic Raildexfags invading your thread, do you?

Why is it acceptable for Haruhi to be SO SEXY

You're not on Sup Forums no matter how much you act like it

Because there's no Grand Anime Council to dictate what is and isn't acceptable for anime to do. Ultimately studios do what they think best and hope that enough people buy it to warrant making more of it.

What's the point of being a goddess when you're not the apex of your sex

What would happen to the world if Kyon fucked her?

I was seriously putting off suicide for this sequel

The world would be fucked

Movie Haruhi is cuter

stop it

I'd fill her plotholes for sure

With what user?

It's order being randomized adds no difficulty.

All you need is significant unshown time-frames (or time shenanigans) and vague character development.

>How the fuck did KyoAni do it?
By giving half a fuck about the series

It hurts. It will always hurt.