Give me your best reasons on why this show sucks or is amazing

Give me your best reasons on why this show sucks or is amazing

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It sucks because pic related, terrible visual style. Also rushed as fuck.

It's good because I only watch good shows.

It's great because you can separate the crowd here on Sup Forums between people who can appreciate Yuasa Masaaki's intentially exaggerated style, and brainlets who don't understand that art doesn't need to be realistic like

It's good because you dont see alot of stories willing to go the full apocalyptic route at the end with everyone dying.

What other anime does this other than Evangelion?

It's good because it's an anime show about Christianity where the sluttiest character is best girl.

It sucks because it takes a classic and makes it worse.


I wish there was more of Silene.

Mazinger for starters

I hate Ryo's crybaby design.

Except it is rushed and it has a clashing styles throughout.

That would be my main complaint. Should have been twice as long with 10 times the money.

This song is amazing

Sucks they only used it for a little bit in the show when they could have used it for the OP

Also main guys bullshit little brother eating his mom and then getting killed by the cops was pretty great and Psycho Jenny was creepy but not as creepy as she was in the old OVAs

Crybaby did Psycho Jenny and Zenon dirty and I don't like it.

>Dumb changes
>Animation is really bad at times
>Sometimes characters have no eyes
>Jinmen and Siren fights ruined
>Cars look like they were traced
>lol the bus during the Jinmen scene
>Ryo is completely unlikable
>Ryo doesn't realize his mistakes
>Key animation all done by one person per episode, really dumb idea
>Gradiant shading
>Slice of life scenes are visually boring
>Devilman kills everything with zero effort
>Devilman kills everything by ripping it's jaws apart
>Zenon ruined

It was very okay and has unfortunately has attracted the worst kind of fanbase that only cares about talking about how gay Ryo is.

I think the ending was botched and some of the art was shit, but it was better than I'd expect for a Netflix series.

appropriate conversion
it was as 10s as the original was 70s

talking about how gay Ryo is was a thing before Crybaby though

Yeah but people didn't talk about him as if he was progressive for gay people in anime or some other nonsense I've seen people saying.

>Satan is literally unlikable

Satan isn't evil in Devilman though.

Pros: -Story is engaging
-The gore is good and visceral
-Solid pacing

Cons: -Shifts between quality and QUALITY on a scene-by-scene basis, very distracting
-the whole crybaby thing didn't feel necessary or important in the end

>gay guy is literally satan

I dunno I think it's the opposite

Pro: good modernization of the story

Con: fucking RAP

I liked it. It streamlined the story a little better even though it cut out things.

This is just a personal complaint but I really hated how Ryo's changed characterization lead to most of his scenes being changed or flat out removed, a lot of which were my favorites including the ending.

The rap scenes were great, fuck you

>Con: fucking RAP
Fuck off bitch, the raps were great.

I'd invoke Poe's law if i didn't know yuasafags could be as reatarded as you.

I feel like they didn't give a fuck for most of the artwork. Just look at all the demons next to Zenon.

Reminder that Ryo was supposed to die during the Sabbath in the original and wasn't even supposed to be Satan until Nagai made the last volume.

I don't get what the thing was with the dreadlock rapper guy. I know he was supposed to be the guy that turned into a demon, but I thought in that one scene where he tried talking to the runner girl with the snapdragons that he was hitting on her, then all of a sudden theres him in a gay sex scene and now he's an athlete too.

Or were they different people?

This is why no detail in your designs is bad

Different people, you moron.

how come none of the demons gave a shit about ryo killing them in his human form?

Gay guy was the super student in the news and Butterfly rapper always had those shades on anyway. I never had trouble differentiating those two, although I was confused about that guy in the clothes shop.

Lmfao its so obv they were diff people lord
he had fucking tattoos. so dont act like most people would feel the same as this retard

I've seen the same comment at least a dozen times in these threads.

>Lmfao its so obv they were diff people lord
This is a show where people looked drastically different when merging with a demon you know.

well then I guess I hope we are the outliers on this board, it was p obv that he died at that party imo

Ryo and Akira look like Ucchi and Kuroki.

>Con: fucking RAP
Fuck off

>jinmen ruined
I thought the fight was better in the anime. changing the literally who girl to Akira's mother gave me a lot more feeling.

>Should have been twice as long
This would have made the show terrible. The pacing would have been slow as molasses, which would have been cancerous for a franchise known for high paced ultraviolence.

>I thought the fight was better in the anime. changing the literally who girl to Akira's mother gave me a lot more feeling.
The OVAs did that first you know. I'm pretty sure most things crybaby does different was just taken from another part of the franchise.

>Jinmen kills his mom instead of Sacchan from the OVAs
>Devilman being a TV show/franchise from Devilman Lady
>The track and field shit from the live action

You are right that it shouldn't have been twice as long, but it definetely could've had a few more episodes. The last few episodes were rushed as fuck.

I like this post because here's what it's really saying

>Everything that was from the manga

>Everything that was anime original

Only the last episode was rushed really, but that's because they got past the important bits and wanted to reach the conclusion.

That's not what it said at all I think reading comprehension might not be your strong point.

>wasn't even supposed to be Satan until Nagai made the last volume.
That's wrong. Nagai figured it out well before the final volume. This is the exact page when Nagai knew what was to come.

>Con: fucking RAP
Had to mute every time the monkey noises came on.

>devilman manga
>solid pacing

>That's not what it said at all

The only bad one was when he was hitting on miko, it was terrible and felt like it went on forever.

It's got fantastic pacing, moron. That's partly why it was so effective. If it had been dragged out or too short, it would have lost most of its impact.

Putting the faces on his stomach makes zero fucking sense. It wasn't even a fight in the anime, he just punches him twice and it's over.

And Koda was clearly a devilman from the very beginning.

That's the exact page where nagai figured out he had no idea where to go with the story, yes.

When did the kid become a devilman? Or was he always a devilman?

Haha ebin post m8 you stick it to that highly acclaimed 40 year old work that still remains popular

I agree, the fight itself was more underwhelming than I remember in the manga. I was just referring to the face being his mother, instead of some random girl who shows up out of nowhere, which was apparently already in the OVA.

this is my biggest complaint. i love crazy monster designs and i feel like there was a LOT of wasted potential here.

only other issues i had was the breakneck pacing of the final episode and that really cheesy scene in 9 where everyone fucking hugs akira.

overall i enjoyed it though and would recommend.

Hell, just look at Zenon. Disgraceful.

It's amazing cause even if the original manga is more than 40 year old, this adaptation feel like a breath of fresh air in the current anime industry.
But it laso suck sometimes cause the animation is uneven at best and you can feel the lack of budget.

Episode 7 made it good.
Episode 9 made it amazing.

Why did they take all of Ryo's personality away?

Imagine being a secondary.

The people saying this show is AOTY are all so laughably stupid that it makes it hard for me to take the show seriously. The original 2 OVA episodes are superior in every way other than being incomplete. Crybaby is pointlessly "modernized" and filled with 2010s none sense like rap, butt sex, cop shootings, etc. The 2010s are awful so why would anyone want to modernize a work to this decade? It's an automatic recipe for disaster. Ryo's new design is so awful too. This was a show that appealed to newfags and in the worse ways possible.

This. I watch anime to get away from all the nignog cancer infecting western entertainment. Keep this this out of my anime.

Then the lack of proper buildup with Ryou/Akira's relationship made the ending shit along with the missing explanation about how Satan protected demons because God was a dick to them which gave his character an added layer of depth.

There's no shading

Dante's mouth make me laugh every time. What the fuck.

This was so out nowhere too. Like if Zenon was some shitty demon bully. The only good change was Satan's new fluffy sex hair.

>the posters ousts himself as a Sup Forumstard
I'm so surprised

Although the ending was rushed, the Apocalipse was not rushed at all. I didn't need seven season of walking dead to get humans were assholes and the world was ending. What mattered was Akira and Ryo's story. Also I didn't their relationship lacked build up at all. They were very close friends and Akira was the only being Ryo ever felt something towards to. We didn't need some gay korean drama to get Ryo loved Akira.

Ryo became Satan when Nagai started drawing him as a woman in a suit. It's obvious because his face changes from manly to making Miki and other girls look like men.

>They were very close friends
It didn't feel that way at all, most of the time Ryo seemed like he was just using Akira and didn't give a shit about him.


Plebs favorite meme cult

>being so new you don't know that saying niggers/nignogs started on Sup Forums years before Sup Forums ever existed
>not having any counter-argument, just using a baseless boogeyman

Thanks for proving my point that this show only applies to moronic newfags like yourself. Don't worry, plebs like you fit right in with the rest of neo-Sup Forums


I was re-watching the show and at least they tried to put some efforts that Ryo has some kind of double personality he's unaware of.

It's a shit adaptation that only reddit and crunchyroll users like.

Did you somehow miss all the scenes of Ryo with fond smile looking at photos of Akira and he playing as kids together? If that didn't tip you off...

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. The fluffy hair was a nice upgrade.

Wanting to fuck someone when they were a kid doesn't automatically make you a good friend

> They were very close friends and Akira was the only being Ryo
Hard to believe when Ryou's acting like a fucking psycopath half the show, treating Akira like a piece of shit, just throwing money and food at him to keep him satisfied.
The show wants us to believe they're close childhood friends but our big basis for this is Ryou wanting to kill a cat Akira's trying to protect. What a great friendship! I see how the 2 became close.

I like the short hair too, but because it works in Nagai's style.

Did you miss kid Ryo realize his friend was suffering over the cat and went to the pouring rain to protect him with an umbrella? He was getting wet covering Akira. He was out of touch with what he felt.

Oh definitely, I love the new look in general but that isn't to say the old was somehow worse by any means.

The gay sex scene was pretty good,, I haven't seen anything like that in anime before.

This. Ryo's definitely got a few screws loose, but he definitely felt for Akira. Problem was, he was so out of touch with those feelings and realized it too late when everyone's already dead.


>The gay sex scene was pretty good

Fuck? Is that what you got from it? He loved Akira yeah, but writing off as simply sexual lust is simply a disservice to the message the anime is trying to send. Is that why you're saying their relationship lacked proper build-up? Because they were raging homosexuals jumping on each other bones?

It's good because MAN MAN DEBIRUMAN

>a disservice to the message the anime is trying to send

No, I caught it, it just doesn't make any sense. Why would Ryou care about that cat? Even at the very end of the show, he's not sad about humanity being killed off, he stated that he prefers demons for being "simple creatures", he only regrets hurting Akira, not the rest of the world.
Akira's the only one he's crying for at the end. Not the rest of humanity and certainly not some fucking cat.
Also, why the fuck are his feelings "locked away" in the first place? Angels don't have feelings or something? They clearly do since he ends up crying by the end.

Don't be cynical.

Stop taking a dumb Netflix cartoon so seriously

It was serious. If you want to downplay it and be the smartass nihilistic faggot, be my guest, but don't try to pretend this was just your usual gay drama.

Just finished, it was good but had its issues. Still doesnt come close to the ova in my opinion.