What is it with Americans and hamburgers?

What is it with Americans and hamburgers?

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Hamburgers (in ALL their varieties) are THE based food, bar none. If you're not down with burgers, you're not living your life correctly!

>eat a whole meal in one sandwich

It's pretty practical.

Well, they're pretty good, right? I'm not even American and I like them.

Bill Gates' favorite food is cheeseburgers.
If it's fine with him, it's fine with me.

because they're fucking good

It's a curse.

I don't even like hamburgers pizza is more my style

Hamburgers taste good

Pizza and Burgs are good but Sushi and general tao's is where its at,Would this face lie to you?

you mean hambaga?

I don't understand tasteless sponge bread culture. Bread exists to enhance the taste of the rest of ingredients, you can't do that without some rye in it.


>says that bread exists to enhance the taste
>only likes rye
Remove your tastebuds. You're not using them.

>under-cooked rotting fish


Its a culture we actually made ourselves and didn't take from another country.

Depends which restaurant you go to, some have you choose which bread you want with your burger I prefer Croissant or Ciabatta

>Being a pleb

Have fun with your gasrtitis fuel.
You have probably never saw a proper piece of bread. Childhood idolizes baguettes, adulthood is where you finely see the german bread market is the ultimate bread heaven.

>cheese fries
>waffle fries

Childhood is sticking to one thing exclusively because it's "your favorite". Adulthood is diversifying and enjoying all sorts of things.

I like all of those except #2 and #12.

Waffle fries can be good but you are right about cheese fries being #09

Chinese girls also love burgers tho

Adulthood is sticking to one thing exclusively because it's "your favorite". Childhood is diversifying and enjoying all sorts of things.

swap 8 with 3 and you're good

go to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_breads and pick a bread you want with your burger

Look like Mos Burger

Is that from an anime?

Oh, you.

Ciabatta rolls are fucking dope. I enjoy a pretzel bun for bacon cheeseburgers too. Really good at absorbing the juices from the meat.

Looking back, I believe the best fries I've had were steak fries from some restaurant. Waffle fries are vastly overrated.


Waffle fries are shit.

Not only are they terrible for dipping, they are terrible for eating when dipped. The whole appeal of the french fry is they are thin enough that they can fit in your mouth easily without touching your lips or face with the sauces on them.

What a shit fucking list. Same thing for all the over-sized "fries" they have on the list. They taste no better and their shape inhibits optimal consumption and satisfaction.

Whoever ranked this list deserves a potato famine.

Actual tier listing
>curly fries
>belgian fries
>standard cut
>everything else

Who doesn't love hamburgers?

I clapped when I saw america.