Violet Everfilter

>Violet Everfilter
>Koi wa Ameagari
>new sakura
>comfy camp
>sora yori

Is this the best season in years? Not so much in terms of peak quality, but in terms of sheer number of above decent shows.

franxx and koi wa are the only decent shows you listed, everything else is garbage.

This season is better than all of 2017 combined.

I can't tell if this is supposed to be a good or a bad thing.

It's certainly the season with the most amount of shows which have interested me this year. Are Miira no Kaikata, Hakumei to Mikochi, and FranXX any good? I'm having trouble keeping up with all these shows as they air and haven't started those ones yet.

It's a good thing now that 2017 is over. The only downside is depending on how many shows you've picked up, you need to have massive quantities of free time to watch everything.

Out of those three I've only seen FranXX. I would recommend it just because it's entertaining and looks cool. The plot's gonna pick up speed soon so it should get fun. Just don't expect it to be a flawless gem.

I like Miira and Franxx, but Hakumei bored me a bit with the first episode.

Fucking this. Between work & gym I only have 1 spare hour a day to enjoy my anime. That's 2 episodes a day if I don't rewatch some scenes (which I often do). Not fucking enough time.

>being a wagecuck

Better than being a fucking millenial. Enjoy still being poor & living with your parents when you reach your 30s.

>being a /fit/-bydlo

>implying neets aren't the aristocracy of the modern age

I'm still ugly af but at least I'm not fat anymore.

>Is this the best season in years?
Winter 2016 was pretty good. But yes this season is exceptional, there are eight series I am excited to watch currently airing. Usually there are 2-3 max.

I was just happy that Nishikata and Takagi san got an anime

>literally who's

Since when does "millennial" mean "NEET"? What?

>new CCS is garbage
Your taste is garbage.

What about Pop Team Epic? Best OP of the season.

I believe it means that they either use to work at a restaurant/bar or in some freelance stuff. Either way, they don't earn enough money.

It's the first season that's made me feel excited about anime again. Been years since a decent season. Sora Yori in particular seems like it's going to become a classic.

A bunch of solid looking shows, even if they're mostly generic. I think part of it is 3D has finally reached a point where they can blend it into 2D in a way that doesn't cause cancer.

There's 20 shows that i feel confident i'm gonna finish this season, which is a fucking record compared to my confidence in any other season since i started watching seasonally. Let alone the 7 more shows i'll at least watch a few episodes of.

Watching 20 shows a season. How do you find the time to watch older shit.

That's only around 8 hours of programming a week, even if you had limited time to watch stuff, that's still only about 3 episodes a night you could easily squeeze a 4th or 5th episode from your backlog in there.

Don't forget Devilman Crybaby which could end up being AOTS