Rance is now the MC of the last anime you watched. How does it change?


They're all raped

except maybe Raphi


>actually decide to watch Gundam Wing again on a dare

he uses his gundam to build a revolutionary movement and takes over the earth KR/SR-style, naturally he fucks all the girls (though the ones that want to fuck Traize and Zechs won't like the rape).

>Lady Une getting raped
I'd read that doujin.

>Houseki no Kuni
Rance would go crazy when he realizes all the gems are genderless and would probably try and rape the Lunarians.

>Guru Guru

Nike request him to teach him his ways

2 mitsuhashis

>Lupin part 2

Fujiko is gonna get raped this time and wont get away with her bullshit.

I might pay to see that happen.

>Killing Bites

Is he into quasi-furries?

Something naughty immediately occurs

nooo! not maya!

>Grappler Baki
I don't fucking know
maybe he'd use his high level cap to grind up enough to compete with Ogre for women

he has fucked monster girls


basically nothing changes except replacing "sexual harassment" with "sexual assault"


literally Bastard!!

>gakuen babysitters

>Devilman Crybaby
Not much changed

>ghost hound
there's already a rance'y female here, any more bold movements and the whole spy thing would die prematurely

I'm sure he'll find a way to make due. I mean they got mouths and chest areas right?

Blue Rose finally gets dick. Rance becomes KoH to spiite Barnaby and fuck more girls. Don't know if he'll rape Pao-Lin, she's young but not too young.

didn't Rance fuck a 14 year old in quest for hikari or was that a game over

Nothing changes except for the rating.

there is no fucking way that there will not be a crossover at some point

Rance says his range is from 15 to 30 but he went as far as fucking 13 years old before.

I'm really not sure

>pop team epic
I have no idea how this is gonna work, I guess popuko and pipimi are gonna get raped?

And fucking actually happens.

Satan:"We have many erotic demon girls you can fuck."
Rance:"Humanity, bye"

Rance is too powerful to be burdened by even his own rules

All those poor girls from Konosuba.

>That Touhou fanmade anime
He fucks all the girls in Gensokyo. ALL of them

At least someone is finally getting imagined.

>liking little girls

literally pic related

If they look at Rance the same way they look at Ainz the guys will probably think "yeah that sounds about right LONG LIVE KING RANCE!"

who will rape who first?


Change last anime to favorite anime franchise.
And it will still remain the same.

i hope she learns what is love.

I guess Reinhard has now four instead of 3 battalion commanders

RIP my Idols. The Cinderella girls are fucked.

>Junji Ito collection
I have no fucking clue

>Karakai Jouzu Takagi-san
They're fucking middle schoolers for heaven's sake

I don't think he'd survive. But he would be greatly rewarded if he does.

Doesn't he fuck the 5head girl in Sengoku when he gets hammered

Not much changes really
Gina's probably getting dicked eventually, and big titty Chinese girl.
Luke probably never gets his character development but Rance saves him anyways
Sophia gets Rance'd by episode 3

>Yu Yu Hakusho

I'm at a loss.

>Rance as the main protag of Grancrest Senki
Whew, what an upgrade

>Your Name
Mitsuha(Rance) will rape her best friend and then all the mean girls. Meanwhile Rance(Mitsuha) gets captured by Lia and pressed into marriage.

Sophie's right on the borderline for him, probably. He might give her a year or two before going for it.

He'd definitely try to fuck a female horror at least once too. Might even get away with it if German was able to basically get away with it in HnK.

these get deleted

now rance rapes unfinished draws

>Ping pong the animation
He doesn't seem like the kind of guy that likes ping pong and there's nothing exactly eye catching to rape.

Index probably isn't in his strike zone, I'm not sure if he can overpower Kanzaki, and Izzard would definitely slaughter him. It would be a shit time in general for him.

Is Rance the type to save little boys from trucks because the series might not start at all without him dying first.

>and there's nothing exactly eye catching to rape.
There's the bald dude's waifu, the model

Neither Smile nor Peco ever met her. I guess Rance would just have to believe in the heart of the dick to run into her.

Is...is this better? It might be better.

>It would be a shit time in general for him
Don't forget that he'll be the MC, he'll pull some OP hentai power out of his ass.

Who is the MC of Azumanga? Chiyo-chan?
Anyway, the whole show becomes a hentai.

>Koi wa Ameagari
holy shit

>being that loyal to anyone

>Slow Start
It's a girl's school full of lolis. I'd imagine he'd have a good time.

>Love Live
Nozomi reminds Rance of Milli Yorks and they compete as rapists as Rance plays producer for a group of idols, fucking them as they rise to the top.

Rance would make a much better Protagonist than Yuma in Zexal

>Rance Devilman
>happy end with literally everyone including Satan getting fucked in his harem

>Devilman crybaby

He rapes Satan in the last fight.

I wanna watch this so bad.
>Rance rapes Aqua or the other girls when they've done something stupid

>violet evergarden

Rance proceeds to fuck all the dolls in the post office and tries to rationalize how raping violet will make her feel better.

I'd watch it

Not to mention Rance's incredibly high luck combined with his natural fighting abilities

Rance isn't a lolicon, though.

He doesn't last in dragonball super.

No futas. It could be consensual if Ryo wills his dick away though.

>Ghost Hound
Extremely underrated. I loved it.

Rance would actually trigger the demonic incursion at the Sabbath by fucking and fighting

This HAS TO happen.

Megumin would be getting bent over things.

>Dagashi Kashi
Fuck the candies, Rance will take Hotaru and fuck her until she can't stop thinking about the D.

Things get a lot more exciting

Even Shizuka and Kanami know

The entire world will orgasm and everyone will make one collective moan.

He will end Japan's declining birthrate in a matter of seconds as well as give them an actual military.

I'd love to see Lain get ravaged by Rance.

>haven't watched anything last 2 weeks
>last one was Citrus
Turns out they weren't lesbians.


And it'd be mostly battleships and cruisers without any real destroyer support to handle screening and escorts

She'll know how to make love at least.

>The [email protected]
I'm not too sure how this would work out...

It's amazing how all three of the main girls' designs look like they'd fit perfectly in the Rance series.

He rapes the monsters while mocking them.

Rance is now a suicide pilot just few days before the war ends.
I bet he'll desert after his first try fails and goes on a rape spree. Hopefully he won't end up to a wrong city.

The other anime I watched recently was Prisma Illya. He'd have great times.

Who makes bigger explosions?


>Toji no Miko
I guess the MC is a crossdresser but it's about the same otherwise.

Doesn't mean he can't wait.

not much, but he'll have to call himself Jack.

>gets a loli harem
Hileriously the MC already doesn't go for lolis.

He just didn't know that he was fucking a 13 yo

Rance knew she was young. He actually acts ashamed when Shizuka and Kanami find out in 03.

>Tsurezure Children

>4 hours ago
well, so much for discussing densetsu yuusha