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Loli knows her weapons.

Dude it's just loli banter chill

joke's on her, shes in 2d japan so nobody will be concerned

What's not okay?

She's not offering rock CDs

>going outside in the first place
You only have yourself to blame.

back to pedo



>thinking some random tripfag's opinion matters

Blue is best.

Moot already perished, his law is gone.


The fuck is a moot?

who the fuck is Moot. wat a faggot


If you want to execute the joke correctly you elicit the identity of the faggot in the image by simply posting "moot who?" you newfags.


Goot rules now.

The manga is translated as "I'll cry" which is way better and cuter. Who is right here ?

i think this is more true the evil of the type of manipulation she is trying to pull off

It's the same shit

obviously "I'll scream" is much funnier and evokes more of a reaction.

can anyone stop these three madmen?

The colors are boys!?


>they don't know

No it's not. "I'll cry" is cute, but "I'll scream" is nightmare fuel.

That's when you resort to murder.


How can you even think this?

It's a wholesome show for children aired on a family friendly channel in Japan.

>I'll scream
>I'll cry
"I'll make a scene and cast a negative light on you as you're a grown man next to a little girl such as myself, who is acting with displeasure towards your close presence, though not for the reason these bystanders might think, not that they'll know the truth of this situation as they're more likely to believe whatever I tell them as opposed to whatever you tell them, as this scenario that I'm fabricating makes you appear suspicious, and therefore untrustworthy, hence making the lies I might say on this matter more likely to be taken as truth, and there are many lies I can say, few of them flattering towards you. That is, unless you do as I asked you to."
Same shit

>Sup Forums hates moot now

wtf bros

You're retarded. If she cries, he'll get some nasty looks at worst. If she screams, someone calls the cops at worst.

Don't forget the part where it ruins every job prospect or future goals he may have which eventually drives him to suicide.

>Ill cry
typical reaction from small child
>Ill scream
pic related

I don't know what backwards ass logic you're using here but I can tell you it's wrong
It's the same shit, you're wrong on the internet, get over it

are you retarded

Depends, do you have an argument
Something tells me you don't

Screaming is a way worse reaction from a kid than crying user

They are asking for porn.

>kids don't scream and cry to get what they want
Next you're going to tell me they're not masters of emotional manipulation. Actually, you're not acting like someone who is familiar with what normal children do. What are you hiding?

>I'll cry
"Oh no, I'm gonna make the little girl sad"
>I'll scream
"Oh no, everyone in the street will think I'm a pedophile."

>Theres no difference between a child wailing over not getting there way and shrieking in terror
I know you autists think all human emotions are the same because you dont feel any yourselves but you dont have to pretend you do

fear and sadness are two very different emotions, user

They wont understand. There emotionless super autists. If they were in the position being talked about they wouldnt get it until she set off her loli alarm to get that video game.

She says 大声出すよ in the anime, which is scream, not cry.

well its a good thing they wont ever be in that position then

these people should never be allowed around children

Game on, kid!

That's what I wanted to know. Now I need to know if the manga had the same line.
If it doesn't, that means the anime is lewding the colors and I'm out.

This girl needs to be spanked for harassing older people. Since her parents don't seem to care, I will make the sacrifice and do it myself.

Same dialogue as in the anime.

>Someone calls the cops, at worst
Has Japan fallen so far? Normally if a girl outs a pedo in a crowd it's up to that crowd to enact street justice before some slimey lawyer can get him off the hook.

>street lynchings for pedophilia of men with nintendo 3ds' increase exponentially!
>what can we do to stop grown men with nintendo 3ds' from hurting our children?

>user has never interacted with children
They scream all the time for no fucking reason. If a child was being murdered in the room next door, I wouldn't be able to tell, because it is indistinguishable from them merely existing.

>I'll cry
"Oh no, everyone will think I'm a terrible person."
>I'll scream
"Oh no, everyone will think I'm a very terrible person."

They're pretty similar.

>If a child was being murdered in the room next door, I wouldn't be able to tell, because it is indistinguishable from them merely existing.
This is what I am talking about user. Regular people can tell. You cant because you're a soulless shell of a person but regular people can tell.

Scream literally implies the guy is a pedophile. Please for your own sake try to stop being such a fucking dumbass.

Screaming is screaming.

They also rough-house, so even if they were being tossed about it wouldn't make a difference. Children are infernal noise machines from hell.

No, I'd agree, I'm just saying they are both character assassination, merely differing in severity.

Screaming is screaming. But crying is not screaming. Even if a child is throwing a temper tantrem at the top of their longs its different from a shriek of terror.
T. has four nephews and three nieces

I'll fucking scream in terror at the top of my lungs without giving any chance for loli to open her mouth. I'll cower down and cry out loud hoping that someone would help me from this dangerous creature

>Screaming and crying is the same thing

As long Kotoha step on me.

If she cries I'd just break down in tears and pretend to be autistic. Nobody would know what to think.

This is the stuff of nightmares.

That's when you give her an actual reason to scream

Do you have aspergers?

How can you respond to this?

"You need to ask my mistress Kotoha-sama first."


>Normally if a girl outs a pedo in a crowd it's up to that crowd to enact street justice

I want to make yellow scream out in pleasure.

Hope you're into scat.

She's a cute and normal girl who is into cute and normal things like fellatio and handjobs.

This. She's not into scat, she's into coprophagia. It's different.

Tiny Hitlers


She even looks fucking annoying with the way she holds her finger in her mouth, jesus christ. Who designed a character that looks abnoxious without doing anything?

Fuck off. She's a cute girl who likes to have cute and normal sex, not that gross stuff.

I hope that one day she'll learn that girls as cute as she is shouldn't be talking so much about poop.


Maybe it's just an cry for help on her part that she could do a better job with her butt hygiene.

>goes inside yelling about poop
>gets sad when they kick her out
is there something wrong with yellow?

Some kids learn the rules of socially acceptable behaviour quicker than others. She's not one of them.

>playing a game while walking

What's the deal? I do that occasionally while walking from the station to my house.

If you trip, which you're more likely to do when you're looking at a screen instead of where you're going, you're screwed since you're using both hands to hold the console.

It's the most efficient road pass collection strategy when the majority of the players sits and waits. It becomes less efficient than sitting in one place only when most of the players walk around. Basic game theory.

Then I better be careful.

My dick

Pirates Patrol doujins when?

What if they scream?

Yellow is too dumb to know what a dick actually is so she'll just go along with it
Just tell Blue that she'll get better at video games if she agrees
And Red will probably cry but do it anyway


Scream first.

>make a series about kids
>they don't act like kids at all

>user complaining about them acting too much like real kids before
>user complaining about them not acting like real kids now
Which one is it?



Goddamn that's awful. This was over 2 years ago already. When will the government take action against loli abuse?