Kumicute is still Kyoani's best female character and one of the best protagonists in the past 10 years

Kumicute is still Kyoani's best female character and one of the best protagonists in the past 10 years.

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And sadly the only good character in her franchise.

that's not Mugi

That's not a picture of Haruhi!

does euph and trumpet eventually get married

i got baited into watching both seasons for it

dumb kumiko poster,we Violet now.

Why the fuck are people defending/attacking studios like Sup Forums console wars? My favorite anime (K-On!) is from KyoAni, but that doesn't mean I'm obligated to like trash like Phantom World or Kyoukai no Kanata.

That's not Mai.

But that's not Yui

Come on, Phantom World and Kyoukai no Kanata weren't that bad (though Phantom World was bad compared to what KyoAni usually does), but yeah, these studio war fags need to be culled.

Shinka clones all worst girls


I have to admit she was one of the most genuine female characters i had seen in a long time. Hibike was so good too.

Having read the LN, I think Violet is going to be their best female character.
Ice Cream lesbo is fine too.


>anime adaptation will be as good as the LN original
Did you just wake up from a coma, user?

post rare kumikos

Kyoani has never made an adaptation that was inferior to the original and in most cases improved on it

I unironically agree. Euphonium has great characters.

That one OVA episode where her friend was the MC was better than most of the main series episodes. Kumiko a shit.

I wish I were this delusional.

Oh yeah Endless Eight was so much better in the anime.

Objectively wrong.

i like heterosexual anime

Not even the best from her own show

Their proportions still bother me.

they bother your tiny dick

Nigger, their heads are way too tiny for their bodies.

call me mr. White. no, heads are not small

You're just too used to anime proportions. Those are normal, regular, human proportions, and it's delicious. Bless kyoani, they just keep hitting the fucking home runs.

Don't make me bust out the art degree, user.
I should have clarified this earlier but I do like the concept and the characters.

oh you have an art degree? should've also said this earlier, i wouldn't even post my worthless opinions

Post more Kumiko

If ya'll don't think Yui is the best KyoAni get the FUCK outta my face

Both can play at this game, because guess what, I have a useless art degree too.

Not that user but by all means make use of your art degree. I've been practicing drawing for my waifu, so any bit of information regarding correct anatomy helps me.
If you truly think Kyoani's art in the OP is innacurate I would really appreciate it if you could prove it with an actual argument.

No wonder we're arguing on a Scandinavian cave painting forum in the middle of the work day.

Nice image.

How comfy would it be being in a relationship with Kumiko?

We are in a relationship with her, user.
Granted, it's one-sided but it's still a relationship.

So the two sluts on the left are basically the original idea for Shinka and Deko?

It would be a constant battle vs paranoia since she's way out of my league

She would have to quickly get used to the fact that if i'm within arms reach of her I will be playing with her hair.

That's not Violet.



I don't understand Sup Forums's love for this roastie

Fuck off, Kumiko is pure.

There's nothing comfier. It helps that she's super straightforward and reasonable. Plus you get to fluff her hair.

I'm still mad that they wasted a great girl like Kumiko on such a mediocre series.

>Not a question.
>Still answer it by a yes.

The absolute state of the autistic Kumikofags.

I'm still mad that they wasted a great girl like Natsuki on such a mediocre series*

Kumiko is my favorite kyoani after Haruhi

Nice to see anons with taste around here.

Overrated cunt from an overrated anime

Ur mum's cunt is overrated

i agree

>lovely deep but feminine voice
>cute ponytail
>good body
>best laugh
>starts off as a slacker but manages to improve herself
Am I missing anything?


Best depiction of time loop in anime.

Will the writers of this series cop out from the yuri relationships they were building up from the start again in the next movie?

It will be an open ending like in the tv series. Neither confirming nor denying yuri.

As long as they don't go back to that stupid subplot about Reina liking Taki, I'm fine with it.

>Haruhi and Kyon actually fug
>Haruhi is so happy she never wants it to end
>this triggers Endless 8 Two: Hentai Edition
>a time loop consisting only of the two of them fucking
>just like last time, Nagato is obligated to record it all. All 15,000 loops
>reserving space in her memory for tens of thousands of recordings of the sights and sensations of Kyon banging another woman

I have a folder of about 1000 screenshots of her hair frame by frame if you want to see some

Best taste

>hentai with kyoani production quality

I really like it when we get the privilege of seeing the top of her head


but those curls are beautiful as well

No character has ever made me want to live in anime so much.
I want to marry her but I also find myself cheering Shuuichi on, shouting at the screen "Make a move you fucking idiot!". Overall I view him in a postive light though.

I think you'll appreciate this video, I listen to it for a minute at a time or so when I need to relax: youtu.be/T1l9hsLo2Qg

Short ponies are cute!

too bad she's in a boring as fuck yuribait show , really liked her voices and feet

why do kyouanifags always ignore clannad and its girls??

This is so dumb. She has brain problems or something?

A true semen demon.

She's ugly and has a meme hair!

>Heard you was talkin shit like I wouldn't find out

She's beautiful and has fluffy hair!

Show's very old now and only kyou and tomoyo are good girls

>meme hair

The lesbian meme really disturbs me. It sorta makes me feel empty. I feel pretty confident in the platonocism of the relationship between Kumiko and Reina though.

Would have agreed if they didn't turn her into a turbodyke. /u/ just ruins everything.

What is "meme hair?"

so much fluff

>only kyou and tomoyo are good girls
I can see their appeal, but Tomoyo is clearly the best.

I might be being retarded rn but i just realized something. can japanese people have naturally curly hair? is that genetically possible? is kumiko not full blooded nippon?

Why are they so fat?

Probably just anime stylisation, just like how many blonde characters and varying eye colors one finds in anime.

What is disturbing you, son?
I feel pretty confident you are a ELSfag.

TOP KEK, the VEGtards are STILL trying to force this shit.
VEG is mediocre as fuck. Piss off with that shit already.

thats true

>only kyou and tomoyo are good girls
so is the rest of kyoani's shows , there are always two or one good girl/s

It would be awful. She'd be nagging constantly.

>not liking thick thighs
absolute trash taste


Those uniforms are really ugly

Didn't your parents ground you this week?

i looked it up its possible but rarer than other races and even if people have it its looked down upon to not have straight hair so not many people would leave it curly when they go out

Platonicism then, I took a 50/50 guess.
I bet the secret police is reading this and registrering me as intolerant or something but I have never seen or met a lesbian that wasn't really blunt and icky. The lesbianism detracts from the purity Kumiko has about her. I never once felt strong sexual drives while watching it, but my heart started throbbing and my eyes teard up several times. I want to see a scene of Kumiko and Shuichi having an insecure first tender kiss, a bit like Shinji and Asuka but more wholesome.
The lesbianism theory also makes it difficult to daydream about her.

Not anymore.


What's the issue? My point is that I strongly believe the relationship between Kumiko and Reina is platonic.