What's in her hand Sup Forums?

What's in her hand Sup Forums?

Save file icon obviously. Also Moon is so fucking underrated. Every ones like MUH VENUS, MUH JUPITER.
Yes, okay. But Moon though, MOON. She has a fat retarded ass and will literally do any disgusting shit for you.
Plus her daughter as an extra

Optimus Prime


all my porn of sailor mars

Good taste.

That's a video cassette, she's going to use it to play her favorite anime from her VCR.

>he only has 1.44MB of sailor mars porn

its compressed


Fish Eye/Mamoru fanfiction

A 3D printed save button.

my dick

OP's floppy dick.

it's called a memory card, trusted me my dad works for computers

japanese compression, the data is folded 1000 times.

I'm not sure. I don't know how to use a computer.

>Also Moon is so fucking underrated

That's because she's a shit. She does nothing but whine and cry the whole blasted series


>the whole blasted first series

black dog doujins

It's a USB hard drive.

fuckin nailed it

Looks like some sort of vintage cock ring. I take the thing at the top is the lock?

i audibly laughed, have a (You)


>She still doesn't know how to use a computer

Original Usagi is still best Usagi though.

She's underrated, but you talk like a defenerate
Please stop it

Because I am one.

How can you not know this? New PCs had disk drives at least until 2004. Maybe Macs removed them earlier.

I just don't know.

3D printed save icon.


>tfw jacking off to a girl dressed like sailor, but farting

you know the one..

Ok faggot, you got me

Non canon ass obesity.


I don't think I know the one but I would like to.

why are you farting while jacking off?