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Is this suppose to be funny?

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no it's supposed to be unfunny


is this show well received in japan

please stop being a stupid faggot

it's post-post=post-post-post-post/post$post-ironic
brainlets can't understand

if you said the sells, yes
if you said the review, no (which means they loved it because it's suppose to be Egashira 2:50 of anime)

>Hey look! We made a Pokemon reference! We're so funny!

This is only funny to those who've sat through countless hours of the shittiest comedy anime has to offer. If you haven't scrapped the bottom of the barrel to find shit like obscure shorts or simply kuso anime for a couple laughs which may never come and would rather stick to what everyone considers funny you probably won't enjoy Poptepipic.

No they think it's shit.

Personally I found it entertaining at most.
People saying that it's "ingenious" are fucking retarded.

ironically or unironically?

It's like a regular game of coin toss, heads coming up may seem subversive if you're used to it being tails. But when you know both well enough, how the possibilities can't go outside heads or tails can be really boring.

no it's just a manzai
using the animation given freedoms
good as ongoing, but wouldn't marathon

How can one anime make so many people butt frustrated?
Are they false flagging? Genuinely curious because it seems harmless but fun.

buttburned chen-less touhoufags
the sizes of autism of /jp/

In a cosmic sort of way, yes.

It is funny.

2ep is better than that

I can't remember what it's from, but I recognize this quote.

Not that user but it's the episode of Spongebob where Plankton becomes Mr. Krabs.


Depends. Do you think Tim and Eric is funny? Because this is anime Tim and Eric

Is supposed to be epic :)

Thanks, it was bugging me.

At least some of it has to be genuine.

Only funny scene was when the adlibs cut to the recording studio with the voice actors

yup, both of them

Yes but you have to understand what's actually funny like look at this >this is exact reaction bkub was aiming for
>this reference was never supposed to be funny
>the funny part are these butthurt responses
Author is playing 5D shitposting chess with the audience and plenty of people already lost.